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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keep Your Thoughts on All That Is Positive

SaLuSa: Keep your thoughts on all that is positive
The point is being reached when the dark can no longer cover up their tracks. People have become much wiser as to the ways of those who pot and plan for their own benefit. Respect and trust has all but vanished, and the probing and questioning that now takes place is revealing the true agenda of the Illuminati. This period of uncovering their deeds against humanity will continue, and as it does so more of you are becoming better informed. Knowledge is power and the thought forms of those seeking the truth are gathering energy, and helping expand the consciousness of those who are only just awakening.

Lightworkers are the silent yet not invisible army holding the banner of Truth. No laws or any form of intimidation can stop their movement that is growing by the day and gives strength to others. Realize that respected and honest people have at times been hoodwinked into serving the dark. Now that the truth is being revealed they are stepping forward with determination to tell of what they know. Once an individual takes such steps there are inevitably others who will follow.

The world watches and listens, and other major powers and their leaders are beginning to speak out in support of world change. This is an encouraging sign as the more countries that open up to the truth, the more easily the greater plan for Humanity can be manifested. The focus is on America because of the important role they will have to play in the future. They hold the reins of power, but as their authority has been tarnished by the actions of the dark, so their leadership has been questioned and openly challenged. However, America will rise up out of the ashes of ruin resulting from covert actions, which have altered people’s perception of their ability or right to lead.

The nation that leads must be known for its honesty and truthfulness in its dealings with others. Without respect and trust it will fall just as other great ones before it. Built into laws are spiritual tenets that are intended to guide Man in the right direction, and in America that took the form of your Constitution. It will be restored once again to reflect a new found path, and the journey to Ascension will be competed in accordance with the greater plan.

It matters not how hard the dark try to destroy the Light carried by so many souls. It is indestructible, and will always overcome the adversity and oppression that is deliberately perpetrated by the dark forces. Every soul carries the Light and Love regardless of what happens outside of it in the physical realms, and it will always continue to grow from within. That has been the message of your enlightened teachers, and Man’s evolution is destined to continually go forward.

Soon the purpose of life will become clear, and those who have been confused and mislead by others will find the dross cleared away. This will enable them to awaken to the truth of their purpose in life, and clear the dark shadows that have blighted it. The upliftment of the energies upon Earth is bringing about subtle changes within the psyche of people, and they are recognizing their own divinity and oneness with all life. These are times of great revelations that will be hastened by the coming of the Galactic Federation and many great souls of Light. You have heard the expression that “when the pupil is ready the Master appears” and that time is upon you. The whole of Humanity will be given the opportunity to carry its evolution forward, by learning the truth and purpose of its journey through duality.

Many individuals already have an understanding of their spiritual self. You are not your physical body, and that part of you that lasts for infinity is your soul. It is an aspect of your Higher Self, your true Self, and will travel on through various experiences as part of your evolutionary path. All experience adds to your understanding, but from your time in duality you will have taken a great step up unequalled at any previous time.

The Earth is a great school of learning that results in your rapid evolution, and when the Master’s return they will put the final piece of the jigsaw in place. Before you ascend you will be fully aware of the truth, and the memories of your battles in duality will soon fade into oblivion. You will take with you a new understanding, and no one will be in any doubt as to their spiritual heritage.

This time is ripe with opportunity for everyone, but your focus needs to be on the expanding Light opening the eyes and hearts of so many souls. Forget the trauma and chaos happening upon Earth, it will pass by and was never intended to bring about the end of this cycle. It is the clearing and cleansing of energies that have held you back, and plunged you into the continuing cycle of confrontation. That energy is being transmuted, and in its place is a wonderful pure energy that can lift you up, and will carry you forward.

Keep your thoughts on all that is positive and will bring the Light and Love into being. As a collective of Humanity it is your place to change what is not of the Light. Help is given, but you are the instruments through which it is grounded upon Earth. You are the vehicles that carry this energy wherever you go, and aiding the transmutation process. It is such a special time and you knew this to be so when you incarnated, although for many this knowledge still lies within their subconsciousness. However, the combined efforts of Man are bringing about a glorious awakening within your soul.

Serving all others through love for your fellow travelers, is inherent in your consciousness and the driving force behind you. Extend your love beyond your own family and friends, because you are All One in the Family of God.

