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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thoughts from Within - Woody Harrelson

I sometimes feel like an alien creature for which there is no earthly explanation
Sure I have human form
walking erect and opposing digits,
but my mind is upside down.
I feel like a run-on sentence
in a punctuation crazy world.
and I see the world around me
like a mad collective dream.

An endless stream of people
move like ants from the freeway
cell phones, pc's, and digital displays
"In Money We Trust,"
we'll find happiness
the prevailing attitude;
like a genetically modified irradiated Big Mac
is somehow symbolic of food.

Morality is legislated
prisons over-populated
religion is incorporated
the profit-motive has permeated all activity
we pay our government to let us park on the street
And war is the biggest money-maker of all
we all know missile envy only comes from being small.

Politicians and prostitutes
are comfortable together
I wonder if they talk about the strange change in the weather.
This government was founded by, of, and for the people
but everybody feels it
like a giant open sore
they don't represent us anymore
And blaming the President for the country's woes
is like yelling at a puppet
for the way it sings
Who's the man behind the curtain pulling the strings?

A billion people sitting watching their TV
in the room that they call living
but as for me
I see living as loving
and since there is no loving room
I sit on the grass under a tree
dreaming of the way things used to be
Pre-Industrial Revolution
which of course is before the rivers and oceans, and skies were polluted
before Parkinson's, and mad cows
and all the convoluted cacophony of bad ideas
like skyscrapers, and tree paper, and earth rapers
like Monsanto and Dupont had their way
as they continue to today.

This was Pre-us
back when the buffalo roamed
and the Indian's home
was the forest, and God was nature
and heaven was here and now
Can you imagine clean water, food, and air
living in community with animals and people who care?

Do you dare to feel responsible for every dollar you lay down
are you going to make the rich man richer
or are you going to stand your ground
You say you want a revolution
a communal evolution
to be a part of the solution
maybe I'll be seeing you around.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No New Earth Blog Post Today

Hello Friend,

If you are a regular reader of the New Earth Blog posts, you know that I publish a new message to this blog every Thursday and Sunday. I will no longer be making a post on Thursday.

In September I will be going back to school, attending McGill University in Montreal, Canada. My coursework can be very time-consuming, and I probably will not be able to manage publishing quality new earth information twice a week. So, in order to ensure quality content, I have decided to cut back on my posting schedule.

From now on, you can stay up to date on the New Earth Transformation by reading the weekly Sunday blog posts. Make sure you have either subscribed to this blog by email or through a feed reader, since now that I have a less demanding publishing schedule, you can be sure that you will only be reading relevant, helpful, and spiritually uplifting information.

Make it a weekly spiritual ritual to read and understand each week's New Earth message.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

SaLuSa: You are becoming free souls

Dear Ones, with no exception all of you have experienced the era of Communism and Materialism, and they polarised the world for so long until the power of Communism was broken. Have you wondered what brought these two into Being, with their many confrontations, wars and massive loss of life? Ideals that were totally opposed, and so unlike each other that you had no difficulty in making a choice as to which one to follow.

You create your own reality, and it is the result of your own desires. It has allowed millions of Beings to experience the quality of life they had envisaged, and learn whether or not it fulfilled their expectations to bring peace and happiness. These two realities had to come into being, having been created by the energies of the people themselves. They were seized upon after the collapse of Nazism, when it failed to fulfil the ambitions of the German people. There is never a vacuum and as Nazism was collapsing, Communism was already establishing itself as the next great power.

You may ask how is it that these powerful movements come into prominence and garner such support in a relatively short time. It is because they answered the needs of the people. The Lords Of Karma established a period of reincarnation that allowed an influx of souls that were ready to form the two main opposing political camps. Thus the scene was set for a period in your history that has known no equal for its ferocity and continual state of readiness for war. Two ideologies that could not exist side by side for long, that provided the experiences required for the furthering of Man's evolution.

