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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Special Resource for Your Journey to the New Earth

Hello Friend,

I just came across a great website related to the New Earth:

Here is an excerpt from their homepage:

"Bevolution is the inner revolution creating the outer transformation.

If we wish to contribute to the new world we better let go of the old world. Dualism is about fighting and making wars against everything and that isonly leading to more fighting and more wars - look at history.

We need to change from within. We need to wake up from our sleep as theItalian sage Giordano Bruno said. We have been asleep for far to long, and Now is time to wake up to the birth of the New World by focusing on whatwe want and take our power back to where it belongs."

Along with some free downloads this website also has a free video titled Children of Men in the Context of Reality 2007. It is availible on Google Video, to watch it click here.

Again, straight from their website...

"This video is a movie about the movie "Children of Men" - we just answer the BIG MYSTERY - duration 1 h 45 m.

THE HUMAN PROJECT and the Danish conneXion - Denmark plays a central role in the chaos on the planet in many ways - NOW it is time that we all take our Power back and change ourselves - we are all in this together. The Power is LOVE!

Why are women becoming infertile? Why is stress constantly increasing? Why are more children becoming hyperactive and suffer from ADHD? Where has the energy in society gone? Why is FEAR the dominant feelinginstead of infinite love? Who is the authority of your life? Who is controllingyour energy? Are you caught in the MATRIX or are you One with CREATRIX and what is?

This video takes you on a journey that puts things in a bigger perspective and has the potential to transform you Life and the World for ever if we really make the BEVOLUTION - the inner revolution creating the outer transformation. Take back your Power and be the One you truly are. You are One of the greatest minds of the New World when you choose to - join us and be part ofthe HUMAN PROJECT - it is real and here right Now."

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think about this New Earth resource,


Sunday, May 27, 2007

PSI Wars: Is The Force Real?

Hello Friend,

I just watched an interesting video released by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. It is only about 5 minutes long.

Using scientific information, this short video answers spiritual questions like: Is the force real? Are we all truly connected?

To view this video for free go to: and click on the play button.

Become a scientific Jedi today,


Thursday, May 24, 2007

In The Mind of a Spiritual Blogger: Success and Failure

Hello Friend,

A few days ago Eric Slade Roberson over at ShiftYourSpirits published an article titled "How You Can Stop Feeling Like a Failure". Personally I found that this article discusses a lot of the things that are going on in my mind. I believe in some way, that this article will really touch all that read it.

Before I hype up the article too much, you can read it here:

Slade is another one of the contributors to "The Future of the New Earth". His contribution is titled "Adam's Task -- Language, Co-Creation, and the Ascension of Mankind".

You can get a feel for his writings through reading his article. He goes through the concept of success, what it means to be successful, 15 things to tell yourself to stop feeling like a failure, and much more.

Check it out, I am sure it will be worth your time.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Neale Talks About the Days of the New Spirituality

Neale Donald Walsch Giving a Preview of the New Earth

We are embarking on a period during which humanity will create a new understanding of who God is, and what God wants. You and I will be creating that together in the days and weeks, months and years just ahead.

These are the days of the New Spirituality, and they are already here. It is now just a question of the expansion of this energy. In the amazing book What God Wants I was told what we could look for during this time. I was particularly interested in the subject of death, because I believe that the fear of death, and of God's possible wrath after death, is what creates so much dysfunction during our lives.

What God Wants says that when we have created our new understanding of God, in the days of the New Spirituality, humans will understand that death does not exist. They will know that our opportunity to learn and to grow is never over and that the time to be rewarded or punished for how we lived our lives will never come, because life is not a Reward & Punishment proposition, but rather, a process of continuous and unending growth, expansion, self-expression, self-creation, and self-fulfillment. Death will be understood to be simply and only a transition—a
glorious shifting in the experience of the soul, a change in our level of consciousness, a freedom giving, pain-releasing, awareness-expanding breakthrough in the eternal process of evolution.

One result of this teaching: Many humans will know that death is not something to be feared, but a wonderful part of the wonderful experience called Life Itself.

