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Monday, December 4, 2006

Welcome to the Spiritual New Earth Blog

Hello Fellow Journeyers,

Welcome to the Spiritual New Earth Blog! My name is Jason Randhawa, I manage the website and I am the Editor of the upcoming book "The Future of the New Earth: Ascension or Apocalypse". As you can see, a lot of my work, has to do with spirituality and the changing world.

I encourage you to spend some time exploring my blog... hang out... click on a few links... bookmark it... and check back regularly for all your updates on the New Earth Transformation.

And don't forget to leave a comment and contribute to some lively new earth chat!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason

I'm enjoying reading your blog.
Lots of interesting and varied information. "Spiritual New Earth" is a happening thing in more ways than one.

One source of information that I find very inspiring along these lines comes from the Magazine - "Share International" which has an online edition also. Besides providing illuminating content that shows the synthesis underlying the political, social, economic and spiritual changes now occurring on a worldwide scale, It also has inspiring messages from a Master of the Spiritual Hierarchy.
He works closely with the Lord Maitreya (who is soon to appear in interviews on a Major american television network).

If the news from this source is accurate then a Spiritual New Earth is not far away. Sooner the better!.

Keep up the great blog.
Kind regards

Michael, New Zealand.


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