Bear in mind that nothing happens by chance, and that over thousands of years of your history, war has always been considered an acceptable option. Man has fought territorial wars for gain over millennia of time. It has reflected Man's disregard for his fellow souls rights and freedom to live their lives in peace. Clearly you could not go on forever without realising the futility of war, and the pointless loss of life. It was inevitable that out of your experiences would come an awakening of the Light, and that the dark energies would gradually lose their power.

Many of you here today are the ones who have come to Earth to change things, and are doing it remarkably well. It is not to exalt one ideology over another, but to bring understanding and Light to planet Earth. To show that there is another way that brings peace and contentment to the soul, and harmony amongst all people. At present you are in transition, and the Light grows stronger bringing more people into the realisation of their true selves.

The old negative thoughtforms are no longer supported by the energy of bygone ages. They are coming to an end, and the new uplifting energies of Light are now the dominating force. You will therefore notice some unexpected changes, as the new wave of energy awakens the Light in people who are breaking out of the old mould. The consciousness of Man is locked in a battle with the old energies that resist change. However, they are being transmuted by the incoming energies from your Central Sun. The heavenly plan will reach perfection in its final outworking, and Ascension will ensure it is glorious completion.

Every one of you contributes to the changes taking place, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. All of your thoughts, words and actions send out energies that coalesce, and provide the basis for greater expansion as they attract energies of a like kind. The more you can give out the Light the more powerful it becomes. Be aware that the dark energies also form in this way, and you need to be careful that you do not also add to them. Your thoughts are more likely to be unguarded, and carry the potential to generate just as much negative energy as your words.
Consider the act of healing, it often combines thoughts and words, and it can be very powerful.

Directed with firm intent such energies can serve their purpose, but it is must be remembered that all healing is subject to the approval of the Higher Self. Some experiences are intended to be seen through to their end, and are part of a souls life contract. However, the unsuccessful "healing" will in itself have served a purpose in opening the mind of the recipient to higher things. Sometimes you have no idea why a certain experience comes your way. In that event you can be reasonably certain that it appertains to a previous life. There is of course instant karma such as results from criminal acts, that are immediately punished.

Even the knowing of other people's problems is beneficial. They teach Love and compassion from a distance without actual involvement. This is why your films and T.V shows can also serve a useful purpose in helping people to understand themselves. They en-act their own fantasies without involving real people. Conversely there are also people acting out theirs in situations involving the lower energies, and no harm is done to any individual. The danger that must be averted is that some will want a real life experience.

The influence of the media is quite powerful. The dark forces are well aware of it, and they implant ideas into your consciousness. They create energies that serve their desires to control your minds. Once you are conditioned it is easier to manipulate you into thinking in their ways. For eons of time you have lived your lives believing in the right of others to rule you. Now you are finding out the truth of your own sovereignty, and becoming individual thinkers capable of making your own decisions. It is allowing you to break away from the hold the dark have had upon you. You are becoming free souls able to express yourselves in the Light and Truth of your Higher Self.

The greatest self-realisation you can have is one of accepting your "God-ness" and your potential to live as a Being of Unconditional Love. That is the path you are travelling, and by the time of Ascension it will have become achieved by you. We will be with you for the rest of your journey, heaping upon you our Love and Blessings as you become One with us.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey

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**Excerpted from: The Light Circle Ezine a Newsletter Egroup®(c)2006-2007 published since 2-22-02All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and To subscribe: While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it is disturbing for any lightworker to go to another's website or receive a newsletter and see their text has been cut and pasted without credit. Please create harmony by giving authors credit for their work. *
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

What Are Starseeds?


The term Starseed means that many on Earth are from other star systems, galaxies, even other universes.

A Starseed is a starborn mortal, a human being with alien DNA. Starseeds have been coming since the beginning of earth's history, getting experience in being human and learning many lessons, reincarnating over and over again, until they were ready for an "awakening" in the Age of Aquarius and the Ascension which happens in 2012. No, the world is not going end, nor is there going to be a second coming of Christ, like the Christian church teaches in the end times. But there will be a change, a new world...

