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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Maslow Predicted The Shift by Owen Waters

Hello Friend,

Abraham Maslow (1908-70) was a psychologist who became famous for his hierarchy of human needs. When he developed his theory in the 1950s, he predicted the transformation of humanity into a realm of spiritual transcendence, but he had no idea just how soon this would develop into a major movement.

Maslow's hierarchy of human needs shows that basic human needs have to be fulfilled before people can attend to higher needs and values.

First, the basic physiological needs of food and shelter must be catered for in order to ensure survival.

Second, once food and shelter are obtained, safety and security must be achieved.

Third, acceptance by others is sought, in both the social and romantic senses. To fulfill this 'belonging' need, people become part of a group, a tribe, an extended family or a community.

When these deficiency, or outer-directed, needs are satisfied, then the individual works to acquire self-respect. Recognition by others produces self-esteem.

Once the outer needs are fulfilled, the inner-directed need for self-actualization comes into play. To self-actualize means to become the best you personally can be. Self-actualized people include those who have achieved material abundance, and also those who, as a decision of personal power, have chosen simplicity over the pursuit of further abundance. At some point, when a person says "That's enough" to the endless pursuit of additional financial security, then they become free to accomplish anything that inspires their inner joy the most.

Self-actualization is achieved after the individual ceases to have deference to hierarchical authority, and instead matures into the ability to make their own rules of personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is always more powerful and effective than any system of imposed rules. For example, you can threaten to punish someone if they steal and hope that the threat works. But, a self-responsible person simply wouldn't steal because they would feel empathy for the loss that a would-be victim would feel. They simply wouldn't have the heart to do such a thing to another person.

It's a matter of increased maturity. When a person abandons the impositions of external authority and becomes their own, self-directed authority, then they become far more functional in the world. This is, in fact, a higher state of consciousness, one which provides a higher vista of awareness. From this expanded vista, they see clearly how they as an individual can best serve humanity.

In this state of awareness, the person acquires the ability to think and analyze situations independently. As a result, new and creative solutions spring to mind. They have enough self-esteem to be able to clearly see their own needs, skills, strengths and weaknesses, and from that they see where they can best be of service to humanity.

Once basic needs are fulfilled, the next values to require attention relate to being. The first of these being-values is self-actualization, which is the instinctual need of a human to make the most of their unique abilities.

Above that, Maslow placed transcendence, which he considered a spiritual value. Traditional universities typically presume that spiritual matters are beyond the understanding of their students, so they present the Maslow hierarchy of human needs differently. They present it with self-actualization as the ultimate human goal, and omit the transcendence stage beyond that.

The being-values of self-actualization and transcendence are the higher, more beautiful aspects of human consciousness. They include unconditional love, altruism, inner joy, a love of nature, the development of intuition (in males as well as females), idealism, and a sense of wisdom which springs from within. These skills develop the right-brain functions of creativity and intuition.

In the 1950s, Maslow believed that only 2% of the population had achieved self-actualization. The mid-1960s changed all that when masses of people began the search for the higher values, such as unconditional love and spiritual wisdom. Today, that core group of progressive society has blossomed from 2% to over 20%, and is climbing every year.

The Shift is not a temporary by-product of the baby boom generation, or any other generation of modern society. It is not a passing fad. It is not going away. It is a cosmic pressure that is unfolding and relentlessly increasing the frequency of all consciousness upon the planet.

It is a part of the plan of Infinite Being that we progress to the next stage of conscious human achievement. The Shift is, to put it simply, the most wonderful transformation in recorded history. This is where humanity gets to build, literally, Heaven on Earth.

More spiritual insights are availible at Owen's website:

To read Owen's contribution on "2012 and The Shift" to the New Earth E-Book and many more articles on the New Earth, go to:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The New Earth: A Definition for Your Future

Hello Friend,

Do you still find yourself confused by the idea of a new earth? It is actually much simpler than you think. The confusion arises when we try to put such an unlimited existence into limited words and thoughts.

The new earth is not a place or location, since it exists beyond space and time. The old earth existed in the third dimension and exists in space and time. Whereas, the new earth exists in the fifth dimension and it is not limited by space and time.

In the old earth a blocked perception and lack of true understanding creates an illusionary experience which seems beyond control. The new earth is created by breaking down the illusion and understanding your true being. The new earth level of existence is one in which you consciously create your reality. You are in complete control, and you take full responsibility for everything in your life. In the new earth, life flows effortlessly and perfectly.

The new earth is basically the world created by spiritually awakened individuals. It is a “Heaven on Earth” or a “Utopia”.

Before the new earth can come into being, it must first be realized within. In order for something to manifest, it must first exist in the internal environment of an individual. It is not some exterior place, the new earth exists within you right now.

In the new earth there will be global peace, a sustainable environment, love consciousness, synchronicity, and no more negativity/worries.

