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Saturday, December 9, 2006

New Dimension: A 5 Part Series on the Coming New 5th Dimension

The New Earth or The 5th Dimension...What is the difference? What do they have in common? Why do they matter?

The New Earth and the 5th Dimension are very closely related because in most ways they are the same thing!

It is becoming understood that the New Earth is really a completely new dimension... the 5th dimension. I came across a 5 Part Series on the New Dimension, I believe it will clear up a lot of confusion for many people. Part 1 is availble here:

To go to the other parts you can follow the link in the page above or you can find them in the Blog's archives:

The 5 Parts of The New Dimension are:
Part 1: Flame of Divine Union
Part 2: The Arcturian Spiral Into the 5th Dimension
Part 3: Mastering Discernment Within the Galactic Spectrum
Part 4: The Arrival of ITC
Part 5: The Approaching Storm of Change

Michael (Author of this Series) has done something really amazing by creating this series. I found the words to be incredibly powerful, and very practical.

Here is an excerpt of The New Dimension:

At present, there are several million human beings who are about to cross this unique threshold within the new dimension, and open into the field of telepathic awareness which contains both the new group consciousness of Humanity, and also the entire Galactic Community. The process has already begun. Waiting on the other side of the threshold are millions of ET guides, presumably one for each human being that is making the shift. This is part of a planned introduction to the Galactic Community, however we must take great caution at this stage of our development, for there are immediate psychological challenges from this event.

If Humanity’s unique potential and role in the galaxy were being completely respected during this shift, and all of the ET groups present to witness our awakening exercised restraint and wisdom, then as we open into the telepathic spectrum of galactic consciousness, we would receive our connection to the overlighting guidance of the Christ Teacher who is stepping into the body of Humanity to guide us from within, and we would receive a brief telepathic introduction to the Galactic Community.

You can explore the New Dimension for yourself here:

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