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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Yearly Forecast from Lord Maitreya

Expressions of Light: The Yearly Forecast from Lord Maitreya
Channeled by Lois Hartwick
January 7, 2007

Greetings and Salutations To My Beloveds ~

I speak to you now. It is with great love and intention I broadcast my thoughts, as well as those of us who have come together in specific councils throughout the year to project and to place ideas, thoughts, intentions and plans into your hands. As we gather to script those intentions on the higher planes, we, at times, choose to share those thoughts with you, particularly as you reside in times of much turmoil and change on your planet. Not always is it clear what this time is about. You receive messages from many quarters on many parts of the Earth from those who choose to serve in some manner, and yet, at this time, confusion reigns still. Not all messages have the clarity that would allow for greater dissemination of that which is highest and best. At the same time, there are those who would choose to confront this confusion with alternative thoughts that perhaps create even more.

I come forth to speak to those of you who are able to listen and to hear very clearly what my heart has to say. Earth has come to a precipitous time. Precipitous because changes which are now well under way are creating for some hazardous conditions. Not all parts of the Earth undergo severity to the same degree, but there are places where such situations will remain in a higher consideration than in others.

These changes are altering the nature of reality. At least the reality you have known, for where there has been certain aspects of snow, of ice, of free waters, of purity, there now stands great change.

You are aware, many of you, there is a confluence of energies which have come together to create such dire situations on your planet. These energies need, from our perspective, disruption, so that they are not held so tightly, nor allowed to continue with considerable, let me say, intrusion into the life and lifespan of those on your planet and the planet itself.

Many are beginning to awaken to the severity of weather, with pollution of your planet to the skies filled with unsavory aspects, to flooding and to other assorted difficulties which are being transmuted and transplanted to other areas beside one or two. Awaken to the fact these changes will be creating further problems on your planet unless major alteration is made at this time.

We do not see these changes in mankind’s thinking coming quickly enough. As a result, you will find certain situations may grow in a different manner than once predicted. It is important to recognize that when the Earth is unable to free herself as so needed during this time, she will voluntarily do such acts for herself. For this reason you will witness other climatic events in the years forthcoming. As they heighten in effect, there will be more effort made to change such level of reality. In some cases, these efforts will fail. There will, however, be a turnaround for some parts of the world more easily than others. Your lifespan, those of you in this room, will be undeterred by the difficulties forthcoming, and yet, you will witness in one part of the world or another, some situation which does not easily portend comfort and a continuance of life as it has been known.

My purpose in coming through to even speak such messages is to awaken more highly those who have not listened and for the gathering of souls to continue to pray and to focus on that which is presently on your planet -- a level of care and concern for the overall good of all. When I say ‘all’, I am not speaking of a particular country or even just the human race. I am speaking of your planet, of the spirits of being so present here, of the animals, of the water, of the air, of the trees and plants -- all that resides on your plane is considered ‘all’. Without taking into consideration every aspect, you diminish the potential for this transformation to occur.

In the following year there will be disruptions continuing to come forth on earth displacing somewhat the overall energetic to some of the cloud cover which exists on your planet. Cloud cover in many cases is formed by that level of thinking which has diminished or lowered itself into such a pattern that it creates a formation surrounding your planet not easily broken through, despite the fact that many of you see sunlight. This cloud cover to which I refer is about the energies which have been produced in so many ways which do not heighten the potential of mankind and earth. Cloud cover exists from pollution and toxic waste, from that which is being put into the atmosphere continuously. Very often it is joined by toxic thinking which easily combines with this cloud cover, making the impossibility of transformation even greater.

I do not suggest transformation is impossible, but I would suggest without attention to many of the details going down at this point in time, you will encounter more and more of those situations you have witnessed in the past two or three years. My efforts are working now toward those who are able to hear and transmit some specific messages to a larger and greater audience than has been in the past.

It is time that those of us who are working toward the unfoldment of earth into the next dimensional reality come into greater clarity and vision. I work with the many minions on unseen levels and planes, but this year we are putting forth greater effort to be heard and seen. Some of you will be understanding aspects of light from a number of perspectives. In some cases, you may recognize on some level all is in perfect order. And in other positions, you may be witnessing those things which are in utter disregard of the higher standard of light. Putting the two together is not always the easiest combination in the human form, but you will be given opportunities to see new levels of reality this year, and when you do, recognize the higher aspect in each and every one, for it is there.

Many of you, particularly in this room, have discussed the overall outcome of the election and agenda put forth from the country in which you live. These are not easily contemplated nor understood and much frustration has occurred. I would suggest to you there is change forthcoming. Not only is the change related to those who have disregarded the aspects of interior being, but those who have disregarded life overall.

As I put forth this particular message, be clear you are understanding that life exists continuously regardless of whether it is seen by you or not. There is ultimately no end to life, but rather, a transformative process which occurs. It is becoming important that mankind understand on earth the transformation presently taking place from one form into another. You are birthing this level of reality; you are here to assist in that transformation. At the same time it is not for you to get lost in these old feelings and the difficulties which have long been present on your plane, but to pay attention to where you presently are and that which you are given to do in the specific moment you are in. If you were to think about the birth of a child, you would recognize your time would not be spent in thinking about the past, but rather, about that moment so dearly anticipated and from there what the future may hold for that birth. Please utilize this time in thinking in such a manner for that forthcoming which will be seeded onto this plane. You are holders of the light and energy to make this possible.

