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Saturday, October 6, 2007

This Time of Sacred Passage

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

A momentous time is at hand. As the collective awakening of humanity moves closer, and as the opening of God's light on Earth approaches its breakthrough point of manifestation, all forces of heaven and Earth are focused upon safely guiding humanity through this time of sacred passage.

Dearest ones, the negative energies are at their most concentrated presence around the Earth at this time. This may cause a feeling of heaviness; feeling suffocated or weighted down, feelings of fear, anger, depression, hopelessness or despair. For some lightworkers there may be the feeling that you are losing control and have little support around you. Your mind may feel unreliable, or affected by energies in ways you don't understand. It may be difficult to feel the light, and it is important at this time to remember the light has not gone away, but is simply covered for a time, like a cloud covers the sun.

God's light is penetrating this cloud and will transform it, and you can assist this sacred and holy process of redemption by remaining centered in your sacred hearts, and by diligently attending to what is happening in your own consciousness. The greater light that is strengthening on the Earth is continuing to accelerate the process of purification and transformation for each embodied soul. So much more healing is possible now, and you may be having glimpses already of the new life that awaits you. If you have not yet been able to feel the new that is to come yet, this will be revealed more fully when the holy light of God manifests more tangibly as this time of passage reaches its conclusion.

Dearest ones, if your consciousness is open to the spiritual realms, you may be feeling the intensity level of this current moment most keenly. We encourage you always to reach out to connect with your spiritual brethren, those that you feel connected with from the heart. Sharing in love and truth, and sharing God's love with each other is a healing balm that can bring comfort to the suffering of this time. With all love and blessings, Amen. is a spiritual gathering place dedicated to the unity of souls and to the creation of a sacred earth.

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