A starseed is a person whose origin is from another planet. I've known since I was 10 that I was this. It was confirmed with my soul reading and I have actually learned where I came from...the Orion system and then I was in Sirius as well as Pleadies. I've always had visions of a sky in the
shades of lavender with two orbs in the sky.. but I didn't know if they were moons or suns.

I've just learned that Orion is a binary star, so it would show up on a planet as two suns. I have had thousands of past life since my origin, many of them on Atlantis.

When the starseeds started coming to earth, Atlantis was the first place they went to. It had everything that needed... a variety of climates, natural resources like fresh water, minerals, crops, animals. Tim and I were some of the first energies to go there. Humans slowly evolved and we had many lives on Atlantis.

All people have many past lives but everyone has to have an origin. The origin can be from the angelic realm, elemental (fairies), starborn, or earth born. The majority of people are, of course, earth born. But high number of people are what are called Starseeds, who are starborn humans.

This is going back 50,000 years or more. Most starseeds came to earth as energy and evolved into human beings on Atlantis... supposedly the very first continent inhabited on earth. It is believed by most Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Indigos that there is a Higher Power, a Creator, called God or Goddess by most of them, and that the Higher Power oversees not just earth, but all planets and the entire universe. This is about faith not about religion. And that when you reincarnate, you can incarnate to not just earth, but other planets as well.

Starseeds are individuals who feel excitement and longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. They experience the aloneness and separateness that is the human condition, but also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet. They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical. Starseeds are often most reluctant to become involved in the institutions of society, e.g. political, economic, health care, etc. Even at an early age, they tend to discern the hidden agendas of such conventions with unusual clarity."

The Starseeds of Light agreed to forget who they are when born as humans. Many come with special missions to serve humanity in some way. They are now awakening to who they really are and sense that something spectacular will happen soon. They too are here to help us awaken.

Do you think you are a Starseed?

Here are a few of the characteristics you may recognize.

These are from Brad Steiger's book StarPeople:

Compelling eyes.
Lower than normal body temperature.
Was an unexpected child.
Chronic sinusitis.
Hypersensitivity to electricity or electro-magnetic force fields.
Experience buzzing or audio tone prior to a psychic-spiritual event or warning of danger.
Have "flying" dreams.
Children and animals are attracted to you.
Felt Earth mother/father not real parents.
Had unseen companions as a child.


The frustrations levels and the 'need to know now' levels - run high.
Their eyes have an extremely compelling quality
They have great magnetism and personal charisma
They are very sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields
88-92% have lower body temperature than the norm
At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical /experience
92% feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions
65% are female: 35% are male
90% have experienced a sense of oneness with the universe
83-94% have chronic sinusitis
32-34% have extra or transitional vertebra
97% have hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors
70-87% have swollen or painful joints
93% have pain in the back of the neck
84% adversely affected by high humidity
71% have difficulty dealing with/or expressing emotions
74% report out of body experiences
57% perceive auras
63% have experienced a white light during meditation
50% believe that they receive some form of communication from a higher
50% have accomplished dramatic healings on themselves and others
38% practice automatic writing
60% have perceived spirit guides
75% have experienced clairvoyance, clairaudience
57% have made prophetic statements or experienced prophetic dreams or
that have come to pass
38% have been visited by an angel
37% reveal the manifestation of a Light Being
35% feel that they have been blessed by the appearance of a holy figure
50% are convinced that they have a spirit guide or angel
40% admit to having had an invisible playmate as a child
20% once spotted an elf or "wee person"
14% have witnessed the activities of the "fairies"
34% are certain that they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level
55% report an intense religious experience
72% claim an illumination experience
90% have experienced telepathic communication with another entity, physical or non-physical from another realm.
48% have seen a ghost
42% have connected with a deceased loved one
76% believe in reincarnation and have past life memories
37% have survived a life-threatening illness
34% have been involved in a severe accident or trauma
55% have had near death experiences
78% believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it
Some are aware of parallel existence at this time in other worlds
86% believe in miracles
Most believe in a God or creator energy source
All believe in life on other planets