Excerpt from New Earth E-Book:

“Our planet’s cataclysmic experiences are the masses “wake-up calls”, forcing us to individually turn inwards, and create a more sensitive, loving, and conscious approach to life. This deeper sensitivity has in turn awakened a new kind of human being inside all of us. A being who is attuned to the divine within, guided by their intuition, and enlightened by their own individual consciousness. As the world continues to wake us up, the number of enlightened beings will naturally multiply and collectively in time create a New World. This global enlightenment will create a foundation of peace for this planet for the first time in many millennia. Our planet is about to give birth to billions of heart-centered open-minded people, and nobody is going to miss this massive enlightening ride.” – Jafree Ozwald quoted from his contribution titled “The New World” to the “Future of the New Earth” E-Book

To learn how you can create and experience a new earth in your life, please check out the New Earth E-Book:

Jason Randhawa

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Excellent Book from the New Earth

Hello Friend,
I just finished reading my copy of "Beginner's Luke" written by Sol Luckman, and it was like no other book I have ever read. It seemed like a whole new level of thinking was used to write this book, which is why I called it a book from the new earth.

Here are some comments from other readers of the book:

“No one knows better than Luke Soloman that fictional characters are living creatures. Perhaps they’re less real than us, but they’re far more true. All that matters is that they live, truly live in their imaginations—which is to say, in ours—committing as much of their nonexistence to paper as possible.”—Luigi Pirandello

“There was a time when novelists’ lives were more intriguing than their novels. Then for a while neither the novels nor the lives was very intriguing. And now with Luke Soloman, we seem to be entering a phase where the novel is the life. But is it art?”—Charles Bukowski

The best part is that Sol is giving away the first 2012 copies of this E-book. To get your copy of Book 1 of the Beginner's Luke Series go to and fill in your name and email address. If you do this correctly you will instantly receive your copy of the book in your email account.
Begin your journey through this beautiful book today,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Post-Planetary Creationix Message from Hathors

Hello Friend,

In the past two weeks there were two very important global healing events I took part in. I also made sure that ever reader of the New Earth Blog knew about these important events. One was the more popular Fire the Grid event which I am sure you are familiar with. The other one was the Planetary Creationix. I hope you made some time to take part in either one or both these healing meditations.

The Planetary Creationix was created under the guidance of the Hathors through Tom Kenyon. They have released another message after the Planetary Creationix: A Message From the Hathors Through Tom Kenyon

We wish to give a brief message regarding the Planetary Creatrix. We wish to thank those of you who joined us in heart and mind for the Planetary Creatrix. The energetics of this were extraordinary to behold.

A greater spiritual light has been released upon the Earth. We wish you to know that this work is sealed and protected from all hindrances. The effects of this are now moving through the subtlest realms to positively affect the destiny of humanity and this Earth. From the deepest space of our hearts, we thank you.

Know that through your participation, you have earned great spiritual merit and such merit will serve you in the coming years. Now that you know how to create the Holon of Balance and how to create ecstasy through the heart, we encourage you to practicethese often, for they shall be great allies to you as you navigate the chaos of the coming decade.

Many beings from different realms of consciousness joined you in the Planetary Creatrix. It was their honor to be of service to youand this Earth, and they also extend to you their deepestappreciation for your efforts. A page has turned in the history ofthis planet. Although the forces that would contain consciousness will continue their efforts, it is clear that their efforts arefutile. The light of a new age has clearly dawned.

A Brief Comment from Tom

I thought you might like to know a bit about a subsequent conversation we had with the Hathors after they gave the above"official" message.

Essentially, the many beings who joined us and the Hathors were able to generate massive waves of spiritual-light and evolutionary-energy due to a co-creation between the human and spiritual worlds. This action was extraordinarily complex in its effects.

The Hathors were very clear that the Planetary Creatrix was successful in many dimensions of being. They also said that it would take time for the more direct consequences of the action tomanifest in our world. But essentially, the forces of spiritual-light have vanquished the darkness. They were also clear thatthere would be more difficult times ahead in the coming years. The forces that would contain the human spirit will try to manipulate situations in their favor, but fundamentally and ultimately their efforts will be in vain.

The Hathors reaffirmed their position that it would be advantageous for us all to continue practicing the Holon of Balance and ecstasy through the heart. These skills will allow us to be more effective with the inevitable disruptions that willonly increase as the "old world" gives way to the "new world of being." In other words, we are not out of the woods yet, at leastas it involves each of us individually, but the light of a new day has definitely dawned. The only thing I would like to add here—in keeping with the metaphor of the woods—is that when you are deep in a forest and dawn has appeared, it can take awhile for the light to filter down to the campground.

The Hathors were also very clear that the positive effects and benefits of the Creatrix have been "sealed and protected." Extraordinary means were taken in multiple dimensions to insurethis type of protection. In a dualistic universe, positive actionsare sometimes turned into negative consequences, even in the faceof good intentions. The Hathors wanted me to clearly understand that the effects of the Planetary Creatrix are immune tointerference from any source.

In closing, I would like to thank you, my fellow servants of theSacred Mystery (called life). I wish to say that it has been an honor and a privilege to join with you in this co-creation betweenthe worlds. It has been gratifying to see the worldwide response to the Call. And although our paths may not cross in this lifetime, I salute you for your efforts.

May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.

Tom Kenyon

© 2007 Tom Kenyon. All rights reserved.You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media aslong as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Healing the World -- A Reminder from Owen Waters

This technique will be of special value to people participating in the Fire The Grid celebration on Tuesday, July 17th, 2007. As detailed in last week's article, the one-hour “Fire the Grid” event will begin at 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time on Tuesday, 17th July, 2007. In British Summer Time, using the 24-hour clock, that’s 12:11 hours. For people in New York, it’s 7:11 am. In Sydney, Australia it’s 9:11 pm (or 21:11 hours) on July 17th, and two hours later than that in New Zealand. For people in California, the perfect cosmic hour starts at 4:11 am.

