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Monday, January 22, 2007

Binded by Truth

Hello All,

Letting go of all attachments is a very important thing. This does not mean, avoiding material objects and abandoning your home to go live in a monastery. Instead it means losing your emotional attachment to all kinds of things.

I encourage you to enjoy your house, car, etc.., but do not use that joy to emotionally attach you, and make you dependant on material things.

In the following Theologian quote, you are being advised to make a great new earth internal shift. This internal shift involves letting go of your attachment to "something". But this "something" is not a material object, instead this "something" is truth...

"Let go of the truth that binds you. It binds you to the reality of duality and it binds you to drama and conflict. If you are the ones who say they really wish to create peace within themselves and see peace outside of themselves and you truly believe that of themselves, dear ones you will know that what we say is true. See dear ones, even the words that we just uttered we cannot say any other way in your language for it is so integrated into your vocabulary that there is no other word to replace it. However, what we say and what we say is "true" we mean it with a different energy. We mean it as being the path that feels most right for you and if it is the case take it up. That is what we mean when we say "truth" dear ones.

You should separate the illusions of what you see as truth and your "path." They are not the same thing. Truth is the illusion. Your path is what you are calling Truth and until you release this attachment to the energy of "truth" you will never allow others to walk their path unconditionally because you will always be judging and through judgment, condemning just as they will condemn you. So let go of the Truth that binds you and allow yourself to walk your path free of the illusions that you must be right or wrong and the illusion that you must have truth in your life, for it is all experience from which you pick and choose."


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