I am SaLuSa and I bring the great Love and Light that is a feature of my Sirian family from the stars, and we love you as our own. I bless you all for your endurance at a time when you are being sorely tested to the utmost limits. I am just one of many waiting to come amongst you.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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*Everyone is waiting for "First Contact"...You want to know something funny? "First Contact" has already been made many, many times and people are still waiting for it. The millions of starseeds/lightworkers have been working with humanity for decades now. I myself came here from Sirius when I walked into this host body June 14, 1971. I just didn't land in a spaceship. LOL - Isis-:¦:- * -:¦:- * -:¦:- * -:¦:- * -:¦:- * -:¦:- * -:¦:- * -:¦:- *
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Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Message from New Earth E-Book Contributor Owen Waters

Believing is Seeing by Owen Waters

Today's massive, ongoing Shift in consciousness is a shift from intellectual awareness to holistic awareness.

Intellectual awareness is a function of the solar plexus chakra, where mental ability is developed in a linear direction. Examples of linear thought include the performing of arithmetic and the operating of machinery. In this mode of consciousness, people have learned to develop a rigid discipline of "seeing is believing" in order to discover what works and what doesn't.

With holistic awareness, the heart chakra is developed, allowing issues of separation to be resolved and integrated. Holistic awareness means that mind, body & spirit are seen as closely related facets of the human being. This heart-centered awareness is a viewpoint of integration or wholeness which heals the fears and discords that come with solar plexus consciousness.

There is a paradox with moving from linear intellect to heart-centered consciousness. While the intellectual phase of consciousness may say that "Seeing is believing," the holistic phase requires quite the reverse. In holistic consciousness, opposites are often both true as they are seen as opposite sides of the same coin or as polar opposites of the same issue.

Awareness that is limited to the intellect is subject to issues of separation; of us versus them, of struggling for resources that are perceived as scarce instead of solving the problem of their scarcity. Holistic awareness includes the idea that consciousness creates realities, that something must be created in consciousness - "believed" - before they can become a reality.

So, in holistic consciousness, "Believing is seeing" becomes a statement of truth, even though it is the opposite of "Seeing is believing." Instead, it adds the understanding that reality is created by consciousness. We are not merely observers of what is. We create what is.

Traditionally, people have entered a realm of holistic, heart-centered awareness when they pass on from this life. In the afterlife, their task is to heal the fears and hates of their physical lives and transform them into love and forgiveness, thus integrating themselves with others, rather than feeling separate from them.

Today, due to The Shift, more and more people are embracing holistic, heart-centered consciousness while still alive in physical bodies. As the heart is also the gateway to spiritual consciousness, this global movement is producing a revolution in spiritual unfoldment.

Spiritual consciousness is flowering in the global consciousness of humanity as The Shift progresses. Today's pioneers in consciousness are people just like yourself. They are exploring the new territory of unconditional love and experiencing a reunion with their own inner, spiritual connections.

The higher aspect of heart-centered consciousness is fully connected to your inner being, or soul. Your inner being is fully connected to the consciousness of the universe and to that which created the universe. Infinite Being is within each of us. We are Infinite Being.

The daily focus that we apply to our five senses and their connection to the outside world is just like performing a part in a play. We act out the part of being us, along the general theme of the type of events that we planned for this life. We ride along through the journey of this life, gaining the experiences that we planned to gain.

When you open up to your heart, and through that, reconnect to your own spiritual source, then you have become a part of the very future of humanity.

The Shift is heading towards a world where unconditional love and acceptance is normal, where strife is relegated to the distant past, where the true potential of human beings can express itself in the daily joy of being all that you are.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness," available in hardcover or via immediate download at:

Owen Waters is one of the many expert contributors to the New Earth E-Book, his contribution is on "2012 and The Shift". If you have read the "Future of the New Earth" E-Book, learn more here:

Also, more spiritual insights can be found at Owen's website:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Short New Earth Movie for You

Hello Friend,

I finally learned how to put videos right onto the Blog. Here is an inspiring vision for future, called "HOPE (Visions of Whitefeather)." Enjoy...

Please leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this film,


PS If you have not yet checked out, please take some time to read through the website. For just one hour of your time on July 17 you could be doing a big favour for yourself, all of humanity, and the entire earth.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Collective Plan to Create the New Earth

Hello Friend,

About a month ago, the link for a website that contained a collective plan to create the new earth came up in a spiritual discussion group. I really felt drawn towards the website. When I arrived, I found that the text would take me at least 15 minutes to read. Right at that moment, I decided not to make some time for reading it. So, I saved the link and promised myself that I would come back to it some other time.