The organizers of the event are asking participants to allow the healing power of the cosmos to flow freely through them and into the center of the Earth. Then, to see this energy of healing love come out into the atmosphere around the planet to fire the grid of human consciousness.

When you hold the intention for a healthy planet and for humanity to be better connected with spirit, with each other and with the Earth, you are strengthening the grid of human consciousness which surrounds this planet.

There are many ways to heal the Earth and the grid. In fact, there are as many potential ways as there are people on the planet. While any method of connecting with the ultimate source is perfectly valid, one of the most deeply beautiful ways is the Earth-Sky technique taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

In its beauty and simplicity, it is incredibly powerful and effective. In it, you create a triangle of consciousness which connects you to both the Mother Earth and the “Father Sky” concept of God as the Creator of all things.

Drunvalo was asked to teach people this technique by Yogananda's teacher, Sri Yukteswar, as it provides an extremely clear and direct connection with the Creator and the Earth. According to Drunvalo, this meditation is as old as humanity and variations of it have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people in the Americas and Australasia. It’s purpose is to enable an ordinary person to consciously experience the direct presence of God.

By being in that presence and by realizing your connection with the Creator, the Earth and the grid, you will help to fire the grid in an extremely potent manner.

The Practice of the Earth-Sky Technique

Sit upright with your hands resting in your lap, palms facing upwards. Breathe rhythmically and evenly. Let your attention follow your breath and let your everyday thoughts go.

Imagine a scene from nature which is beautiful to you. It can be a scene from the countryside, the beach or the mountains. Look at the gentle white clouds in the deep blue sky. Feel the love that you have for nature and for the Mother Earth. Allow this love to build until it fills your very being and then place it in an energy ball, perhaps two inches (5 cm) in diameter.

Now, send this energy ball filled with your love for the Earth down into the center of the Mother Earth. She will feel the love that you have for her. Then you wait until you feel the love she returns to you. Do not try to imagine what it will feel like. Simply wait until it happens.

When the Mother Earth returns your love, you will know it beyond any doubt, because her love is truly profound. As an advanced spiritual being, she will return a much higher quality of love than you ever imagined. Stay connected with this love that you share with the Mother Earth for as long as you wish.

Then, turn your attention to the sky and all that lies beyond. There is the Sun in the heavens, there are the stars of our Milky Way galaxy and, beyond our sight, lies the enormous Central Sun of the universe, which feeds all of Creation with constant, uplifting and life-giving energy. Feel the love that you have for all of God and all of Creation. Let this love grow and grow in every cell of your being. Then place it in another small energy ball of love and send that into the heart of Creation.

You wait patiently until the Father aspect of Creation sends its love back to you and you experience this uplifting surge of love and support from the All That Is. Let this love move through your body and all your cells.

At that moment you are in perfect balance, being in love with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father principles at the same time.

While feeling the bonds of love between you and the Divine Mother and Father, simply allow yourself to experience the presence of God directly. Allow God to enter your body, your spirit, your soul and the space all around you. You are now one with the Source, connected to All That Is. This is the silent realm of experience without words and without definition. This is where all the human race is eventually headed.

Be with the One. Be the One. You are, and always have been, Infinite Being.

This article was written by Owen Waters. Owen is one of the many contributors to the New Earth E-Book. He is also author of "The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"

More spiritual insights for the New Awareness can be found at:

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Make Money by Helping Others to both Save the World and Achieve Ultimate Peace of Mind

Hello Friend,

As you probably already know, earlier this year, I released an E-Book called “The Future of the New Earth: A New Vision for Your Reality”. This book contains a collection of 25 expert contributions that explain a part of the New Earth Transformation.

The Earth is changing, and as an integral part of nature, we must evolve too. The New Earth Transformation is really the next step in the evolution of mankind. But instead of a shift in the physical characteristics of our species, this is a shift in consciousness. This E-Book contains practical guidelines for awakening and information on how to move into the new level of consciousness available to mankind…The New Earth.

Moving into the New Earth is the necessary shift in consciousness that will save the world from it’s own self-destruction. The people that awaken will move into a state of ultimate peace of mind.

What if you could make money by helping people to take action on this worthy spiritual goal for the betterment of the individual and for all of humanity?

The New Earth E-Book is sold online here: This website contains a letter addressed to all Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers who want to ascend into the New Earth. This letter details information about the new earth, spirituality, and the creation of the New Earth E-Book.

The e-book is sold for $23.44, and this money does go to worthy causes:

20% to pay for the cost of production/ distribution of the book.

15% to Charity. This money will go to a variety of charities. It will be announced to all purchasers of the book who wish to receive updates.

10% to Editor. This money will go to me, in order to compensate me for the time and work I put into this book. I am planning on using this money to help me pay for his post-secondary education.

