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Friday, January 12, 2007

Radiating Peace for the Evolution of Humanity

Anina Davenport is one of the many different contributors I am working with for the New Earth Ebook I am putting together (more information on this is coming soon). I chose her to participate in this New Earth project because she has done some amazing work in this area. Today I would like to share with you a relevant sample of her work. It is a question-and-answer channeling by St. Francis through Anina Davenport:

Radiating Peace...

Your country is going through a hard time right now. There is terrorism, the war in Iraq, natural disasters, friction at home and people’s personal problems such as illness, financial woes, divorce, loneliness, etc.

As a light worker what are you to do? Well, one of the ways that you serve your country and yourself is by radiating peace. There is a frequency of peace that you can tune into. In the coming months we from the higher realms will broadcast it to you. It is easy to tune into if you wish. One way to tune into it is to say, “God, please send me peace,” or “Greater Spirit, I open myself to your peace.”

Once you receive it you can radiate it. Say, “I ask for the energy of peace to go to Highest Good.” See it coming through you and going to places where it is needed. It is not leaving you by the way. It is a steady stream of energy, a bit like a river going through you and it is going to people in your country and to other countries. It is going to war-torn places and to places where there is sadness and despair. That could be the Sudan or maybe your neighbor. You need not know. No need to control the river. Just open yourself up to its blessings. It will wash you clean and clear out some fears you have. It is a blessing.

Question: I am afraid to call on spirit. I had some bad experiences with negative spirits.

Saint Francis: Start with calling in the Archangels. Call in Archangel Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Gabriel. Put them into the four corners of your room. Ask for help and protection. Then call in Jesus or Mother Mary or Kali or Buddha or whoever you are comfortable with. Then ask for the energy of peace to be sent to you. Also ask Jesus to clear you of any negative cords or old energies not needed anymore. Light a candle if you wish. See old energies dissolving in its light. Ask for God’s light to protect you.

Question: Don’t we have peace within?

Saint Francis: Yes you do, and this meditation will remind you of the peace you have inside. It will stir it.

So what you are doing is creating a probability of peace. It is another runway so to speak if you like the analogy of an airport. You make it available to others by anchoring it here on earth. As Laura pointed out all have peace within but it is kind of hard to experience when people are shooting at you or throwing their hate at you and your country. If you live in a very peaceful place you can anchor peace for those who don’t have it right now. Support each other, dear ones.

This energy will help all of you. If there is no peace within the peace without cannot take place.

The best way to help bring about peace in your country is to have peace within.

Question: I don’t want to be a doormat.

Saint Francis: You can be peaceful and say what you want to say, stand up for others and for yourself. You are more effective this way than if you start to shout.

Question: There is such a split in our country. What can I do?

Saint Francis: Be peaceful. Be peaceful. Be peaceful. Offer your peace to others. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans or Independents or Greens or people who are undecided. Say, “I can see your point and here are some thoughts that I have. Can we look at this together? Not argue, not disagree right away. Look at it together. We want the best for this world, for this planet. We might disagree on the way but don’t we both want the best? Clean air, good food, peace and love for us and our children? Can we agree on that? Find common denominators and get back to what you have in common. Republicans want peace and democracy for Iraq and so do the Democrats. Both sides want that. Both Republican and Democratic women want freedom and equality for Iraqi women. The right to choose one’s destiny and follow one’s life purpose.

Question: But there are many differences.

Saint Francis: Yes and if you focus on those you make them bigger. If you focus on the common themes you give them energy. We are not saying disregard the differences. Say, “Okay we disagree right now on A,B,C but maybe we can look at a common goal here.”

That will produce change. Love will produce change. Understanding makes a difference. You might come to see you two are not so different. There is fear on both sides. Republicans fear that their values are undermined and so do Democrats. Love and compassion is the answer.

Question: Some politicians talk about love and compassion but deliver fear and hate.

