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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Lightspeakers on Dimensional Journeys

Dimensional Journeys
By The Lightspeakers as channeled through Christie Pennington

We come to you today to speak of many things, some which appear applicable, some appear not so, but in time, your time, when you are ready to hear, it will be sufficiently evident as necessary.

We speak now of opportunities for growth beyond your current dimension, those parts of you, you may have believed displaced at times. They are your other selves, past and future calling to you to take notice and note of other experience.

You see you experience in many realms concurrently. You are now past and future self creating from those choices cast aside. The path not taken, leading to everywhere becomes a door to wisdom for you, if you allow it so.

You have limited yourselves and your experience by disbelief to time and place and now as you move into other dimensions as in 4th and 5th, you begin to allow the barriers to drop away. You open minds and hearts to a plan much vaster than you had recognized.

Hear us proclaim to you that the power you hold we speak of so often is beyond your comprehension. But as you exercise it by expanding yourself/selves, you recognize it as your own. Many things you have not done, you do elsewhere and the resulting experience is yours to glean if you choose.

So you may return to the past and rework it and follow that trail as it would have naturally evolved, as you do it now to discover important information about yourself and your experience.
You see it is not the past of you, but part of your experience elsewhere and this is under your control.

No cause for consternation, you may avail yourself of such opportunity without fear of losing yourself within it. It is as you do daydream but with a purpose, a light trance no more than one which you indulge in a long automobile drive. It allows you to know "What If", it allows you to learn from the road you turned away from. You may visit there as often as you choose evoking as many events you would alter as you wish, gaining wisdom from such experience.

This may also be applied to your future self/selves. you may visit your future to gain much information about choices proposed. Following each choice not intellectually, not mentally, but experientially. With your soul as guide you will discover which opportunity you find most suitable to you.

Here we inject that this suitability be determined with assistance from your soul, angels and guides who will assist you in what may be best suited for your growth, not merely for what you believe will allow you most happy gratification. Happy gratification being short lived as you may remember from those times you received what you asked for without deeper understanding to guide your asking.

As you practice such dimensional voyage, you will come into a better understanding of your purpose and your real desires. Not those dictated to you by friend, family and cultural influence, but by the depth of your soul. We urge you to see this not as some flight of fancifulness, for indeed, it is both possible and true to visit and learn from these other selves.

Yet it is only a beginning step, for once accomplished at it, there is so much more to come. We enjoy this moment of bringing you the heralding of more and more opportunities for you to create and enjoy as masters of your own experience. Determiners of your own fate and captains of your vessel on the voyage of truth.

We are committed to assisting in all your journey's as allies with those close to you, that move with you through your days. We join with your angels, no demons exist to fear, as we light your path of grace. Amen.

For more information about Christie Pennington and/or the Lightspeakers visit their website here:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stairway to Heaven by Owen Waters

There is a stairway to heaven. It leads through the heavenly realms of the afterlife and continues even further, all the way to the ultimate state of consciousness from which the universe sprang into existence.

Infinite Being, the ultimate source of all things, created a universe of infinite diversity, of infinite parts of the whole. As humanity, we are the adventurers who projected ourselves into physical experience in order to bring deeper focus into our experience. Our purpose in the physical realm of consciousness is to gain a sharply-defined sense of identity and to grow from there.

The long-term mission of each and every one of us is to gain expanded awareness through life’s experiences until we eventually return to the one God, no longer as curious seekers, but as self-realized, conscious gods.

The steps of the stairway are formed by twelve layers of consciousness. Each step is composed of a different degree of compression of the original consciousness which created the universe.The higher steps are more ethereal, or less compressed, than the lower ones. The lower steps are more compressed, more sharply focused, and more clearly defined than the ones above.

Every step along the stairway is composed of consciousness. Even the physical world, with its apparently physical objects, is really composed of 100% consciousness, projected in a way that appears to be external and solid.

Read the rest here:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Zero-Emission Car

Hello Friend,

For those of you who either have watched the movie The 11th Hour or are informed on the environmental crisis, you will be happy to read this story I found in the USA Today. It is about Honda's new hydrogen sedan.

Personally, I am a strong believer in technology and its potential to revolutionize how we interact with our environment.

You can read this article here:

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