55% to Affiliates. Since I will be going back to University in September, I will be very busy at University. So I am using this as his primary way to promote the New Earth E-Book. I am offering this percent of the money to anyone that refers someone to the website who purchases the New Earth E-Book. This is for people who would like to help in the promotion of the book, these people are called “affiliates”. When they tell someone about the book, they will be doing a service for the book. In return, they will receive 55% of the money from that sale. What this money is used for is completely up to the affiliate that receives it. To learn more about the "New Earth E-Book" affiliate program, click here.

Absolutely anyone can become an affiliate, and with a 55% commission, you could become very profitable doing spiritual work. For each sale you will earn $11.09. I am sure that you could easily refer 10 sales through your affiliate link by just referring the people you know who would benefit from the E-Book. That’s an extra hundred bucks, for very little work. Essentially you are helping the people that you love, and are getting money out of it. Even if it is just an extra hundred bucks, creating an extra stream of income moves you into closer vibrational alignment with financial abundance.

Affiliate marketing is a really great way to earn some extra cash on the side. It is interesting, fun and exciting; it also has the potential for you to create a large stream of residual income. For more information on affiliate marketing, I would recommend the Super Affiliate Handbook which has helped many people to make a lot of money through this method: (this is an affiliate link).

You could begin today, by signing up for Clickbank (the affiliate program) and then getting your affiliate link. This special link which goes to the letter at will be coded with your particular affiliate code. All sales generated through this link will create income for you. Pretty soon you will be receiving checks in the mail every few weeks.

Many people begin just by referring their friends and other spiritual seekers they personally know who would benefit from the New Earth E-Book. I would suggest you use your initial earnings to invest in a book like the Super Affiliate Handbook. Pretty soon you will be receiving checks in the mail every few weeks.

To get started making money by helping others go to for links to join the program and to generate your affiliate link. You will also find more ideas for promoting the book on that web page.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Earth Rising: Cosmogenesis and the Lion’s Gate of 2007

New Earth Rising: Cosmogenesis and the Lion’s Gate of 2007
The Energies for July 2007
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, after the powerful energies of the Solstice on the 21st of June, the energies continue to intensify as you move towards the opening of the Lion’s Gate for 2007, which takes place from the 26th of July to the 12th of August.

As you know, dearest ones, this is the moment when the Earth begins her new cycle of spiritual evolution. It is what we would term the planetary "New Year" celebration. At this time, the Sun aligns with Sirius in the early morning sky in the Northern hemisphere, an event that the ancient Egyptians knew as the "helical rising" of the star Sirius. The Earth’s "two suns" align in the sky, signifying the opening of the Sirius stargate, as powerful evolutionary energies and codes are transmitted to the Blue Star Earth from the Blue Star Sun or Sirius.

But, dearest Lightworkers, here in 2007, not only are you commencing a new annual cycle, as indicated by the opening of the stargate, you are also entering into that new cycle of time that will take you into that moment that the Mayans called "Cosmogenesis," or the creation of a new Cosmic Day. This is scheduled to occur in 2012, according to the Mayan calendar, and its "galactic" time-keeping.

At this present point, you are entering a new cycle of nine years that will complete in 2016. By that time, you will have experienced the Cosmogenesis, or what we would call the Co-Creation of a New Cosmic Day, with Source and Spirit.

Yes, beloved ones, it is not only Earth that is moving towards a cycle of rebirth and renewal, it is also the Galaxy and the Cosmos itself. Your work, though, as inhabitants or children of Earth, is to awaken to your true work as Co-Creators, and to be ready to co-create the New Earth with Source. That is what you are here for; the choices that you make now will determine what you will create with Source. It is time to release all illusions and to start creating from absolute truth and light.

Know, dearest ones, that as the light intensifies in your galaxy and on your earth, only creations of light and unconditional love will take root and survive. All that is based in fear and exploitation will be revealed for what it is and rejected by those who seek peace, love and joy in their lives.

Dearest souls, what a gift this is, for the first time, you, humanity, as human angels, are privileged to co-create with Spirit. What you choose and what you create at this time will lay the foundations for the New Cycle and the New Earth. So, we cannot stress enough – NOW is the time to choose life, love, peace, joy and beauty. Now is the moment to affirm Who You Are and to create from that essence. The Earth awaits your choices, you are the creators. We in the Angelic realms are here to support your choices and your creations. We rejoice when we see the positive and loving choices that you are making in your work as co-creators of the New Earth.

So, in this month of July, as you enter into the new energies, we see many of you guided to certain places and rituals of love. Many have chosen the 7th of July as the time to honor the energies of the 07 07 07 and the opening of new stargates in the Earth’s galactic "re-connection" process. Others have chosen the 17th of July as their moment for global re-connection, as they have been led by their inner guidance. We ask you to honor these moments, as they are preparations for the powerful energies of Cosmogenesis and Renewal that will pour through the Lion’s Gate in late July and early August.

Creating in Perfect Balance and through Sacred Union

Dearest Ones, in June you honored the Divine Feminine and the energies of the Triple Goddess. In July, and into August, the Divine Feminine comes forward to meet with her Divine counterpart, the Divine Masculine, to create the perfect "fire" or "sacred flame," known as the "Twin Flame." This is signified in the skies of your world by the Sacred Union of the two energies at the heliacal rising of Sirius, for Sirius represents the energies of Isis, the Great Mother, and the Sun represents the Male energy of Ra-Herakuti-Osiris. In their Sacred Union, is the perfect balance of Passion and Creativity to co-create with Spirit.