I had forgotten about that link, till one of the readers of the New Earth E-Book asked me if I had heard of that particular website.

This website seems to resonate with a lot of people. It contains an great plan to speed up the new earth transformation. But, it will recquire your help.

Spend just 15-20 minutes to read this information. It is divided into three parts: "The Story", "The Problem" and "The Plan". Just go here: and pick your language. We will create the new earth, if you take some time to read all three parts of the website and then play your role in the plan.


PS I will send you a reminder on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time. To learn the significance of this time go here:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

More New Earth Feedback

Hello Friend,

Since I released the New Earth E-Book on Saturday my inbox has been filling up with many different positive comments of readers. I feel it would be helpful for me to share this with you, so you can get a better idea of how readers of the book feel about The Future of the New Earth...

"Many authors, different views, yet all leading to our New Earth environment. As I read this book, I started to pay attention to everything around me. I saw Spirit in everything and everyone. I had not noticed the shift to New Earth before except in my spiritual path. When I looked around I noticed many people already practicing and preparing for the new Earth environment. They didn’t know that was what they were doing, but someone like me, looking for a change in attitudes, sure noticed! A wonderful handbook to introduce you to our New Earth!"
-- Maureen Delaney (Nevada, USA)

"This compilation of different perspectives on our New Earth, reminds me of a jewel with all its facets. There is information here for everyone. Some of this information resonated deeply for me. Thank you Jason!"
-- Karen Lecocq (Winnipeg, Canada)

"Very insightful and educational book about the 5th dimension New Earth containing views of experts as to what the New Earth is, when the "awakening" will occur, and what we can do to prepare ourselves for the future of humanity. This book is a must for those who do not want to be left behind and would like to participate in the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness."
-- Destiny Fayth,

If you have not already taken the time to read the letter explaining the New Earth E-Book and my special offer, I would suggest that you spend just 15 minutes to read it over now:

The New Earth IS Here,


Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Future of the New Earth Is Here

Hello Friend,

Yesterday was the day of the official release of "The Future of the New Earth" E-Book. I have spent the better part of the last year working on putting this together.

I am extremely excited about this project. I really feel it will make a difference.

I have gotten a great New Earth Bonus Package, worth over $200, together. Yours free, when you purchase the New Earth E-Book. You can learn more about this exciting opportunity to accelerate your ascension process here:

I am also providing a Free Email Mini Course on the New Earth for anyone slightly intrigued by the ideas of awakening, the year 2012, enlightenment, global peace, spiritual energy, psychic powers, or consciousness. This E-Course is titled "7 Days to a Closer Vibrational Alignment with the New Earth". You can sign up for free here: New Earth E-Course

I have received some great feedback from the people who read the special advance copy of the book. Here is one of the comments I have received:

The New Earth E-Book is a very enlightening read from many different great minds. I particularly liked "A Way Forward" by Peter Shepard, a very educational and fundamental way to work through the energies of our life experiences so we may be healed and centered, and prepared for the new earth.

I found "Awakening the Feminine for the Evolution of Humanity" by Asha Ramakrishna very inspiring. I quote her:

"The most magnificent and rewarding form of exercising Feminine energy is
manifesting desire with integrity. When we engage in what our souls (not our
egos) desire, we discard the limiting constraints of the third-dimensional
reality. As we live according to our soul's desire, the purpose for living
becomes clear and opportunities to express it magically appear."

She understands the struggle of the female energy, and the new and daunting task of raising the new children, who are far more advanced than our experience and knowlegde so far.
And "The New Humans" by Mary Rodwell confirms this further. She takes it to a new dimension, with scientific evidence of a higher species and her own opinion on why this could be. A very interesting read indeed.

All in all, I came away with a new perspective on the coming of the new world of 2012, the aquarian age, with a new found delight and anticipation. Far from being scared and fearful of what awaits us, I am excited with a new found hope and inspiration for an age that will be far better than today. Where we will heal, know ourselves, forgive and love. and where anything may be possible.

Far from the future looking bleak it looks grand, and I will be proud to be a part of it, its an exciting time to be alive.
--Tracy Wright (Essex, England)

I truly believe that the ideas contained in the New Earth E-Book will change your life.

Wishing you Peace and Love,


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ten Practical Techniques for Alignment With the New Earth

The New Earth exists within you right now. In order to experience a New Earth you must align with it’s “high” vibrational frequency.

