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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maintain the Vision by Jean Warner

The door is opening ever wider. The threshold is before you. Where is your path leading you? Are you living your vision?

For the past 26,000 years mankind has been slowly climbing the ladder of consciousness toward the final goal at the end of an era, the goal of a new Earth, a beginning, not an ending. You have made your choices on a soul level if not a conscious one. So what future are you envisioning for yourselves? See it manifesting. Maintain the vision. What do you want to bring into manifestation while you are waiting for the door to open? Are you focusing on a troubled world on the verge of expanded war, more intense and destructive Earth changes, greater lack and other negative situations? Remember, you attract your fears.

Remember also that hate breeds hate and war breeds war, but diametrically, love begets love, peace begets peace, and joy can only produce more joy! Sow the seeds of peace, love, and joy.

None of you can see the whole picture. There is so much going on in your world and in the universe that you do not know of. So create your own picture. Focus on your own vision of what you want to bring into your future and the future of the New Earth’s humanity. Detach yourselves from the chaos around you and become a disinterested observer. See instead a picture of the world you want to live in. Fantasize a world of love, light, and joy. Your fantasy can materialize for you in ways even more beautiful and magical than you can imagine. But keep that vision before you constantly. Develop a faith and a knowing that this is what is awaiting you.

You are the creators of your world. Mass consciousness is a powerful energy. At this present time of cleansing, fears, pain, and suffering of ages past are being released into the whirling consciousness that envelops you. Its influence can be depressing and bring despair if you allow it. Do you want to add that energy to the whirl? Or do you want to fill the field of consciousness with loving thoughts of hope and joyous expectation? You can do this. Keep you thoughts and expectations high.

If you have to withdraw from the outside influences your media is throwing at you, by all means do so. Go within and find that loving spark inside you. Rest in peace with it. Close your eyes and see the screen of your vision before you and bask in its beauty and loving comfort. Keep that picture before you constantly. Allow yourself to have a detached empathy for those who are involved in turmoil, but know that they are living their life plan and chose the experiences they are facing. You have your own destiny. Focus only on it. The choices they have made for their future will manifest for them. You are all where you are meant to be in the moment. Everything is in divine order. The New Age is simply going through the pangs of birth.

Jean Warner is one of the many "expert" contributors to The Future of the New Earth. The above article is an excerpt of Jean's October newsletter. To read the entire issue of this newsletter or to read the back issues of her newsletter please go to

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