And, as you move into the sun sign of Leo, the Goddess manifests as a Fire Goddess, passionate, warm, sensual, the perfect forge for the ultimate transformation of Cosmogenesis.

Dearest Lightworkers, the energies will be intense, electric, passionate, turbulent, creative! Stay in your center of Light and Peace, and stay Calm and Serene. Walk your path with Grace and Dignity and Unconditional Love.

Everything is changing and rebirthing on very deep levels. The elementals are making passionate love as they rebirth themselves at sub-atomic and deep levels. Dearest Ones, you are not the beings that you were ten years ago. You are different, the Earth is different. You are lighter and brighter, you are the Human Angels who are re-birthing a New Earth and a New Society. Flow with the energies of Peace, Joy and Love.

New Work and New Contracts and the "Fourth Wave"

Dearest Lightworkers, most of you have completed your "contracts" for the pre-cosmogenesis period. You are now moving to take up new contracts and new work for which you have been trained and prepared.

For many of you, this will involve entering into soulmate unions, and working as a "team" and within a "Sacred Union" or relationship. These loving and creative and passionate energies will be an integral part of how you experience the New Earth and the new energies in this period leading up to the moment of Cosmogenesis.

So, for many of you, it is the moment to step into your full potential and allow the world to see who you really are. It is time to express your power and to allow your light to be seen. As the Lion’s Gate energy pours through to the Earth, there will be a mass awakening that we will call the "Fourth Wave."

Those of the "Fourth Wave" are not Lightworker family as you are, but are "ordinary" people who will suddenly awaken to who they are, and will seek for the Lightworker family to assist them, and will seek to become one with the Lightworker family at this time. They will be disoriented and anxious at what will be happening to them as the energy accelerates events in their lives. Dearest Lightworker family, it will be your work to assist them by shining your light and living your truth, to show them that humans can be balanced and abundant in the new eenergies.

You have been trained and prepared for this time over many lifetimes, and many thousands of years. Now is the time of Awakening. Now is the time of Creation.

It is the time of Cosmogenesis – a New Reality and a New Cosmic Birth.

The Energies in July

The Sun will be in Cancer, a water sign, until the 23rd of July, when it moves into the fire sign of Leo. So, the gentle and nurturing energy of Cancer will give way to the fiery passion of Leo at the Lion’s Gate.

The New Moon will be in Cancer on the 14th of July. A water moon is peaceful, gentle, loving and deep. The Moon is in its own house here, and so represents an optimum moment for planting seeds of feminine love and joy, and for celebrating the love and power of the Goddess within.

The Full Moon on the 30th of July will be in Aquarius, with the Sun in Leo. The Aquarius Full Moon, at the time of the Lion’s Gate, carries the full energy of the New Age. This is a powerful time. Respect these energies and honor them in meditation and rituals of light.

Mercury will be retrograde until the 9th of July, providing time for reflection and meditation, before moving forward once again into the powerful new energies.

Jupiter and Pluto are both retrograde in Sagittarius, and the Galactic center is at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. These planetary alignments are providing the galactic power that is the engine of these deep changes and transformations.

Dearest ones, the New Day is here. We wish you well as you create the New Earth. For, this is your destiny, and it is time to awaken and to express Who You Are. For you Are Children of the Stars. You are the Divine Essence in Human Form. You are Powerful Creators.

You Are.

Now is the Time!

© 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global * * This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. * * You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author. Please include this information in its entirety, including these footnotes. Thank You! *

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Final Instructions for the Hathor Planetary Creatrix Meditation July 8th 2007

Hello Friend,

I received an email from my new friend Leon Barr containing the following time-sensitive information. I haved decided to include the entire email in this blog post for your benefit:

This contains detailed instructions on how to work with the meditation practices during the two-hour period of the Planetary Creatrix.

If you have not read the original Planetary Creatrix message, click here for the entire transcript, which contains detailed descriptions of the meditation practices:

A Note About Calculating Time for the Meditation

The Planetary Creatrix Meditation will take place on Sunday, July 8th from 2-4:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time (Seattle, WA), which is 9-11:00 PM GMT, Greenwich Mean Time (United Kingdom) also on Sunday, July 8th. Please calculate the time for your local area. You can also visit the World Clock on the web at

The Hathors Through Tom Kenyon: Final Instructions for the Planetary Creatrix

We wish to welcome you to the Planetary Creatrix and we thank you from the deepest space of our hearts for hearing the call. Indeed, you are in the phase of Planetary Creatrix whether you join us in meditation or not, for every thought that is energized through the power of feeling and emotion affects your destiny, the destiny ofyour species, and to a great extent, that of the Earth.
The Creatrix (creation) is the understanding of how thought manifests. It is a type of "inner technology" that allows you to be more masterful in your creations. This knowledge has manystreams, from many different spiritual lineages, as well as cultures and civilizations of both this world and intergalacticworlds beyond your own. Every human engages the Creatrix, whether conscious or not. Most humans sleep in a kind of slumber, unawarethat they are creating their life. They would prefer to remain asleep, so that they can blame others for their misfortune.