Here are 10 easy techniques to help you accomplish this:

1. Trust that you will always be looked after. Act as if there is an infinite non-physical world that is there to protect and guide you.

It has been proven to me that this world actually does exist. I have come to this understanding because of many of my personally learned lessons and experiences. Also, many other people have had experiences that suggest that this spiritual world exists. It is the world through which this physical world that you now experience was born.

This is a very empowering belief to hold. Even if it is not true, this belief will keep you going, and will allow you to rise above yourself. Thus effectively raising your vibrations…

2. Tell the Truth.

I have found that in most cases, lying tends to lower a person’s personal vibrational level. Next time you are on the verge of telling a lie, ask yourself: “What is the worst thing that could happen if I told the truth? Is it really worth sacrificing my spiritual vibrations and joyous experiences for?”

Remember lying is not “bad”, since there is really no such thing as good or bad. It is all a perception. In most cases it is just more beneficial. Especially as we move into a New Earth, many people are becoming more and more intuitive. This results in more people being able to sense lies. So, telling the truth will help you on many levels.

3. Accept Responsibility.

You should take complete responsibility for your life and the events in it. This one thing will allow you to take back all of your energy and power. This surge of energy/power will instantly raise your vibrations. The moment you take absolute responsibility, you will feel amazingly empowered. You will be healed, and you will be healing the entire planet.

4. See Yourself As A Master.

The following is an excerpt from “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” by Baird Spalding in Book 4, on page 159:

“To advance, you must come to see yourself as a Master. You must conduct yourself as a Master. There is no one who can teach you mastery, nor is there anyone who can give you mastership, for they are already yours. Practice is required. You must live as a Master lives, think as a Master thinks, act like a Master acts before you would know a Master if you were to meet one.”

5. Come from the Heart and rid yourself of all Fears.

As you release your fears, your vibrations must rise to a level beyond fear. Fear constricts the wellness of life. You must learn to open your heart in spite of fear and allow wellness into your life. If you truly come from the heart, you cannot have any fears.

6. Sweet Dreams

I learned the following technique from the popular Seth entity as channeled by Jane Roberts. It is a way to create your night, and many people believe you create your reality when you sleep. As you lay in your bed, before you fall asleep, suggest to yourself that you will have pleasant dreams that will raise your vibrations, thus completely restoring your good spirits and vitality. If this is the last idea/imagery remaining in your head as you fall asleep, this technique will work wonders for you.

7. Avoid multitasking, live completely in the now

If you are eating dinner, completely focus on eating and enjoying your dinner. Do not watch TV or read while you will eat. Do your best to completely focus on what you are doing in that particular moment and nothing else. This will maximize the activity’s effectiveness and it’s joyfulness.

8. Don’t wear a watch.

Try to avoid using a watch or looking at the clock regularly. If you can give little or no attention to time, you will be able to let your inner self/heart/intuition guide you. This inner guidance will let you know when the best time to go somewhere is, or, the best time to do your homework, or fall asleep, and even wake up. This will really help you get closer to yourself and help you get use to the idea of no time.

9. See the Truth .

Make it a HABIT of seeing beauty in everything.

10. Be your own teacher.

Stop looking for some teacher/guide to “show you the way” or give you some message. There is no message that anyone can give you that you don’t already have. It is a lot easier to simply give the message to yourself, thus skipping the middleman. When you are ready you will give that message to yourself, every time!

But, many people take a less rewarding path to the message/information they seek. They give the message to themselves by going out and finding someone else who knows it. It would be much more rewarding for you to give the message to yourself. This one idea, is really the only idea you need. This technique should be very liberating.

When you understand this, you will tear down the boundaries you have put up around your knowledge/lessons. Everyone has access to Infinite Intelligence…if they believe they do. So get rid of the formality of getting advice/information from others, when it is a lot closer, within you!!!

Jason Randhawa

PS I am planning the official release of “The Future of the New Earth: A New Vision for Your Reality” for this Saturday. As a free bonus with the book, I am giving away a report containing 25 more practical techniques.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

No New Earth Blog Post Today

Hello Friend,

Sorry, but there will not be a new blog post today as scheduled. This is because I am very busy preparing for the launch of "The Future of the New Earth" E-Book. I am planning to the release this book on June 9th.

But, I am still committed to my blog schedule of making a New Earth post every Thursday and Sunday. You can expect an exciting new post this Thursday.

Peace and Love,


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