Take the starseed quiz:

Generally... .
Lightworkers are children of starseeds...
Indigos are children of lightworkers
Crystals are children of Indigos

But you can "carry" more than one "title"; I'm a starseed (meaning my DNA is starborn), I'm a lightworker (daughter of a starseed, birth mother unknown, as I am also a walk-in), I'm an Indigo. I know that my purpose is to help others awaken (my lightworker status) and go towards their own ascension (my Indigo status).

Since I'm in Indigo, it makes perfect sense that Courtney would be a crystal. There are also rainbow children and diamonds, and about a dozen other kinds and levels of starborn children...

Star People by Brad Steiger
Other Worlds, Other Lives: Discover Your True Cosmic Origins by Brad Steiger
Starpeople: The Sirian Redemption by Linda Tuck-Jenkins (I’m reading this now, it’s very good)
Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue
No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook To Starseed Awakening by Patricia Cori
Welcome to Planet Earth by Hannah Beaconsfield
The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey
The American Indian Ufo Starseed Connection by Timothy Green Beckley
The Seed (The Star People Series) by Brad Steiger
Starborn by Brad Steiger, Sherry Hansen Steiger



Written and Compiled by Cindi Wafstet
Permission to share freely as long as credit is given.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Crossing the Threshold…… Activating the Infinity Codes

The Energies for August 2007
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, the Lion’s Gate has opened and you are crossing the threshold. You are crossing over into a new energy, a new perceptual reality, a New Earth. All is changing – the Earth is changing, you are changing. The radiance increases and the energy of change restores balance and brings great healing and love to all.

Dearest ones, it is a time of great miracles and wonderful transformations. Whatever is the desire of your Heart and Soul, it will find you now in some way. But, be aware also, dearest Lightworkers, that many will complete their work and leave now. They came to prepare the Earth for the great changes, and now they will cross over into the Light to continue their service from the Higher Dimensions of Light. They have done their work well, and they cross over with Joy and Love.

And now, dearest ones, let us speak first of the powerful transformative “fires” of the month of August. For, as the sun transits through the “royal” house of the Lion, or Leo, the Cosmic fire pours through the Lion’s Gate in order to transform and transmute as the Earth moves to a higher level of Spiritual Evolution. This year, 2007, is a time of great transformative power. The Beings of Light who watch over your evolution on Earth have released the full power of the Cosmic Fire to you in order to activate the “Infinity Codes” that you carry within your cells and within your DNA. These codes are the Light Sequences that activate the blueprint for Physical Health, Perfection and Longevity, and a new relationship with the transformative process that you call “death”.

At this time, dearest Lightworkers, many will choose to activate their Infinity Codes, and will step fully into their Diamond Solar Light Bodies. At this time, they will know themselves to be “Diamond Light”, Infinite and Eternal and yet existing within Human form as Divine Human or Human Angel. And, dear Lightworkers, as you make this physical transition, you will activate a radiant burst of cosmic light in every cell in your body that will transform your very being on a deep level. And, you will be the way showers who will point the way forward to the next step in the evolution of Humanity.

So, we will speak briefly of the important moments in August, that will accelerate this process. The Lion’s Gate Stargate opens on the 26th July and closes on the 12th of August. Powerful Light energies and codes from the Cosmic and Galactic Heart Centers pour through to the Earth via the Sirius stargate. Then, on the 12th of August, at New Moon, the Earth will recalibrate its Lunar Codes to bring the Lunar and Solar Divine Feminine energies into perfect balance with the Diamond Christed Masculine energies that were balanced in April and May of 2007.

