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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Predictions 2007 Part One

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year...

Many possibilites await us this year, as we approach a New Earth.

To kick off the New Year, I will be sharing a 'mini report' called "Predictions 2007: The Year of Discernment" With its large overall length I will be splitting it into three parts which I will post over the next week. Enjoy...

Predictions 2007: The Year of Discernment

We have been asked in this section the following questions: What is the momentum attribute for 2007? Spiritual discernment. What aspect of spiritual growth is it important to master this year, in preparation for the awakening of the masses in 2008? Intuitive discernment. What are the biggest challenges for North America - Canada , the United States and Mexico - in terms of politics and weather changes? Moral discernment.

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light! We gather in our circle of no-time, which we say is your "now" time. Yes? All time is now, has always been now, your every moment of consciousness is trained on the current second at hand. All that you command is your present moment, for in linear time the past and future are not in your reach. Are you getting this message? You have been practicing being in "now time" through every minute of every lifetime! (Chuckles). We ask you to put aside the clocks and watches that tick, tick, tick to a timeframe that is gone. Imagine being guided by the sun and moon, or planning a task that takes you from breakfast until lunch, after which you can nap. To quote Edgar (Cayce), one of our beloved Christ incarnates of the 20th Century, "After breakfast, work a while. After lunch, rest a while. After dinner, walk a mile." Can you imagine a life without hectic schedules, stressful deadlines, and with ample sleep?

Yes, whatever you imagine you can create! Once you begin to use your innate gifts and talents, your only limits will be that of your own imagination. Imagining, or creating holographic concepts in your mind, is the first step in the materialization process. Since everything is speeding up, the time it takes to manifest is also speeding up. So, be careful what you think about and what you wish for, because whatever you focus on will come in faster and faster in the next few years.

In the year 2007, you will find a need to hone your spiritual discernment, and listen to your intuition to guide your actions. Those who are still unaware, blindly following tribal and social direction, will become more polarized, more distant, more fanatical in their attempts to cling to their negative views and values. They will still be living "below the belt," functioning energetically from the three lowest chakras. Since the new energies are inviting the upper chakras to open and flower, those of you who understand this are seeking a more heart-centered path of expression. This will lead you to establish a higher level of morality, ethics and virtues in your current cultures. How to bring this in? By raising the bar in your own lives, by living with a higher moral standard, which will require those around you to do the same. Rather than a "trickle-down" effect, see it as a "trickle-up" wave of change! In other words, 2007 will see a big split away from the old,conditional, fear-based thinking, and reveal much darkness that started coming to light in 2006. Yes, this "higher mind-set" will begin shaking global politics into a new level of integrity by 2008. Isn't it about time? (Chuckles.)

© Copyright 2006 by Edna G. Frankel

I will be posting Parts two and three later this week...

Never forget: 2007 is YOUR year to create,


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