The first step in mastery of the Creatrix is to take responsibility for your creations. The next step is to harness the technology of which we speak for your own benefit and for the benefit of all life. This is a crucial aspect of the Creatrix: harnessing the technology for the benefit of all life. It is possible to engage the Creatrix without regard for anyone other than yourself, but this is an error that leads into great misfortune. Just take a look around you, at what your culture has created in terms of its negative impact upon all life!

When one takes the path into self-obsession without regard for the effects of one's creation upon others, a type of arrogance is born, along with a disconnection from the reality of interconnectedness; for all life is interconnected, and not just life upon this Earth. All life in the cosmos is deeply wedded together.

The bitter irony of this moment in time, the very choice point of your civilization, has been brought about due to an error in understanding. Continuing to negatively impact life upon your planet ultimately will lead to your demise.

The odd thing about arrogance is that those who enter this believe that they are and shall be unaffected. Nothing could be further from the truth. And so as we impart the inner technologies of the Creatrix, it is absolutely vital that you commit yourself, not only to creations that shall benefit yourself, but creations that shall benefit all life. Then you are setting yourself upon the high road, meaning a higher vibration, and it is only when you reside in these higher vibrations that the deepest knowledge is revealed to you.

Before the Meditation

Before you begin the two-hour meditation, take a few moments and extend to the Earth your gratitude, for it is through the Earth that you have physicality, for the very elements that comprise your body are composed of the elements of the Earth and of the stars. This is not a poetic metaphor. This is a reality. And so in the great adventure of consciousness that is spirit in matter, your Earth Mother is indispensable. You cannot evolve through matter without the Earth, and so your first movement is deep-felt thanks to this immense being for the gift of your physical life. This physical life is a gift. It is immaterial whether your life is easy or difficult at this time. Every experience in the world of matter is an alchemical blessing, for it is through the tensions of your spiritual evolution in the worlds of matter that you create mastery.

When this life is done and you return to the realms of light, all that you have created in form (in this world) shall be gone, but the mastery of consciousness that you created will remain with you forever. Your life upon this Earth is a transient affair. You are a visitor. Knowing this and sending gratitude to the Earth for this gift of life at the beginning of the meditation sets a harmonic that will be very helpful.

The Meditation

To begin the meditation itself, you first create the Holon of Balance, which creates a stabilizing effect upon your energy field and your emotions. The foundation of all effective creation requires having a stable platform from which to move. In these increasingly chaotic and volatile times you may find your stability challenged, and so the cultivation of the Holon of Balance is a very valuable thing to do so that you can transit through these times of great transformation with greater ease and stability.

For the purposes of the Planetary Creatrix meditation we ask that you reside in the Holon of Balance for the entire two-hour period. It is most likely your mind and feelings will wander during this time. This is the human condition, after all. When you become aware that you are not within the Holon, through the power of your intention, simply bring your mind back to it. The Holon will create a receptive field of energy that allows the Creatrix to be more effective.

The second element is focusing upon your physical heart while creating feelings of appreciation or gratitude. As you bring these two together—awareness of your heart and the feelings ofappreciation or gratitude—you set off cascades of wave forms thatemanate from the heart, enveloping your physical body and every cell of your physicality. This is a very coherent state, with many benefits. The benefits, however, do not end with your physicality. As you enter more deeply into the energetics, your heart will emanate these coherent energies into your local environment and into the Earth. As with the Holon, you may find your mind wandering during this two-hour period. When you become aware that you have wandered, simply bring yourself back to the discipline of holding awareness in your heart, joined together with appreciation or gratitude. For most individuals who are not masters of this form of energy work, there is a tendency to enter phases of deep unconsciousness. This is caused by a reaction in the lower self to the escalation of coherent energy.

If you find it difficult to focus on both the Holon of Balance and your heart (joined with appreciation or gratitude) at the same time, then let the Holon go and just focus on the heart practice (focusing on your heart with appreciation or gratitude). If you have established the Holon of Balance strongly enough at the beginning of the meditation, it will tend to remain active, especially if you are engaging the heart.

Coherent energy creates states of high pleasure, what we are calling ecstasy or bliss. It is our observation that most humans have a limit on how much high pleasure they can experience. When they are at the threshold of their limit, they "bleep out." It's like a circuit breaker. Too much coherent energy can create a movement of consciousness that the lower self is uncomfortable with. Fundamentally this is because the game of consciousness becomes much larger when you can hold more coherent energy, and the lower self prefers to believe that it is separate. So if this happens for you, don't worry about it. At some point you will "bleep back in" to conscious awareness. When this happens, take adeep breath and sigh into the exhale, purposefully yawn, and with self-amusement that you have thrown a circuit breaker because there was too much high pleasure, return to the discipline of holding awareness in your heart along with appreciation or gratitude.

There will be times in this two-hour period where the spiritual energy downloads through you, into the Earth. This may also be a time when you "bleep out," so to speak, and become suddenly unconscious. Those of you who are aware of and are masters of subtle energy will most likely experience this as a profound shift in awareness, and you will be able to track the movement of spiritual light through your crown at the top of your head through the central axis of your body that runs from the crown to the perineum, and into the Earth. This axis is known in sometraditions as the Pranic Tube or the Central Column.