Then, on the 13th and 14th of August, Venus and Saturn will be exactly conjunct at 27 degrees of Leo. Venus is the Goddess planet of Beauty, Love and Erotic energy; Saturn is the “father” energy of maturity, and is also associated with Time and Death. At this moment, Venus and Saturn will “recalibrate” their relationship as Humanity enters into a new perceptual awareness of the nature of Love and Beauty and Life and Death. As the Infinity Codes activate and the Blueprint for Perfect Health is “fired” within the cells, humanity will move forward and accept a new relationship with physical existence in which perfect health and longevity will become normal and accepted. Dear ones, this will not occur overnight, as it were, but you are planting the seeds for a new awareness in all humanity when you activate this awareness within your own consciousness and within the intelligence of every cell in your body.

Then, on the 15th of August, Venus in Leo at 26 degrees will align with Galactic Center at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, and Pluto on the Galactic Center. In this fiery and transformative connection, Venus will relay these New Earth energies back to the Great Central Sun at the Galactic Center, so that this Choice and Acceptance of the Infinity Codes and Physical Transformation for Humanity on Earth will be registered in the Great Akasha or DNA record bank held in the Great Central Sun by the Keepers of the Galactic Light Codes. At that point, dearest ones, your transformations will be registered and Humanity will make the Great Shift forward. It will be inevitable, and nothing will be able to stop or hinder this process as the Earth transitions into the Dimensions of Light, and the New Earth will become manifest rapidly as you move towards 2012.

At the end of August, there will be a total Lunar Eclipse on the 28th, when the sun will be in Virgo and the Full Moon will be in Pisces. At this time, Earth and Spirit will experience total Harmony and Balance and Peace will Prevail. It is your Choice, dearest ones, and you have chosen well! Celebrate, as you cross the Threshold, for you are entering the New and it is a great adventure of Light!

The Diamond Paradise Grid and the Opalescent Flame of Healing and BalancingDearest Lightworkers, we would also speak now of some of the deep changes that have manifested in July as preparation for these wonderful changes in your Earth reality.

Firstly, in order to “anchor” these changes and the increased radiance, the Paradise Grid was “upgraded” by the infusion of Cosmic Diamond Light. The Paradise Grid or Matrix was established in 2005 to be the Crystalline Geometric Matrix for the New Earth. It is a perfect Icosa-Dodecahedron that encircles the Earth and carries the Paradise Codes. In July it was upgraded by the transfusion of this powerful Dianmond Light or Fire, and we now call it the “Diamond Paradise Grid”. It is ready to receive your manifestations as you create the Paradise that will be the New Earth.

A similar process has occurred in your own bodies, dearest Lightworkers. Those of you who have made the choice have activated your own crystalline Diamond Grid or Matrix within your Solar Light Bodies, and you are ready to transform and re-create yourselves as Human Angels or Divine Humans within a Paradise Earth. And so, after the great choices, the great work begins. For, the new Diamond grids are coded only to accept manifestations and creations in absolute truth and balance. Anything that exists in fear and illusion will find no “anchor” within the Golden Perfection of the New Grids of Crystalline Light.

And, at this time, you will begin to experience what we have called the “Opalescent Flame” of Balance and Healing. The Opalescent Flame is under the guardianship of the Divine Feminine Lotus Keeper or Goddess, Kwan Yin. It is the energy of the bodhisattva or ascended ones, transmuted into pure Compassion and Unconditional Love. It contains all the colors of the rays in soft opalescent form, and it contains also the sparkles of Golden Healing Fire. The Opalescent Flame, with its Fire of Absolute Truth and Compassion, of Higher Love, activates the Cosmic Fire within and brings a person or situation into perfect balance. It is indeed a powerful energy.

In this time of “crossing over” to the New Earth and the New Earth Grids, there will be those who will carry the Opalescent Flame within their Light Bodies, and they will be catalysts for Healing and Balancing in others. For indeed, where the Opalescent Flame is felt, there will be powerful healing and balancing, sometimes immediate and instantaneous, if the being permits. This will change the nature of “Healing” as you know it, and accelerate change and transformation as so many of you have requested.