People will talk about death freely and without undo sadness. People will not feel compelled to cling to life when they are suffering and dying, because they'll know that there is nothing BUT life, and so there is no reason to cling to The Only Thing There Is. Endless suffering at the conclusion of one's time in a particular physical form will no longer be demanded or required as a matter of spiritual integrity, any more than it's required of other life forms. This does not mean that ending one's own life as a means of escape from particular difficulties or sadness will be or is encouraged. It will be understood that life in one's present physical form is a wondrous gift, and no one will ever wish to toss it away in order to sidestep its challenges, but will understand at the deepest level that it may be used in order to experience who we really are.

In this and in many other ways, personal lives will be remarkably different when humans create a new spirituality.

Imagine personal relationships with all others that are no longer need-based, but emerge more profoundly from an experience of personal fulfillment, personal power, and the personal expression of the highest thought about one's self and others that resides within everyone!

Imagine romance that exudes not from the thought that you "can't live without" someone, but from the awareness that the expression and experience of your fullest and highest and grandest Self is not dependent on any other person, but enriches every person whose life you touch immensely, allowing you to truly love from a place of giving!

Imagine a career and work that feels more like joy and the celebration of the highest and best within you, and the happiest experience of Who You Are!

Imagine a life without fear of God and without guilt over the tiniest infraction of what you imagine to be God's Rules!

Imagine the freedom of soul and mind and body that would be experienced when you understand at last that you really are One with God! Imagine the power that you would experience—the power to create the life of your dreams, and to assist others in creating theirs!

Imagine the end to frustrations and anxieties and worries about tomorrow, to say nothing of the sadness and bad feelings that can't seem to be shaken about things that happened yesterday, when you realize that nothing can go wrong, that all things are perfect just as they are, that God does not require anything different from you except exactly what you are being, exactly what you are doing, and exactly what you are having right now!

Finally, imagine experiencing the awe and wonder of life, expressing through you, AS you in your day-to-day moments, because of your wonderfully expanded awareness.

This is just a taste of what life could be like in the days of the new spirituality, and you don't have to wait for all of humanity to create that experience collectively. All people can begin to create it individually for themselves, and in the lives of those whose lives they touch. That is, in fact, what life invites you to do!

It's what God is calling you to do right now. ~


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Earth Contributions

Hello Friend,

A few weeks ago, I introduced the New Earth E-Book to the readers of this Blog. If you missed it, you can read it here:

Today, I would like to share with you a list of each of the new earth contributions to the book. This should give you a better idea of the content of the book. You may also recognize some of the contributors to the book.

New Earth Contributions:

The Awakening by Michael Sharp

The New Earth Exists in You Right Now by Ann Albers

2012 and the Shift by Owen Waters

Relevance of Awakening by Aruna Byers

The New Children and the Coming Fifth World by P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

Heaven on Earth: The Unfolding Shift by Julia Rogers Hamrick

Ascending into the New Earth by Linda Johnson

Frequencies of Consciousness and Reality by Eva Herr

The Way Forward by Peter Shepherd

The Internal New Earth Shift by Jason Randhawa

The Awakened Christian by Nancy Detweiler

Man Is Truly Master of His Own Fate by Lady Isis

Awakening the Feminine for the Evolution of Humanity by Asha Ramakrishna

Consciousness in the New Era by Dharmbir Rai

Human Creation vs. Divine Creation by Allen Stacker

Creating in the New Energy by Allen Stacker

The New World by Jafree Ozwald

The New Humans by Mary Rodwell

Staying Centered by Anina Davenport

Adventure Into Reality by Jean Warner

The Mother's Dance within Us by Jessica Alhers

Approach to 2012 by Adrian Cooper

The Evolution of Consciousness by Steve Ryals

Adam's Task – Language, Co-Creation, and The Ascension of Mankind by Eric Slade Roberson

The World of 2070 AD by Joyce A. Kovelman, PhD

Conclusion: The Only New Earth Message You Need

The front and back covers for the book, are almost complete. I will try to post them on the blog in the next few weeks, so that I can get some feedback on them.



Saturday, May 12, 2007

2012 and the Cycles of Life

Hello Friend,

As more and more people are becoming aware of "2012", more questions are being raised. Fear and anxiety are becoming common, as some people are going from curiosity to anxiousness.

