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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Make Money by Helping Others to both Save the World and Achieve Ultimate Peace of Mind

Hello Friend,

As you probably already know, earlier this year, I released an E-Book called “The Future of the New Earth: A New Vision for Your Reality”. This book contains a collection of 25 expert contributions that explain a part of the New Earth Transformation.

The Earth is changing, and as an integral part of nature, we must evolve too. The New Earth Transformation is really the next step in the evolution of mankind. But instead of a shift in the physical characteristics of our species, this is a shift in consciousness. This E-Book contains practical guidelines for awakening and information on how to move into the new level of consciousness available to mankind…The New Earth.

Moving into the New Earth is the necessary shift in consciousness that will save the world from it’s own self-destruction. The people that awaken will move into a state of ultimate peace of mind.

What if you could make money by helping people to take action on this worthy spiritual goal for the betterment of the individual and for all of humanity?

The New Earth E-Book is sold online here: This website contains a letter addressed to all Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers who want to ascend into the New Earth. This letter details information about the new earth, spirituality, and the creation of the New Earth E-Book.

The e-book is sold for $23.44, and this money does go to worthy causes:

20% to pay for the cost of production/ distribution of the book.

15% to Charity. This money will go to a variety of charities. It will be announced to all purchasers of the book who wish to receive updates.

10% to Editor. This money will go to me, in order to compensate me for the time and work I put into this book. I am planning on using this money to help me pay for his post-secondary education.

55% to Affiliates. Since I will be going back to University in September, I will be very busy at University. So I am using this as his primary way to promote the New Earth E-Book. I am offering this percent of the money to anyone that refers someone to the website who purchases the New Earth E-Book. This is for people who would like to help in the promotion of the book, these people are called “affiliates”. When they tell someone about the book, they will be doing a service for the book. In return, they will receive 55% of the money from that sale. What this money is used for is completely up to the affiliate that receives it. To learn more about the "New Earth E-Book" affiliate program, click here.

Absolutely anyone can become an affiliate, and with a 55% commission, you could become very profitable doing spiritual work. For each sale you will earn $11.09. I am sure that you could easily refer 10 sales through your affiliate link by just referring the people you know who would benefit from the E-Book. That’s an extra hundred bucks, for very little work. Essentially you are helping the people that you love, and are getting money out of it. Even if it is just an extra hundred bucks, creating an extra stream of income moves you into closer vibrational alignment with financial abundance.

Affiliate marketing is a really great way to earn some extra cash on the side. It is interesting, fun and exciting; it also has the potential for you to create a large stream of residual income. For more information on affiliate marketing, I would recommend the Super Affiliate Handbook which has helped many people to make a lot of money through this method: (this is an affiliate link).

You could begin today, by signing up for Clickbank (the affiliate program) and then getting your affiliate link. This special link which goes to the letter at will be coded with your particular affiliate code. All sales generated through this link will create income for you. Pretty soon you will be receiving checks in the mail every few weeks.

Many people begin just by referring their friends and other spiritual seekers they personally know who would benefit from the New Earth E-Book. I would suggest you use your initial earnings to invest in a book like the Super Affiliate Handbook. Pretty soon you will be receiving checks in the mail every few weeks.

To get started making money by helping others go to for links to join the program and to generate your affiliate link. You will also find more ideas for promoting the book on that web page.

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