For, what will happen is that the Opalescent Flame will activate the self-healing and balancing mechanisms within the DNA in a powerful way, and each being will balance and heal in a way that will be in alignment with the highest good for that person and situation. Sometimes, these processes will be shocking in their intensity and immediacy, but they will always be for the highest good and you will learn to trust the Compassion and Love within the Opalescent Flame and its blessed keeper, Kwan Yin, who represents the highest expression of the Divine Feminine energy at this time.

After a while, you will find that the Opalescent Flame will hold All in Balance, and you will move into your Golden Age of Love and Peace.

Indeed, dearest ones, you have made your choices, and you have chosen well! We celebrate with you. May August 2007 be the month that you remember as a Powerful and Blessed time for your Earth and all who live on her.

© 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Fons Koopmans

Sunday, August 5, 2007

10 Steps Toward a Peaceful Summer

10 Steps Toward a Peaceful Summer by Dwayne Lee

Since we seem to be living in an increasingly violent world, I would like to suggest a summer peace plan. Every day - or least every week - we are confronted with a new wave of senseless and reckless violence.

Before you can take a breath, it seems, some other mayhem happens. I'm tired of it, and I know you are, too.

I applaud the Milwaukee Police Department for its plan to put officers on the street in these drug- and gang-infested areas. It is so sad to hear people say that they feel helpless in these neighborhoods and that they want officers there now.

Here is my plan. Feel free to add to it as you enact your own plan.

Get to know your neighbors. Do this while doing the next step.

Clean up and maintain your neighborhood. In many places, there is too much garbage and litter lying around. Store owners don't seem to care, so neighbors must.

Establish an air of mutual respect and ownership even if you don't own the house or apartment building where you live.

Overlook insults, slights and ignorant and foolish provocations. These often come from dysfunctional people. Sometimes people behave this way because they are bored or under peer pressure.

Override pride and fear of shame or embarrassment and the need to make a reputation violently. Instead, flip the script and use your energy to do something positive for the neighborhood.

Help those who may need a hand,such as the elderly and handicapped. Also, look out for children and know that many times teenagers may need wisdom and guidance. Do not let these violent events make you apathetic or pessimistic about the next generation. Some will listen to you. Really.

Be an agent of peace, not an instigator of discord in any way. This means: Stop gossiping and fighting and begin talking and organizing to make your neighborhood a safe and positive place. It is important for adults to act like adults.

Be understanding of other people's shortcomings and challenges. Some people will always choose to behave in a disruptive, destructive manner.

Don't despair and never give up.


If these steps are followed, we can expect a more peaceful and constructive summer.

To some, this plan may appear rudimentary and unsophisticated. Nevertheless, I wager that it will prove effective in reducing the pervasive, ominous and negative tension while yielding positive results.

Some would say we are seeing the potentially crushing effects of poverty, but I disagree.

What we are seeing are the results of people making selfish and self-defeating choices to achieve their destructive aims. We are experiencing the effects of hopelessness of those who feel that they have no choice but to engage in illegal activities.

Part of this stems from a system that leaves felons, who have done their time and paid their debt to society, with so few opportunities and options for the future.

I hope summer peace plans spur a remarkable increase in the number of and effectiveness of neighborhood block watch groups. Additionally, remember that the police can be (and should be in some cases) called anonymously.

We need to take possession of our neighborhoods and streets, not just our own households. Our kids should, and do, hold us accountable.

We can change the violent trend. We have to - for the benefit, safety and protection of all we hold near and dear.

Dwayne Lee of Milwaukee is a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College. His e-mail address is

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Sandy Stevenson's Writings on 2012

There are many predictions that the Earth will ascend in 2012. Although I am aware we are progressing quite quickly, I have never received or known a specific date for this to occur. However, as we have now lost 9 hrs, 55 minutes and 16 seconds on a day as the Earth increases her light quotient, ascension is definitely well on its way.