In a recent issue of "Astral Pulse", an Ezine published by Adrian Cooper, there was a fascinating article on 2012 and the cycles of life.

As you may know, Adrian Cooper is also one of the many expert contributors to "The Future of the New Earth" book which I am putting together. His contribution is called "Approach to 2012".

Adrian believes 2012 does not mean the end of the world, instead it means the end of a great cycle of Energy. Another interesting idea that he proposes in his article is that Jesus came 2000 years ago to prepare mankind for the events of 2012.

Read the entire article here:


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiritual Cinema Circle Debut of Illusion, starring Kirk Douglas

Dear Friend,

"What if I could do my life over again?"

This is the tantalizing question at the heart of ILLUSION, a new film making its debut with The Spiritual Cinema Circle.

This award-winning movie, starring legendary actor Kirk Douglas, tells the story of a once powerful but now ailing film director, Donald Baines. After a lifetime of rejecting his only son, Baines is "awakened" one night by the ghost of a dear, departed friend, who shows Baines mini-movies ( Akashic records ) of his illegitimate son's life. On his deathbed, Baines is given the gift of redemption... along with an opportunity to help his son realize that the only person who could change his life was the father he never knew.

Douglas, the celebrated star of more than 80 films including SPARTACUS, gives the performance of a lifetime at age 88, despite suffering a stroke in 1996. Now age 90, Douglas says, "ILLUSION appealed to me because I found something spiritual in it. The man I played was not a very good guy throughout his life but he felt the need to do something good before he died. Playing this role was a great privilege."

If you enjoy enlightening entertainment, you can receive your copy of ILLUSION on DVD as part of a risk-free trial membership with The Spiritual Cinema Circle during the month of May.

What is The Spiritual Cinema Circle?

It's America's fastest growing DVD club specializing in uplifting, inspirational films. The Circle acquires features, shorts and documentaries from film festivals around the world. These films stir the soul, expand the mind and help you feel better about being human. Each month subscribers pay $21 plus shipping and receive four films on DVD that are theirs to keep.

As a special limited time offer for new subscribers in the month of May, you'll receive your first month of movies AND our bonus Soulmates Collection absolutely free.

That's 10 films in all, a $50 value, yours free. We only ask that you cover the cost of shipping ($6.95 for domestic orders, $9.95 for international orders).

Our bestselling Soulmates Collection features 6 heartwarming short films about the many faces of true love:

PAPER ROSES: Examines the circle of life, loves lost and loves found

DANCE WITH ME: Explores the key to lasting love

JILLIAN'S VANTAGE: A favorite spiritual love story here at the Circle

FLIRTING WITH DEATH: A man meets death, and she's gorgeous!

BICYCLES AND RADIOS: Healing and love come when least expected

SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER: A magical love story... with a fun twist

To learn more and start your risk-free trial membership today, visit the following link:

I hope you enjoy ILLUSION, starring Kirk Douglas, and I look forward to welcoming you into our Spiritual Cinema community-changing the heart of entertainment, one movie at a time.


PS Once again that link is:

PPS Please note that this is an affiliate link, which means, that if you decide to get a full paid membership after trying out the free trial and receiving your free bonuses (as described above), I will receive a percent of the profit. This money will be used to support the New Earth E-Book and other important spiritual projects. Also, I believe it is important to say that I, personally, am a satisified member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle and I consider this Spiritual DVD Club to be the best of its kind.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The New Frontier of Discovery

Hello Friend,

Owen Waters is one of the many contributors to the New Earth E-Book. As you probably know, I am a pretty big fan of his work. Here is another one of his spiritually insightful articles:

The New Frontier of Discovery by Owen Waters

The Big Bang theory was originated by Edwin Hubble (1884-1953), of Hubble Telescope fame. He first observed that the faster a galaxy travels, the further it also is away from us. This led to his theory that the galaxies must have all started in one place and exploded outwards from there.

