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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Free New Earth Resources


The following message was posted in one of the many Spiritual Discussion Groups I belong to. I believe it will be of interest to many of you:

Please help to spread this powerful information. I have posted 1 e-book and 2 videos of seminars on my website for free. I feel this information is very powerful and has a profound effect on everyone it touches.

E-Book – Visions of Heaven – This book is a true story of my life. Suffering from a major brain injury, hallucinogenic chemicals were produced within my brain and released for 5 years. Every 5 days I would be blasted with high energy surges that would send me to a spiritual dimension where I learnt information about life on levels that have not been introduced ever on earth.

Visions of Heaven documents over 35 of about 300 experiences. This book has a profound effect on everyone that reads it as it opens up new concepts and ways to view life that is just beginning to be introduced into our collective.

Video – Perfect Wave Programmer Introduction – This 90 minute seminar introduces an incredible vibrational energy technology that has been created from the refinement and advancement of several laws of mathematics and physics. Within this video the secret to how pyramids actually work, recoding DNA and higher levels of the Flower of Life and The All Seeing Eye are unveiled. This video is truly a mind blowing experience that will open the eyes of everyone who watches it.

Video – Creating The Council – This 2 Hour Video goes into detail for how to create a powerful council structure inside your mind that can be utilized for collecting and sorting information. An incredible intelligence system is introduced here that coincides with the first video that reveals how to build a system of consciousness to tap into the unlimited wisdom of the body. Creating the Council is a Powerful and Advanced level of information that is rare to find in such an information saturated environment. A new video is being added each week that will go into more depth and detail about the science of Vibration, Geometry and Consciousness.

You can get these things for free here (you may have to sign up for their list):

Let me know what you think about these resources? Did you find this post helpful? Leave a comment...


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