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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Saving Earth and humanity critically relies on developing Extraterrestrial awareness

By Peggy Chang
Source: The Canadian National Newspaper

Herein is a question that one may ask when witnessing environmental catastrophes, genocides, and wars: Why is Humanity apparently destroying itself?

Appreciating this question may very well lead to a state of mystifying perplexion, if one does not have an awareness of the “Extraterrestrial factor”. Critically appreciating the human identity in the universe, relies on our understanding the spectrum of extraterrestrials that continue to be in contact with Earth. Some Extraterrestrials seem to have benevolent intentions which seek to inspire humanity to realize its enlightenment, through a spiritual self-awakening. However, many other Extraterrestrials, have been reported by witnesses and researchers to be Manipulative, and seek to work with greed-driven human elites, toward the enslavement of humanity, and general exploitation of Earth, up to its organic destruction.

The systematized denial of UFOs as alien spacecraft, and of contact by Extraterrestrials with Earth, is an apparent attempt by Manipulative Extraterrestrials and the human elites that they control with greed, so as to thereby retard a human spiritual awakening. UFO and Extraterrestrial dis-information is a vocation designed to keep humanity mired in an ignorance of humanity’s self-worth in the broader universe.

Human elites that are guided by the apparent demonic consciousnesses of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, seek to keep humanity enslaved to systems of social control and exploitation, like global capitalism, organized religion, and other oppressive authority driven systems.

The ability of humanity to collectively become aware of its origin as a species relative to Extraterrestrials, is being intentionally undermined by interests which seek to keep humanity as ignorant as possible of who we are as a human species, relative to UFOs and Extraterrestrials areas.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials, have been apparently drawn to Earth, according to ancient Gnostic disciples of Jesus, as a result of the malevolent and ego-driven thought energies of some correspondingly malevolent and ego-driven human elites. Manipulative Extraterrestrials then apparently seek to use those ’negative thought energies’ to turn humanity against itself. In order to accomplish that objective, humans are institutonalized by global capitalism, organized religion, militarism, and ego-centred power politics, into a path of ignorance of the ability of human beings to achieve a spiritual awakening.

Such an awakening, in turn, could be used to repel Manipulative Extraterrestrials. UFO and Extraterrestrial disinformation are comparable to white collar bank robbers who are attempting to electronically rob a bank, with inside help from bank staff who deny the existence of the plot.
Please note that spiritual awakening has nothing to do with following an organized religion, which itself has been reported as being a structural operation by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that aim to control humanity.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

MIND SET: You are the centre

Source: The Times of India

The entire universe is a projection of consciousness. We experience the universe as a projection through us because each of us is a centre of consciousness. Therefore we are all centres of the universe. There really is no here or there because everything is at one point where consciousness is. We all do not exist in different places but are all present at one point. The reality of here and there is all created and experienced within the singularity of consciousness itself. Where you are is the centre of the universe.

Consciousness is the dimensionless programme that simulates dimensions. It is the omnipresent dot that creates the illusion of everywhere when there is nowhere but here and now. There is only one true place consciousness exist in and that is here. There is only one true time where consciousness exists in and that is now. Everything else that is experienced as there and then is only a simulation that is experienced from here and now. When you think of a time and place, you instantly travel there mentally.

In fact you do not really travel at all. The world around you shifts as your external environment and the things in it changes into the new one that you think of. It is because it is all a simulation. You never really move at all but it is everything else that moves. The centre of anything never moves and therefore the whole world revolves around you. The physical world itself is also a simulation of consciousness. It is a simulation that you are walking and traveling from one place to another or moving along through time.

When you take a plane to another country, which you last visited ten years ago, your change in experience is really a change in the simulation of reality. The simulated image of the city has changed as some buildings have been removed and new ones have appeared. The simulated images of the people you met before has also changed as the consciousness programme reflects the effects of how people are effected by time.

We think that no one is the centre of the universe because everyone cannot be the centre at the same time. That is because we perceive consciousness to be separate from it. Actually consciousness is projected from where you are. It only exists at one place and one time and that is where you are. You are consciousness itself and whichever point of view you are experiencing at any giving point of time and place, everything else around you is a projection from you. You are more than just the particular person that you are. You are the entire universe itself.

The reason why you perceive reality from a particular point of time and space, and as a particular person is because you are consciousness individuated into a single point of view for the purpose of experiencing everything else from that point of view.

Think of a computer programme that runs a simulated game world where all characters are interacting with each other. It is all really just one programme cycling between each character so fast that it seems as if all characters are being run simultaneously when they are actually being run one at a time. It is the activity of consciousness playing every single role in the universe that makes it seem as though there're separate programmes running when it’s really one programme running everything in turns at infinite speed.

The reason why consciousness runs at infinite speed is because it is not confined to the boundaries of time at all. Time is only a simulated concept that is created by consciousness to be experienced by consciousness. Imagine playing a particular character and filming yourself, and then reversing the film and playing a different character. Superimpose the film of the first character with the second and you’ll get the effect of two characters in one film. That is how two of you exist at the same time.

