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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Predictions 2007 Part Three

The following is the last part of the three part series on Predictions 2007: The Year of Discernment...

The focus of this part is Weather and Politics

We have mentioned before that weather and politics will be the two major forces that shape your history over the next five years. As everything else on the planet, politics will have to bend to the weather! Yes, you are now seeing a remarkable thing occur that has never happened in recorded history - your arctic poles are melting. Also, trapped water from land-based glaciers will flow into the ocean system, raising its volume, its height, its temperature, and inevitably, affecting the deepest currents and saline levels.

Mexico is small and exposed in land mass, but well-grounded by its ancient spiritual sites. Those will become revealed and activated by intense weather (yes, good always comes from bad!) to harmonize both the upper and lower halves of this continent. This native culture is deeply connected to the earth, and will weather change gracefully.

Canada , you have already begun to see your permafrost melting. Different animal and plant species are dying off quickly, as their habitats are collapsing. Watch the signs of change and stay flexible, dear ones, for your operative word is "quickly." You will see clearly what is happening and know how to consolidate your resources. Not only will you demonstrate the heights of caring and sharing, you will help warn the world that this global warming is only a temporary transitional phase between naturally recurring ice ages.

America , you are watching plant and animal species fall ill as rising temperatures augment the damage from toxic poisons in your water tables, which are harming your ecosystems. Keep looking for new ways to tackle these problems. Your innovations will benefit the world. (Hint: Look to your young adults. Respect their "out of the box" approach, for they will see what you cannot. The next generation will discover ways of cleaning up the earth that you will find truly amazing!)

Energetically, Mexico is the most ancient country of the North American triad. Canada is second, the next-older adult, with a more laid back "live and let live" attitude. The United States sprawls in between, the youngest country, still going through its throes of adolescence. Its creation as a self-governing democratic state with freedom for all was a turning point in modern history. Strong and idealistic, its puritanical roots on the east coast forced the forward-thinkers to move westward. This lovely melting pot of humanity quickly became a world power, and recently the world's problem child.

Now the world looks on as that democracy is being eroded, wondering when the American people will wake up to the truth. Indeed, by 2007 their government may be in turmoil over what was uncovered in 2006. The major future potentials indicate that impeachment may terminate this current government's reign. Or it will continue to limp along, preaching fear so that it can continue to justify war. This debilitating situation will be complicated by several weather crises, the combination of which will affect America 's economy in a negative way.

The hurricane seasons will continue to intensify from September to November, affecting the Gulf Coast area, Mexico , Cuba , the Caribbean islands, Central America, and the southeastern coast of South America . Earthquake activity may rise along the upper coast of California , Oregon and Alaska , probably in the latter half of 2007. Again, coastal areas will be hardest hit. Dear ones, you have extensive geological knowledge and good warning devices. You have seen the need to coordinate your scientific groups at a global level, for indeed the weather is becoming global in its activity. Preparing in advance will avoid much chaos and loss of life in all countries.

Plan out your evacuation routes, make sure all can get to safety. Educate the public about the warning signs of sudden climate changes. Preparedness is the key. Getting along with your neighbor, at every level, will also be a big key! Once your governments are truly devoted to what is best for all peoples, each weather crisis will become a global orchestration of rescue, relocation and repair. The more this happens, the more the global priorities shift, the more obvious it will become that your resources and manpower are needed for saving people rather than waging war. Again, looking at future potential threads of events, we hope that in this lifetime you choose the future potential of laying down your weapons and refusing to fight any more. If enough people reach this point in their spiritual discernment, war will have to fade away, simply because you won't allow it in your collective midst.

Sure, you're probably thinking, sounds nice, but what a pat answer and what an unreachable goal. No, dear children, we are speaking here about critical mass. For example, terrorism is a global issue, and will be fully released from the human equation when enough people release their ingrained hatred against others. How to create this global level of spiritual harmony? Whatever it is, religious issues, land or property squabbles, find common ground! Work together! Agree to resolve things in a peaceful manner. No issues will be fully healed until enough countries align together to diffuse tensions in the world. If enough countries, though a common conduit such as the United Nations, can raise the bar of morality, values, and what is acceptable behavior, yes, spiritual discernment will become the ruling force!

Terrorism needs to be seen from the global perspective of criminal acts against all peoples. Your police forces and intelligence communities need to work together by common consensus. This will help negate the fear aspect of "the war on terror." Dear ones, do you really need a war between countries over this, when banding together will make terrorism unacceptable to all? The mentality of a war on terror, a war on cancer, a war on drugs, a war on this and a war on that, this war mind-set needs to be transmuted off the planet. All of the problems we just listed are common issues that each individual country is having trouble conquering (chuckles.) Together, you could make so much progress, so much more quickly!

We would like to point out that all is as it should be. These global political posturings are making you wake up to realize that all life is precious, all life is sacred. One Iraqi life is as indispensable to God as an Iranian, a Jew, a Palestinian, an American, a French, a Canadian, and so on. How many more hundreds of thousands of killings will it take for you to reach a world consensus that such violence should not be allowed?

Dear ones, at all levels you face life and death stakes. War is actually not your biggest problem. Are you aware that an average of 8,000 people die of AIDS every day? That's three million people lost to just one disease every year around the world, and those numbers are rising. Here are the major issues your planet faces: Weather, war, starvation and disease. What's the one man-made thing on this list you all created and can therefore eliminate? Yes, war! Now we have a question for you - if you gave up war, how much money, manpower and resources would you then have to apply to healing those other issues? Yes, dear ones, ahah...! When stacked up against all your other emerging priorities, you will come to realize that war is not economically feasible any more.

All of these global factors are a beautiful weave of increasing drama, forcing you to choose either the negative chaos or a higher spiritual moral ground upon which to stand. We will also point out that the global accomplishment of spiritual discernment will require that this current chaos to be played out. Please, do not be discouraged. Start small, start at home. Remember that a global shift happens one heart at a time. Be willing to help each other in times of need, no matter whom you are or where the need may be. Take war off the meeting table and you will see new paths to peace. It will cost time and effort, but many, many lives will be saved.

Remember, dear ones, to be guided by God's will is simply to give and receive only love. That is the one and only commandment that rules God's greatest firmaments. If you can do this one thing, take on this one perspective, to be kind and loving, oh, how contagious this energy is! It begs to be returned! It will spread, dear children, it will spread. And quickly, too, faster than you can imagine. So start imagining it, quickly, all of you, NOW! (Chuckles and a big hug.)

We are, in All Love, the Brotherhood of Light.

© Copyright 2006 by Edna G. Frankel

Creating the year 2007 to be a time of spiritual progress,


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