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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Dream on the Changing Earth

Today I would like to share with you an interesting, short message that was posted to one of the spiritual discussion groups I belong to…

We can all agree that Earth is always changing her form. She cleans up and melts down waste and recycles herself. WE are just the inhabitants here. I think that the thing to consider, though, is that, as inhabitants of Earth, we have done a bang up job on the surface, which has sped her recycling process up.

Yes, big changes are coming. Part of it is something Earth goes through all of the time and another part of it is what humans have done here.

Consider the concept that we are the cells of an organism. Everything on this planet serves a different function to keep the organism that is Earth healthy and living. Like the cells in our body, when invading cells come to destroy the body, the body fights back for maintaining its balance. Much of the human component have become invading cells. Humans are the parasites on Earth.

Now, I'm not a physicist, I am an idealist and the ideal I see is that humans who believe in a healthy and beautiful world will come together and make it manifest. It is through our individual and combined efforts that this is created. There will still be Earth changes, but the pollution can be erased by the deletion of this particularly doomed timeline from our mind.

If this is all a dream that we act in, then our minds are what make this dream what it is. We can either dream an unconscious dream while others create it for us and with only their own personal interests in mind.

We have come to accept that the planet is sick and that we are at war. We have come to accept that our governments are corrupt and everyone is out to get us. There are those of us that are beginning to see beyond that facade, which is the 'illuminati' , 'G-8', Annunaki, or what ever other organizations, or races, are out there, bent on keeping the mass of population ignorant and enslaved, until the bitter end.

We take our power back and create the dream as we see it. What is it that we all want? What is it that we all feel? What is it that we all dream? Dream the dream and create it here, Now. Nothing Else Matters.

Peace, Love and Light
Lyra Star Mist Jubb

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