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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Earth's New Water

Earth's New Water
Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

It has been a while since I communicated with you in this way but if you look about, you will notice that I have not been silent. I have beengrowing and changing, discarding what is no longer wanted or needed much asyou have. I would like to share some exciting news with you, but first allow me to share a short bit of history.

Deep within you are genetic codes which connect you to me and to your brothers and sisters beneath the surface of the planet. These are not newfor long ago we were so deeply connected that you were always aware of what was happening in and around your environment. We communicated on many levels and our bond was deep, strong, and loving.

Have you ever wondered how it was originally known which plants, seeds, nutsand fruits were edible? Which contained medicinal qualities? Where and when to plant? Do you believe this took place through trial and error asyour modern scientists theorize? You knew these things inherently (not through what is now called channeling or telepathy.) You KNEW because I knew We were separate and yet we were One. I gave to you what a loving mother would give to her children and thus you called me, Mother Earth.

The knowledge of how to hunt or eat animals did not originate with you. Many of you still struggle with this. It was a by-product of what you callthe "fall" and the old restructuring of your DNA. Know that each animal that ever gave its life fully participated in the process for the sake ofthe co-creative growth of its species. In giving a part of themselves toyou they (as a group consciousness) gave a part of themselves to God. They were rewarded handsomely. Rethink the possibility that the disappearance of a species was/is a negative thing. Many have ascended or transitioned muchas you desire to.

Over many eons of time and for many reasons our natural communication began to diminish and then to fade altogether until only a few retained the knowledge and the ability. These few were highly respected wherever theychose to reside. Many retained these revered positions in secret for bythen a king or ruler felt their power must be absolute. They did not want it known that they had to defer to another. Many perished needlessly who did not or were not allowed to listen to good counsel. Your native Americans were among the last to retain this ability, your present written history reflects this. When these people were moved from their native and sacredlands on to reservations, much was lost.

What do you think has always been the single most valuable resource on the planet? What is the earth's holiest and most sacred substance? What is essential to all life? Yes, the water. And it was the water that provided not only the longer life spans of times past but the inherent knowledge of who you were and what your roles as caretakers of the planet were. When your cousins the dolphins and whales assumed your duties as caretakers, it was to the water they returned. The water contained everything you needed. Its perfect blend of salts and minerals held in suspension complemented those found in your bodies.

For a very long time you did not require food. Are you familiar with the expression, "nectar ofthe gods?" The original nectar was the water and you were the gods. Later when your natural abilities began to diminish many scurried here and thereto try to create a substitute, calling it this and that and assigning it whatever properties they desired most. This was quite ineffective, of course. (The art and knowledge of flower and plant essences had its origins here.)

Now let us return to the present so that I may complete the circle. This natural knowing, this ability to communicate with all of life is returning to you. Encoded in your DNA is this most natural ability and water is the trigger. Why water? You are already aware that water makes up more than two-thirds of the planet's surface. Actually it is much more than that when you take into consideration the water held as moisture in the air, in your bodies, and what is held in the underground water tables and aquifers.

Your water supply is the easiest and most complete way for me to reach all of you at once. It is also something that you all have in common regardless of how you try to separate yourselves through racial or religious biases to name a few. The content of the water (its consciousness) will reconnect you to each other, to your brothers and sisters beneath the surface, and to those who reside in the oceans. It is your destiny to be reunited with me.

This event was to have happened several years ago (shortly after the Harmonic Convergence. ) In many ways it would have made your current changes and discomforts easier to bear. You would have been more grounded and centered. But the level of man made destructive agents introduced to the water over such a long period of time (not the least of which is the leadcontent) coupled with deposits in your bodies stemming from long term use of allopathic medicines, interfered with the "firing" of the necessary codes. Over the last few years it has been suggested that you consume as much fruits and purified water as possible. This is because the composition of fruit has remained relatively unchanged in spite of intensive use of industrial pesticides.