But consciousness doesn’t really have to take turns experiencing it from several points of view. It splits itself into many individuated versions of itself so as to experience all those points of view simultaneously. All those individuated versions are simply different parts of that one consciousness. When you shift your perspective from one point of view to another, you are shifting the center of the universe from one point to another. The centre is everywhere yet nowhere according to how you see it.

So to experience your reality, realise that where you are is the centre of all that is occurring. This is what it means to be centred. When you think someone, something or somewhere else is the centre of what’s going on, you are giving your power away to the external world. Move through your world with the consciousness that you are the centre of the universe and you will find that you don’t really have to shift as people around you shift themselves.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maintain the Vision by Jean Warner

The door is opening ever wider. The threshold is before you. Where is your path leading you? Are you living your vision?

For the past 26,000 years mankind has been slowly climbing the ladder of consciousness toward the final goal at the end of an era, the goal of a new Earth, a beginning, not an ending. You have made your choices on a soul level if not a conscious one. So what future are you envisioning for yourselves? See it manifesting. Maintain the vision. What do you want to bring into manifestation while you are waiting for the door to open? Are you focusing on a troubled world on the verge of expanded war, more intense and destructive Earth changes, greater lack and other negative situations? Remember, you attract your fears.

Remember also that hate breeds hate and war breeds war, but diametrically, love begets love, peace begets peace, and joy can only produce more joy! Sow the seeds of peace, love, and joy.

None of you can see the whole picture. There is so much going on in your world and in the universe that you do not know of. So create your own picture. Focus on your own vision of what you want to bring into your future and the future of the New Earth’s humanity. Detach yourselves from the chaos around you and become a disinterested observer. See instead a picture of the world you want to live in. Fantasize a world of love, light, and joy. Your fantasy can materialize for you in ways even more beautiful and magical than you can imagine. But keep that vision before you constantly. Develop a faith and a knowing that this is what is awaiting you.

You are the creators of your world. Mass consciousness is a powerful energy. At this present time of cleansing, fears, pain, and suffering of ages past are being released into the whirling consciousness that envelops you. Its influence can be depressing and bring despair if you allow it. Do you want to add that energy to the whirl? Or do you want to fill the field of consciousness with loving thoughts of hope and joyous expectation? You can do this. Keep you thoughts and expectations high.

If you have to withdraw from the outside influences your media is throwing at you, by all means do so. Go within and find that loving spark inside you. Rest in peace with it. Close your eyes and see the screen of your vision before you and bask in its beauty and loving comfort. Keep that picture before you constantly. Allow yourself to have a detached empathy for those who are involved in turmoil, but know that they are living their life plan and chose the experiences they are facing. You have your own destiny. Focus only on it. The choices they have made for their future will manifest for them. You are all where you are meant to be in the moment. Everything is in divine order. The New Age is simply going through the pangs of birth.

Jean Warner is one of the many "expert" contributors to The Future of the New Earth. The above article is an excerpt of Jean's October newsletter. To read the entire issue of this newsletter or to read the back issues of her newsletter please go to

Saturday, October 6, 2007

This Time of Sacred Passage

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

A momentous time is at hand. As the collective awakening of humanity moves closer, and as the opening of God's light on Earth approaches its breakthrough point of manifestation, all forces of heaven and Earth are focused upon safely guiding humanity through this time of sacred passage.

Dearest ones, the negative energies are at their most concentrated presence around the Earth at this time. This may cause a feeling of heaviness; feeling suffocated or weighted down, feelings of fear, anger, depression, hopelessness or despair. For some lightworkers there may be the feeling that you are losing control and have little support around you. Your mind may feel unreliable, or affected by energies in ways you don't understand. It may be difficult to feel the light, and it is important at this time to remember the light has not gone away, but is simply covered for a time, like a cloud covers the sun.

God's light is penetrating this cloud and will transform it, and you can assist this sacred and holy process of redemption by remaining centered in your sacred hearts, and by diligently attending to what is happening in your own consciousness. The greater light that is strengthening on the Earth is continuing to accelerate the process of purification and transformation for each embodied soul. So much more healing is possible now, and you may be having glimpses already of the new life that awaits you. If you have not yet been able to feel the new that is to come yet, this will be revealed more fully when the holy light of God manifests more tangibly as this time of passage reaches its conclusion.

Dearest ones, if your consciousness is open to the spiritual realms, you may be feeling the intensity level of this current moment most keenly. We encourage you always to reach out to connect with your spiritual brethren, those that you feel connected with from the heart. Sharing in love and truth, and sharing God's love with each other is a healing balm that can bring comfort to the suffering of this time. With all love and blessings, Amen. is a spiritual gathering place dedicated to the unity of souls and to the creation of a sacred earth.


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