Your task in the two-hour period of this Planetary Creatrix meditation is to enjoy yourself. Indeed, entering into this with joyfulness is the first requirement. We know that some of you have no idea of what joy is. Don't worry about it. If you construct the Holon and for even a few minutes, hold awareness in your heart,with appreciation or gratitude, you will inevitably move closer to a state of joy. And so for many of you who are new at this type of energy work, you may find yourself in an out of the meditation many, many times in this two-hour period. It does not matter how many times you "bleep" in and out of awareness. What is important is that you bring yourself back to the heart practice (focusing on your physical heart with appreciation or gratitude) as many times as it takes in this two-hour period.

During this meditation, many of you will be challenged. It is our observation that collectively your capacity to hold, in singular focus, any thought, feeling or awareness is highly limited. And so we suspect that many of you will find yourself in and out of coherency in this two-hour period. This is not a problem. Those of you who are more experienced and masterful, will experience larger periods of coherency and the downloading of spiritual energy will be very profound, and yet even those of you who are beginners mayfind yourself transported into exalted realms of consciousness as you stand in service to the Planet.

We would now like to say a few words about the energies that will be brought forward in this time. This planetary action can take place because of the concerted efforts of what many of you call Light Workers, but whom we call Life Sustainers. These individuals have held and amplified the inner knowledge of the sacredness of all life and have strived to live their life in accord with this realization. They include the great masters and avatars, the great yogis and yoginis living in remote caves. They also include people around you that you may not recognize, everyday people doing everyday things, and yet in the inner recesses of consciousness, they are the great planetary servants. They are not self- proclaimed. They have no titles. They have no lineage. They are hidden. They are the great spiritual dynamos that sustain life in unseen ways.

And so the efforts of all these individuals, from the beginning of time have culminated in such a way as to allow this action to take place. The beings who have agreed to impart spiritual light from the deepest recesses of their spiritual hearts include every known spiritual lineage upon this planet. All the saints and mystics of every religion are joining together. The Archangels and the angelic hosts shall join this wave. Many of ourintergalactic brothers and sisters from galaxies you do not even have names for are traversing the great highways of intergalacticlight to this moment in time, to this location called Earth for one purpose: to gift her, your destiny, and your future children,with a spiritual light and potency beyond imagination. They do this because they believe in the ineffable, indescribable power that lies dormant in the human heart, and they offer this gift, both for the elevation of your kind and in the hopes that you will awaken to your intergalactic identity and responsibilities.

A Few Final Instructions For the Meditation

As much as is possible in your life situation, set aside these two hours so that you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone. Tell those around you, if they are not joining you, that you will be taking two hours of private time. Perhaps say you are going to take a nap or meditate. It is not important that you reveal to anyone what you are doing. Indeed for some of you it is better if you do not say what you are doing to anyone around you, for there are many stations in life and some of them require silence.

At the beginning of the two-hour period, focus your awareness in the heart chakra, sending the Earth gratitude, as we mentioned earlier. Do this for as long as you wish and then bring your awareness to the Holon of Balance, working with it for a few minutes so that you have a clear sense of it, and then move into an awareness of your physical heart, with appreciation or gratitude. And then for the next two hours, bring yourself back to this awareness of the physical heart with appreciation or gratitude whenever your mind wanders.

If you are drawn to ritual, you could create something for yourself during this period, but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that your focus be upon the physical heart while feeling appreciation or gratitude. This is what will create the shift of harmonics within you. This is what will allow the inner pathway within you to open, and allow the spiritual light to descend. When the two-hour period is complete, return your awareness back to the heart chakra for a few minutes, sending gratitude to the Earth. If you have the time, this would be an ideal period to take a nap, to rest. If you sleep after the meditation, you will find that your dreams are of a different caliber. But whether you sleep or not, it is a good thing to rest after this two-hour period. These are the final instructions forthe Planetary Creatrix Meditation.

Note: For detailed instructions on the Holon of Balance and ecstasy through the heart, go to the Hathor section at:

A Note About Calculating Time for the Meditation

The Planetary Creatrix Meditation will take place on Sunday, July8th from 2-4:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time (Seattle, WA), which is9-11:00 PM GMT, Greenwich Mean Time (United Kingdom) also onSunday, July 8th. Please calculate the time for your local area. You can also visit the World Clock on the web at:

Click on the Time Zone Converter to verify the correct time for your location.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

St.Germain: Joyous times are around the corner

Hello Friend,

I am St. Germain, and I come to assure you that the plan for your final days in duality are quickly coming to an end. There is not even a seed of doubt about the outcome, and you shall finally leave the old Earth behind in a trail of glory. The illusion of the past will no longer have any hold on you, unless you so desire to remain in the old reality. Although many opportunities are now developing that will provide sufficient impetus to bring the changes into being, you need to keep an open mind. Be ready to grasp the lifelines being thrown to you and place your energy where it will do the most good.

Keep your eyes and ears open, because the movements for change are liable to burst upon the scene at any time now. The pressure is building up, and will inevitably bring an eruption that will shatter the efforts of those supporting the dark to continue hiding the truth. An explosive potential exists, and once it comes into the open, it will spell the end of the treachery and deceit that has taken place over the last century. No protestations or pleas of innocence will save the skins of those who have methodically and unrelentlessly controlled the path of Humanity. Not one person shall avoid having to answer for their actions, whether it be whilst upon Earth or in the higher realms.

