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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Special Resource for Your Journey to the New Earth

Hello Friend,

I just came across a great website related to the New Earth:

Here is an excerpt from their homepage:

"Bevolution is the inner revolution creating the outer transformation.

If we wish to contribute to the new world we better let go of the old world. Dualism is about fighting and making wars against everything and that isonly leading to more fighting and more wars - look at history.

We need to change from within. We need to wake up from our sleep as theItalian sage Giordano Bruno said. We have been asleep for far to long, and Now is time to wake up to the birth of the New World by focusing on whatwe want and take our power back to where it belongs."

Along with some free downloads this website also has a free video titled Children of Men in the Context of Reality 2007. It is availible on Google Video, to watch it click here.

Again, straight from their website...

"This video is a movie about the movie "Children of Men" - we just answer the BIG MYSTERY - duration 1 h 45 m.

THE HUMAN PROJECT and the Danish conneXion - Denmark plays a central role in the chaos on the planet in many ways - NOW it is time that we all take our Power back and change ourselves - we are all in this together. The Power is LOVE!

Why are women becoming infertile? Why is stress constantly increasing? Why are more children becoming hyperactive and suffer from ADHD? Where has the energy in society gone? Why is FEAR the dominant feelinginstead of infinite love? Who is the authority of your life? Who is controllingyour energy? Are you caught in the MATRIX or are you One with CREATRIX and what is?

This video takes you on a journey that puts things in a bigger perspective and has the potential to transform you Life and the World for ever if we really make the BEVOLUTION - the inner revolution creating the outer transformation. Take back your Power and be the One you truly are. You are One of the greatest minds of the New World when you choose to - join us and be part ofthe HUMAN PROJECT - it is real and here right Now."

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think about this New Earth resource,


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