With the help of the orbiting Hubble Telescope, the size of the universe is currently estimated at approximately 15 billion light-years across. However, it is now calculated that the universe must have needed more than just the initial impetus of a "big bang" in order to manifest in the way that we see it today.

The theory of Inflation was later proposed to describe this additional impetus. It states that an unknown extra force inflated the early expansion of the early universe so that it could become what it is today. While the duration of a big bang event would have been much less than a microsecond, a period of inflation would have lasted for at least 300,000 years.

The basic scenario of the Big Bang theory is that the universe started out as something very small and then expanded outwards to become what we see today.

That, however, leaves us with one great, unanswered mystery.

What Existed Before the Universe Came Into Being?

What lies beyond the envelope which contains the universe? The universe was created by Infinite Being, the original consciousness. It created physical space along with the other dimensions which make up a working universe. These other dimensions (measurable variables of existence) include time, energy, and consciousness at the human level of expression.

So it makes sense that physical space would extend no farther than the edges of the created universe. Beyond those edges, there is only consciousness. Matter cannot exist outside of the edges of the universe because it was the universe that provided for the formation of matter.

There is no physical matter, no space, no time, and no energy outside of the universe. So, what's left? What could possibly exist outside of the envelope of the universe?


Consciousness is the next frontier of science. Everything in the universe is made of it. Consciousness is the elusive factor in the mysteries of quantum physics. It makes subatomic particles manifest in physical reality. Without consciousness, subatomic particles simply don't materialize out of the pre-physical world of quantum energy. It takes consciousness to manifest the illusion of physicality.

There can be nothing outside of the universe of space, time and energy - other than consciousness.

The ultimate, and primordial, state of consciousness is Infinite Being. Before Infinite Being created the universe, there was only consciousness. In fact, there still is only consciousness, because energy forms matter, and consciousness forms the energy that runs the universe. The illusions of space and time are but facets of consciousness.

Space, time and energy are merely props upon the stage of this vividly realistic theater of life. Life is basically consciousness, and only consciousness.

Science has progressed over the last 300 years as the result of disciplined, scientific method and, in general, reliance upon the physical senses. This outward focus, however, will not serve science in discovering the meaning of consciousness because consciousness is within, not without.

The development of inner consciousness is the new frontier of discovery.

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness" Available in hardcover or via immediate download at:

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Introducing the New Earth Book

Hello Friend,

I missed the last blog post scheduled for Sunday because I had just got the New Earth E-Book back from the editors and I was very busy going over the changes that were made. But, as always, there is a large amount of “good” that came out of this…

As you probably already know, for the past few months I have been working on putting together a compilation of expert opinions on the subject of the New Earth. The book is called “The Future of the New Earth: A New Vision for Your Reality”. It is made of the spiritual writings of over 20 different expert authors. Each contribution goes into detail on a different topic that falls under the New Earth category.

These topics include: ascension, apocalypse, manifestation, 2012 prophecies, the Mayan Calendar, new reality, crystals, the 5th dimension, aliens, channeling, new children, shifting beliefs, meditations for the new earth, indigo children, awakening, visions of the new earth, and much more.

Here is a comment I received from one of the readers of a special advance copy of this book:

“The New Earth E-Book became a real eye opener for me. So much knowledge in one place from different points of view. It has made me stop and really take a good look around me at what is happening in this world today. The self destruction that we impose on this earth.

I would recommend it to any of my Metaphysical students and friends. It is a book that can be looked at over and over again. It can reinforce your beliefs in life it self.

Our vibrations cause such great affects on everyone and everything. It is something that we all should be looking at more closely.”

-- Rev. Rita Marie Browning, Ordained Metaphysical Minister

I am hoping to release the New Earth book by the end of next month. The book will be available in both digital (E-Book) and print formats. I will be sure to let all readers of this New Earth Blog know when this book is released. Anyone wishing to be kept up to date on the progress and release of this New Earth E-Book should subscribe to this New Earth Blog (either through a feed reader or through email).

Creating the new earth, one person at a time…


PS The cover for the book is almost done, and I will post the cover designs on this Blog to get your feedback on the piece of spiritual New Earth art. I will also post a complete list of contributors and the titles of their contribution to this blog in the next few weeks.

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