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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reflections in the Eyes of a Child

As the human species begins to evolve, each new generation will have some new characteristics. These new children have been called many names including Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Children of the Knowing/Light, etc...

More information on the New Children will be posted in this Blog, but for now I wish to share a story about someone's experience of connecting with a New Child...

Reflections in the Eyes of a Child

It is so flattering that the little children I come into contact with can see the angels around me.

I was startled this afternoon. I walked into the waiting area of the social services offices, and a little 2-year-old boy ran up to me and grabbed my leg. I bent down to smile at him, and he grabbed my hand like he knew me. His mother was sitting down behind him, and she looked a tad uncomfortable, embarrassed that her son approached me so happily. She didn't speak English so she was also probably too shy to pull him back.

As I kept smiling into his big brown eyes, he kept getting more loving and almost excited to see me. I'm sure it's all the angels around me that he feels drawn to.

I looked but had no candy in my pocket and all I could give him was a green crystal rock, but he immediately put it to his mouth so I laughed and took it back.

I dug a little deeper and came up with one of my Metatron photos in a plastic frame to give him. His older sister grabbed it first and then handed it to him. His big brown eyes widened and his whole face came alive with delight when he saw that rainbow circle of light. I was amazed.

It has happened to me many times since I began activating my lightbody, but every time when little babies are drawn to me spontaneously, it is almost disconcerting that they are so aware. It's also funny because almost every time the mother is offended that their child feels so drawn to a stranger.

This little boy had on a blue suit with white trim, long brown braids and big brown eyes that took in everything.

Hope all is well,
Netty Durgin

I encourage you to attempt to connect with a New Child, it is really an amazing experience,

Jason Randhawa

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