Out of all the confusion upon Earth a great Light is moving you onwards and upwards. Those who aspire to leave the old Earth Matrix behind are being offered opportunities to rise up forever. Nothing can now hold you back, and the new reality is taking shape and manifesting at a time when it may once have seemed unlikely. What was a slow process of change, now rapidly gathers pace as Humanity has made its intentions crystal clear to bring this cycle to its conclusion. For many there are few if no further lessons to be learnt, and karmic responsibilities are being quickly expunged.

Energy comes with all messages, and when you resonate to this one you will experience all the promise that it carries. Contemplate the future and what it is you seek, meditate on the path that leads to it, and find your true place upon it. You will find and follow the path that fulfills exactly what you desire, and that of another is not necessarily yours. Do not be concerned where others are going, as their plans like yours have been laid down for eons of time.

In your individuality you are unique, and such an important part of the whole. Heaven has weighted the odds so that only one outcome is possible, and that is one that will see the Creator’s Plan for this Universe go ahead unimpeded by the actions of the dark. As important that you are, it was never a consideration that your lack of progress would in anyway prevent completion. There are many paths that have been opened up, and whatever choices you make those of you who are prepared for Ascension will proceed accordingly. It would be unthinkable that you were held against your wishes to satisfy the ambitions of the dark, and that there was no way out.

The Brotherhood that oversees the Great Plan, works tirelessly towards the release of Humanity from the thralls of and domination of those who would prevent your progress. To suppose that there are greater powers on Earth than Heaven, is to carry those doubts that are a fertile ground for the dark forces to bring confusion and chaos. Leave them to squirm in conditions of their own making, as they face certain defeat and loss of power to dictate the future events. Now their plans are being manipulated by the forces of Light to bring them into the open, so that you can be in no doubt as to their ulterior motives. Lies and subterfuge cannot be hidden indefinitely, as you are now beginning to see.

Many who are sensitive are becoming aware of the immediate period of exceptional upliftment. Energies are building up on Earth, and will continue to do so until the final days of duality are upon you. The Light is opening up people to the truth, and there is a genuine desire to see the end of your present form of government. This shall come about very soon, and from thereon you shall see the dawn of a new day that will grow into a wonderful Light that shall envelope the whole Earth. Those who wish to continue living a lie can do so, and that will be their choice alone.

Is it not wonderful, that in the midst of great changes everyone can still exercise their own freedom of choice. It has never been any different, but has only appeared to be so because you forgot who you were. Yet all through duality and in spite of the darkness of some souls, the Light of Truth and Love has always been with you. You have felt alone and abandoned when you have in reality been surrounded by Beings of Light. You have been confused by the teachings of those who have been misguided, not knowing which way to turn. Yet the truth has always been held in your subconscious mind waiting for you to go within and find it.

Dear Ones, we chide you not, as it was foreseen that you would loose your true identity in the veils of darkness that have prevented you from seeing your true selves. Now that darkness is lifting and the Light is opening your eyes, and the promise of Heaven upon Earth is near to manifestation. Some have glimpsed the new Earth and told you of its beauty and majesty, fit for the sovereign Beings that you are. Believe that you are great Beings that carry the Light, and live accordingly bringing peace and harmony to all around you.

These times are so essential to your final understanding of duality, so that you personally experience the power of Spirit in Matter. Know that whatever changes, matter is simply re-arranged so as to serve in a different manner to that previously. Nothing can be permanently destroyed, and you will realise that all of your actions and thoughts have been the power that has brought changes about. This understanding will enable you to re-claim your power of creation. In the not too distant future you will use your experience as co-creators with God, and your experiences will serve you well.

You are becoming ready to fully accept your responsibility as co-regents with the Lords of Time. You will carry the Light of Love far and wide, and most importantly will have the wisdom and experience to use it wisely. I stand where you are destined to be as the Masters you really are, but first there shall be the necessary changes that will carry you forward. There is still work to be done to restore Earth to its pristine condition, as this great Being is also subject to the great cleansing that is already underway.

Joyous times are around the corner, and happiness will become your mien. How wonderful times will be when you return to your true status as carriers of the Light and Love. You will be working with those Beings that come from afar and offer you their hands in peace. Forget for a moment how other Beings appear to you, and know that their differences are only the outer coverings that suit their environment. All are from the Source of All That Is and their soul is exactly the same as yours.

The promises made to you when you entered duality, were that the end times would release you from its cycle. Those times are here now, and your future is assured in the higher realms of magnificent beauty unparalleled upon Earth at present. That will change, as the incoming energies break down that of the old that has no further place in the plan for your future of mankind. The coming Golden Age is one of perfection in the image of the Creator thoughts.

The Love and Light is embracing each and every one of you. Reach out for it and bring it to yourselves, and release all that no longer serves your Higher Self. I love you all as my Brothers and Sisters that you truly are and will continue to be so, go in peace and bring joy and happiness to others.

Thank you St. Germain,

Mike Quinsey

I wish you Joy, Love & Peace, Isis"Lady of the Light"

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Excerpted from: The Light Circle Ezine a Newsletter Egroup®(c)2006-2007 published since 2-22-02All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and To subscribe: While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it is disturbing for any lightworker to go to another's website or receive a newsletter and see their text has been cut and pasted without credit. Please create harmony by giving authors credit for their work.
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