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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Future of the New Earth Is Here

Hello Friend,

Yesterday was the day of the official release of "The Future of the New Earth" E-Book. I have spent the better part of the last year working on putting this together.

I am extremely excited about this project. I really feel it will make a difference.

I have gotten a great New Earth Bonus Package, worth over $200, together. Yours free, when you purchase the New Earth E-Book. You can learn more about this exciting opportunity to accelerate your ascension process here:

I am also providing a Free Email Mini Course on the New Earth for anyone slightly intrigued by the ideas of awakening, the year 2012, enlightenment, global peace, spiritual energy, psychic powers, or consciousness. This E-Course is titled "7 Days to a Closer Vibrational Alignment with the New Earth". You can sign up for free here: New Earth E-Course

I have received some great feedback from the people who read the special advance copy of the book. Here is one of the comments I have received:

The New Earth E-Book is a very enlightening read from many different great minds. I particularly liked "A Way Forward" by Peter Shepard, a very educational and fundamental way to work through the energies of our life experiences so we may be healed and centered, and prepared for the new earth.

I found "Awakening the Feminine for the Evolution of Humanity" by Asha Ramakrishna very inspiring. I quote her:

"The most magnificent and rewarding form of exercising Feminine energy is
manifesting desire with integrity. When we engage in what our souls (not our
egos) desire, we discard the limiting constraints of the third-dimensional
reality. As we live according to our soul's desire, the purpose for living
becomes clear and opportunities to express it magically appear."

She understands the struggle of the female energy, and the new and daunting task of raising the new children, who are far more advanced than our experience and knowlegde so far.
And "The New Humans" by Mary Rodwell confirms this further. She takes it to a new dimension, with scientific evidence of a higher species and her own opinion on why this could be. A very interesting read indeed.

All in all, I came away with a new perspective on the coming of the new world of 2012, the aquarian age, with a new found delight and anticipation. Far from being scared and fearful of what awaits us, I am excited with a new found hope and inspiration for an age that will be far better than today. Where we will heal, know ourselves, forgive and love. and where anything may be possible.

Far from the future looking bleak it looks grand, and I will be proud to be a part of it, its an exciting time to be alive.
--Tracy Wright (Essex, England)

I truly believe that the ideas contained in the New Earth E-Book will change your life.

Wishing you Peace and Love,


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