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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Predictions 2007 Part Two

The following is a continuation of Predictions 2007: The Year of Discernment (the second part of a three part series)...

Many religious and channeled sources give different information in regards to future predictions. This can be confusing, and you must use your discernment to determine what resonates for you personally. We would like to explain why we have given each year the momentum attributes we chose. To review in brief, we labeled 2003 as the Year of Change, followed by 2004 the Year of Action, and 2005 the Year of Integration. Thus we honored your need to change, then the actions needed to implement those changes, and the third year to fully integrate those changes into a new comfort zone. The Year of New Intent, 2006, was your platform for taking your heightened awareness and focusing on your new intent to co-create a brighter future. Once you took responsibility for what needed changing, implemented those changes, assimilated them into a new comfort zone and gave clear intent for a new soul-directed life, what then?

Now you must learn to navigate these new waters with spirit-guided intuition!

Yes, developing spiritual discernment is vital at this stage, so that you know where to place each foot as you step forward, moment by moment, action by action, decision by decision. Once you have fully integrated your seven core chakras, you will go beyond "passing everything through your heart." You will expand all seven into the eighth chakra, creating one big, unified chakra field that connects you to your cosmic self, to Higher Self. You will indeed walk harmlessly, dear ones, for you will finally, fully feel God's vibration within your expanded body.

Do you follow?
Yes, follow your own leader!

We are so proud to change this above sentence, finally, from "We hope you will!" Do you see your own progress, dear beloved humans? Do you feel our love pouring down upon you? We are so proud of your accomplishments! Now we ask you to hone your internal radar, to feel your way through and not just think things through. Start to rely on and trust your intuition. Do what feels right to you, not what others may see as right. There is such a big difference between being self-guided and self-motivated, rather than being buffeted along by happenstance and circumstance. Which do you choose? One is walking with power, the other is being blocked by fear. Yes, your fears block your inner magnificence, your inner power, your self-worth and self-trust. When you doubt, at any level, you are self-limiting!

We would also like to remind you that each person has their own timetable and individual lesson plan. Don't feel anxious about reading the above yearly list of energetic attributes and think you've missed the boat. You haven't! We offer this list to give you a roadmap, to show you the basic steps to effectively, efficiently change your life for the better. Whenever you become aware is appropriate for you. Whenever you start seeking, whatever you start seeking, is appropriate for you. It is this incredible diversity built into your species that is part of the miracle of being human! You all have the same basic physical and energetic structure, but each life is a clean slate, a chance to move forward and upward with full untapped potential. What divine creations you are!

For those of you already doing what you are meant to do, 2006 brought in a new level of abundance. Lightworkers who built a strong foundation and prepared well are seeing the positive manifestation of their dream goals. A wonderful wave of appreciation will build for those holding their holistic work with the highest integrity. As the energies rise, dear ones, you will be more and more needed. Your energetic talents and tools will receive wider acceptance, as people start to feel what you are doing.

Finally, your healing work can move forward without you fearing that you will be beaten, exiled or burned at the stake! Yes, now that the tribal fear factors of ignorance, prejudice and superstition are melting from the equation, science and spirituality will begin to meet and merge. It is only when you bring science and spirituality together that the invisible will become known and change what is known about the visible.

In the next five years, much of your scientific knowledge will be challenged and found lacking. The evidence of global warming will be more dramatic at the poles than at the equator. As the earth's electromagnetic grid structure is constantly readjusting and retuning itself, you will continue to see fluctuations in the location of magnetic north. Yes, at the poles, your compass readings will prove less reliable than your GPS systems.

The Millennium Shift is happening globally, dear ones, not just in one area of the world. Nature will adjust and so shall you, but you will soon face a need to clean out more than just your drawers and closets. You will need to "clean up" your relationships at all levels, from personal to political.

Don't just make peace with your neighboring countries, make friends with them. Heal the borders, don't build more walls! You will need to blur those borders as the earth keeps shifting, for the friends you make now may soon be your next-door neighbors! (Chuckles.) You will learn to adjust, dear ones, for as we said, the transition is happening even more smoothly that we had foreseen. Don't get discouraged, for there are so many more levels in play than you are aware of. Don't forget to allow Divine Timing to play its role, for all that happens is ultimately for your highest good.

© Copyright 2006 by Edna G. Frankel

Part three of this series is next...

May this year be one in which you live abundantly


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