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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiritual Cinema Circle Debut of Illusion, starring Kirk Douglas

Dear Friend,

"What if I could do my life over again?"

This is the tantalizing question at the heart of ILLUSION, a new film making its debut with The Spiritual Cinema Circle.

This award-winning movie, starring legendary actor Kirk Douglas, tells the story of a once powerful but now ailing film director, Donald Baines. After a lifetime of rejecting his only son, Baines is "awakened" one night by the ghost of a dear, departed friend, who shows Baines mini-movies ( Akashic records ) of his illegitimate son's life. On his deathbed, Baines is given the gift of redemption... along with an opportunity to help his son realize that the only person who could change his life was the father he never knew.

Douglas, the celebrated star of more than 80 films including SPARTACUS, gives the performance of a lifetime at age 88, despite suffering a stroke in 1996. Now age 90, Douglas says, "ILLUSION appealed to me because I found something spiritual in it. The man I played was not a very good guy throughout his life but he felt the need to do something good before he died. Playing this role was a great privilege."

If you enjoy enlightening entertainment, you can receive your copy of ILLUSION on DVD as part of a risk-free trial membership with The Spiritual Cinema Circle during the month of May.

What is The Spiritual Cinema Circle?

It's America's fastest growing DVD club specializing in uplifting, inspirational films. The Circle acquires features, shorts and documentaries from film festivals around the world. These films stir the soul, expand the mind and help you feel better about being human. Each month subscribers pay $21 plus shipping and receive four films on DVD that are theirs to keep.

As a special limited time offer for new subscribers in the month of May, you'll receive your first month of movies AND our bonus Soulmates Collection absolutely free.

That's 10 films in all, a $50 value, yours free. We only ask that you cover the cost of shipping ($6.95 for domestic orders, $9.95 for international orders).

Our bestselling Soulmates Collection features 6 heartwarming short films about the many faces of true love:

PAPER ROSES: Examines the circle of life, loves lost and loves found

DANCE WITH ME: Explores the key to lasting love

JILLIAN'S VANTAGE: A favorite spiritual love story here at the Circle

FLIRTING WITH DEATH: A man meets death, and she's gorgeous!

BICYCLES AND RADIOS: Healing and love come when least expected

SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER: A magical love story... with a fun twist

To learn more and start your risk-free trial membership today, visit the following link:

I hope you enjoy ILLUSION, starring Kirk Douglas, and I look forward to welcoming you into our Spiritual Cinema community-changing the heart of entertainment, one movie at a time.


PS Once again that link is:

PPS Please note that this is an affiliate link, which means, that if you decide to get a full paid membership after trying out the free trial and receiving your free bonuses (as described above), I will receive a percent of the profit. This money will be used to support the New Earth E-Book and other important spiritual projects. Also, I believe it is important to say that I, personally, am a satisified member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle and I consider this Spiritual DVD Club to be the best of its kind.

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