My understanding is that it is the 'Earth' that is ascending. Therefore the choice as to when this occurs, will be in the hands of the Earth Mother. There will be a divinely right moment. Earth's ascension is slightly different than most planet's ascensions to the 5th dimension. Usually, the people of a planet and the planet itself are more or less all ready for ascension at the same time in their evolution. This is not the case on Earth, as the Earth is ready but the entire race is not. Therefore, it is she who is choosing to ascend - and she will take with her those humans who are ready.

Anyone not ready, will be guided to other 3d dimensional planets. There they will complete their learning and evolve to a point where they may choose to ascend in their own right.

Ascension is an act of a planet (or person), in this case the Earth, increasing its light to a point where they are able to operate in the 5th dimension and move from existence in a third dimension. Earth is currently a 3rd dimensional planet with the 4th dimension around her.
When she ascends, she will become a 5th dimensional planet with a 6th dimension around her.

As she ascends, she will take with her all life forms who are linked to her vibration (divine flow). Simply put - the plant and elemental worlds; insect world, most animals; land and oceans, and all those of the human race who have chosen to live through their heart rather than the head, will be linked with her. Choosing to live through the heart and a place of love causes a person's personal vibration to become lighter/faster which links them to the Earth's frequency.

Light workers are a bit different to this sequence as (because of their level of evolution) they individually increase their light and ascend separately from the Earth. Many ascend ahead of the Earth as they usually go home (or to the banquet!) when they have finished their work here. Lightworkers do not have to wait for the Earth's ascension, as they are not relying on that link to her.

Most lightworkers now are in various advanced stages of cleansing their own lower bodies of dense energy (emotional, physical, mental and lower spiritual) and raising their light frequency in preparation to going home. They are mostly in advanced stages of completing their work. All starseeds are in the last stages of work completion as they were the first to start their work here. As they finish their own role, they often hand over their particular area to other evolved younger Lightworkers who bring their great abilities and light to the projects for a changing society. For example, there may be a group of starseeds who have the role of tearing down a non workable education system and devising a new way to educate. Having done this, they may then hand it over and their role is completed.

Quite a few lightworkers have already finished their work, cleansed their own dense energy, raised their vibration to a level of light and have ascended.

So, as it is the Earth who is ascending, it would be the Earth Mother's right and responsibility to decide her moment of ascension. My guess is that she will do that when she feels that the life forms on Earth have all been reached and been presented with many opportunities to make the choice to go into their heart (and they need to choose to stay there!). Princess Diana's death, 9.11, Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, etc. have all presented opportunities for people to move to their heart/compassion. It is felt that most indigenous peoples of Earth are already attuned to the divine flow and so the Earth's focus (via the Light workers) will probably be on reaching people in those societies that are money or power motivated and who tend to live using their head rather than the heart.

So we can get caught up in wondering about the date ascension will happen or we can take another view.

If you find your attention is on the 'when will it happen' you could ask yourself 'why does it matter to me? Do you want to leave? Have you had enough? If your answer is yes, it may be worthwhile checking whether you are really enjoying your life. If there is any tiredness, weariness or apathy present, perhaps you could let these go. (See the website article 'Greatest gift of Love' listed ahead, as to how to achieve that.) Quite often when we continually find ourselves looking ahead to something (a party/holiday/ ascension) , we are failing to really live in the now.

It can help to see if there is any part of our lives we are not happy with. Check it out ... work, home, furnishings, partner, hobbies, friends, kids (yes, well!.....). Is there something we can change or improve in our life that would make our hearts sing instead of sink. Can we work on bringing more joy to each moment. We may find then that we are so busy having fun, we really don't care when the Earth Mother chooses to ascend or when we are leaving - because we are thoroughly enjoying being right here.

Sandy Stevenson

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