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Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Excellent Book from the New Earth

Hello Friend,
I just finished reading my copy of "Beginner's Luke" written by Sol Luckman, and it was like no other book I have ever read. It seemed like a whole new level of thinking was used to write this book, which is why I called it a book from the new earth.

Here are some comments from other readers of the book:

“No one knows better than Luke Soloman that fictional characters are living creatures. Perhaps they’re less real than us, but they’re far more true. All that matters is that they live, truly live in their imaginations—which is to say, in ours—committing as much of their nonexistence to paper as possible.”—Luigi Pirandello

“There was a time when novelists’ lives were more intriguing than their novels. Then for a while neither the novels nor the lives was very intriguing. And now with Luke Soloman, we seem to be entering a phase where the novel is the life. But is it art?”—Charles Bukowski

The best part is that Sol is giving away the first 2012 copies of this E-book. To get your copy of Book 1 of the Beginner's Luke Series go to and fill in your name and email address. If you do this correctly you will instantly receive your copy of the book in your email account.
Begin your journey through this beautiful book today,

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