Recreating the matrix of the water involved the full participation of themany nature kingdoms, including those of air, water, fire, and mineral. Under the direction of our mutual friends the Ascended Masters, and with careful guidance from some very distinguished inter-planetary master geneticists, the correct formula was recreated. It is not the same as theoriginal formula as the current chemical composition of your bodies is different as is the current atmospheric content. Some of you participatedin this grand project during your sleep. Do you recognize yourselves?

When all was ready my dear friend and brother, Helios harnessed the energy of the sun in the form of a charged particle ray. With laser-like intensityit was focused onto the planet during the time of Jupiter's meteor shower. If you noticed increased sun spot activity during this time this is the explanation. This, of course, is an over simplification of what actually took place, but it is sufficient that you understand the effort and forces involved.

For many reasons this reactivation has been a difficult one for you. Many of you have conscious or unconscious memories of natural disasters that terminated specific lifetimes. Some still hold me responsible and therefore keep me at bay. Still others hold on to old guilt about disasters, contaminations, and pollutants they helped create. There are many who believe their days here on this planet are numbered and will be returning home as they put it. A small but constant percentage of you are tired,ready to give up, and wishing the great armada of ships would lift you offmy surface. It is all right. I accept this and embrace you anyway. These feelings will pass as your bodies release more of the old residue.

The new water has been in and around you for a few months now and I am very pleased with the results. You are all shining like crystal clear lakes and pools of light. The changes you will experience are very different from what has been added to you thus far. They are very real, very physical. As physical beings we respond well to physical stimulus. There should belittle or no physical discomfort.

Consider that this change to the water supply is in the water you drink, cook with, and bathe in. The change in the oceans, lakes, and rivers is 83%complete. It is already in the fruits and vegetables you consume.

Soon you will begin to feel a much deeper connection to this beautifulplanet which is home to so many wondrous beings. Some of you may already befeeling a difference. Your brothers and sisters beneath the surface areanxiously awaiting to reestablish communication with you. There is a particular signal they are waiting for. When enough of you have reached critical mass, so to speak, they will know.

Look at this season's flowers. Are there more varieties? Do they appear a little brighter? Do the trees seem fuller or taller? They are also feeling a deeper connection and appreciation of you. If you have ever hugged a treeand felt nothing, try again, he or she will be doing its best to hug youback.

Note: Although the energetic matrix of the water has been restructured, ithas not changed the purity of its drinking quality. This is still to come. In the meantime, if your body has become accustomed to drinking purified, distilled, or mineral water, please continue to do so. If you normallyconsume local tap water you will be fine.

Pepper Lewis is a natural intuitive, a gifted channel and a recognizedwriter, speaker and teacher of metaphysics. The unique and distinctive channeled messages brought forth by Pepper have become favorites of readers all over the world. Most popular are the featured articles authored by the sentience of our planet, Mother Earth, affectionately known as Gaia.

These messages frequently appear in a variety of publications including, Sedona Journal of Emergence. They are also a favorite with many websites and news groups including those presented by Isis. Pepper is frequently featured on radio and Internet broadcasts including, The Great Shift, with Rev. FredSterling. Pepper is also the founder of The Peaceful Planet, an organization dedicated to relating to our environment and the world around us in a way that embraces and projects balance, integrity, peace and harmony. The PeacefulPlanet offers spiritually grounded and inspirational products and services designed to empower and assist us in moving through these critical timeswith grace rather than confusion.

Pepper is available by appointment for personal channeling sessions by telephone and in person. Seminars, lectures and workshops are on going astime allows. Inquiries regarding scheduling an event in your area are welcome.

Pepper can be reached via her website at You can also write to: Pepper Lewis, The Peaceful Planet, P.O. Box 4135, West Hills,CA 91308, or call (818) 713-1966.

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Note: Pepper will be a special guest on The Great shift with Rev. Fred Sterling onMonday, July 14th, August 25th (an extended interview/channeling segment).Broadcast times and previous archived shows are available at

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