Now clearly, there are those who have chosen to disregard and disrespect any and all manner of life as a totality. This particular disregarding is going to be leveled in one manner or another. You may not understand completely what is happening at first, but our efforts will now be relegated toward opening new awarenesses for those who are ready and able to hold them. For those who are not, there will be a dispensation of a sort, that allows for these persons to move from the positions they are in to holding that which they have presented so long to others. In other words, you are going to find that when one is not holding the higher energy of light, of trust, of honesty, integrity, etc., they will become mired much more easily in all that they have created.

As a result, there will be great discrepancies on this planet where people stand: Those who are coming into greater truth and harmony, and those who are embroiled in levels of difficulty that they seem unable to clear toward a finer path.

As this is occurring, you will witness a change and shift in the energy and tide in the year forthcoming. For there will be an expansion of light and an expansion of potential for those paying attention and working closely in creating a much finer place to be. It will be the same expansion for those who have not done so as well. Only when they are unable to move in their given direction, they will find that life is more like quicksand than it has been in the past.

I am open to suggestions, but I am also able to see in a much greater manner than one would hold necessarily from your plane or level of reality, and because of this, I take into consideration the nature of your being - individually and as a collective whole - toward that which I direct my energies and those who would work and partner with me. We are opening doorways this year, which have been closed to many of you. We are opening opportunities that would not have appeared two or three years ago. Greater and wider expansion of specific energy will align those of you toward much greater light and opportunity. Every time you witness some level of destruction or some attitude which is diminishing mankind, it opens a doorway for more light to ignite one who has not had this opportunity.

In other words, there is going to be a balancing of what has long been occurring and has ultimately felt for many of you, uneven. You have heard the expression in your country, “The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer”. Perhaps it is time for many of these inequities to be turned around and that those who have not had the opportunities needed, to come more closely to the forefront.

Not every part of the world will feel it to the same degree, but I am telling you now this expansion comes forth, not only from an astrological perspective, but from those of us who utilize the particular positions of the stars and the energies and their alignments to the greatest advantage. We focus our energy and support within them. That means for those of you who are conscious and utilize this energy will forge ahead this year. You will change many realities you have been in.

And what would be most important for you in your world? Would it not be for each of you to find finer and better ways to be present here? If enough do this, the opportunity to turn the tide becomes far greater. You will be supported in efforts that will align you to the light this year. It is not that this has not been true in the past, but this year will be greatly strengthened in the energy you are given. Pay attention to what you are creating, to what you are thinking. Do not add anything additional to toxic waste; do not waste the time you have remaining on this planet whether it be six months or five hundred years.

However one looks at it, the time now is greatly heightened with its level of importance for you stay the course for that which is to be created. The outlook for this time ahead is extremely positive when you align with the energy of positivity and focus in your life. If you continually stray with your energy, ask for support. If you feel misguided, utilize that thought to create a new one. Ask for assistance you be placed on a proper path.

Many will disregard and pay no attention. You will find a number of people this year deeply embroiled in situations they cannot move away from. In the same token, this does not have to be a reality for any of you at this time. In fact, quite the opposite. Sometimes you would request specifics, and I am able to offer certain areas in this regard, but most importantly for you to remember, is you are combining with the expansion of the Universe, and it is occurring to the greatest degree that you have known, this year. Be prepared and be set to accept that energy which can be utilized as the highest gift. For those choosing not to, for those choosing greater chaos and disruption, they will create their own within as well.

You will see propulsion placed on the prospect of war. You will see greater battles within your country this year for levels of control; you will witness one or two significant deaths of those you felt were important toward your planet. You will also see new healers, new leaders, new heroes, new beginnings and opportunities to regain one’s strength that was once lost perhaps long ago.
This is a year of violent contrast; violent because they are so diverse that on one hand you are seeing the greatest expansion and on the other hand, you are seeing a most difficult tragedy occurring the same time in the same space. This is because the energies which are present can be utilized to the highest good or to the worst. You can expand a war in the midst of this time and create utter chaos or you can utilize this time to create the greatest of good or harmony.
It is a choice.

I come to you requesting you remain conscious in the choices you make this year. Do not waste time on old focuses or old agendas or in areas that no longer serve a purpose. Use your thoughts and times here in the most beneficial manner you can. Beneficial to yourself and to others.

I would like to add one more thought before I complete this today. When one works in co-harmony with those of a higher nature, there is an intention that is created. An intention not only to bear witness to what is occurring at this time on this plane, but to ingratiate in your hearts a love for mankind and this earth at this time. When you do so, you are matching the energies we carry. It allows for much to be created, for like attracts like and allows for multilayered development of what needs to come forth. Not everything may happen within the time frame you anticipate or believe, but when these intentions are created and made, they stand the test of time, and even a thousand years hence may unfold in a manner you would be unprepared to see today.

Remember your intentions and thoughts. Align with us as best you can. Request assistance when you are stuck. Know that we are preparing for a very important year unfolding. You are a major part of that which is to occur. We hold hands together in the light. I am prepared to make this observation and to intend we are united once again, for the Earth is to remain intact, despite that which is happening, and those who intend to rewrite much which has occurred, will win in the end.

I am Lord Maitreya, honored at your presence and to be of service. Thank you.

Once a year Lord Maitreya offers his thoughts to our group which meets weekly for greater understanding and insight and teaching of the mysteries provided by many masters and archangels over the years, but mainly byThoth, Sananda and Hilarion. The messages from Sananda are distributed to a greater audience, and if you wish to be placed on that list, please email me at: and I will be happy to add you to it. Please make sure your server will accept these messages and not block them as spam. Prior messages are on my website Donations are always appreciated and gratefully accepted. Please email for address to do so or for further info on private sessions. Blessings and love to all of you in the year ahead. Lois

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