Saint Francis: You need to listen to the energy behind the words. Where is that person coming from? Fear, the need to control, power, greed or love? Usually there is a mix. Some politicians are more attuned to peace than others. Listen to your heart when you decide whom to vote for. Go by their energy not their words or promises.

Question: So what do I do to promote peace.

Saint Francis: Let us give you a meditation. Bring in the Archangels Michael, Ariel, Gabriel and Raphael. Put them in the four corners of your room. Bring in Jesus, Mother Mary, Krishna, Buddha, Tara or whoever you work with. Let Jesus or whoever you have chosen give you a golden ball of light. Put it into your heart chakra. Expand the light. Let it engulf you. Now make it bigger. Let it go out into the world. You are not doing anything. You are just watching. Say, “I want to be a vessel for peace.” See the energy go to parts of the globe. You can put a globe next to you or a map. Or you can simply ask for it to go to Highest Good. See the words Highest Good for all. Close your meditation. Close down your chakras and relax.

Question: How do I close down my chakras?

Saint Francis: Either just intend or have some ritual such as physically moving your hand from the front seventh chakra down to your first chakra three times. Washing your hands is helpful as well. It is something that says, “Okay, I’m back in ordinary consciousness and my aura is appropriately positioned. Not too big and not too small. Ready to deal with the world or whatever your next step is.

This is how you create peace. This is how you change the world. Now we are not against action for example if you decide to support a party or a cause such as saving the rain forest for example. All good ideas but bring in peace as well. Do it with peace. Stand up to your adversaries with peace. Talk to them with love in your heart.

Question: That is hard.

Saint Francis: Yes, so practice. Practice with your neighbors, your dog (laughter), your flowers.

Question: Saint Francis, I have so much anger.

Saint Francis: As you know we never suggest to people to suppress their anger. Well, if you have no impulse control you have to learn to suppress your anger and deal with it later but the ordinary person needs to work on not suppressing anger and at the same time not letting it run you. Constant explosions will also lead you to few friends. No one wants to hang out next to a volcano. So as we have stated in our book you need to find a way to process your anger. For example writing can be one way. Write down, “I am angry at (name) because…Write as much as you want. Let it be released on paper and then burn it or tear it in little pieces. Offer it to God or to Higher Consciousness, to Jesus or to whoever you feel close to: Krishna, Buddha, Tara, Kali, Mother Mary, your spiritual guides.

Keep doing that for a while and then new insights will come. For example you might find out that underneath your anger was fear or a desire that you wanted to have fulfilled or some old guilt. Look at it dear ones, that is what it is there for: to be looked at, understood and released.

Another helpful exercise is to keep asking yourself, “What do I want? What do I want?” Often anger is a sign that you are out of touch with your wishes, your dreams, your goals. Are you living another person’s dreams? Are you in law because your mother wanted you to be? Or was it a soul desire of yours? Question. Ask. Why are you so angry at the politician on TV? Is it all just politics or are there other issues? Why is the war in Iraq so painful to you while genocide in Sudan gets less of a response? Why do the people who died on 9/11 produce so much grief while the thousands who die every day from starvation are not so important to you?

We won’t tell you what to think or what not to think, just to question your assumptions. If you felt happier before 9/11 let us remind you that before 9/11 approximately the same number of people died every day from war, torture, disease, starvation, pollution, earthquakes and other causes as after 9/11. When it is time to go one can go in many ways.

So what is the answer? It is peace. Inner peace for yourself and others. We want you to stay focused on that. We have in the past talked about spiritual muscles. There are among others spiritual muscles of patience, endurance and focus. We want you to focus on peace even as the focus is on war, disaster, turmoil. We want you to stay centered even though around you there may be chaos and anxiety. This is not to suppress emotions but to take a clear stand. A stand for peace, for sanity, for living now and not in the past or future. The past is over and the future will take care of itself if you are awake. Don’t go to sleep. Be here now. Do exercises if that helps. Visualizations, physical centering exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga or simply walking, gardening.

Be relaxed as well. Drop your tensions. Give them to God. Have faith in God or the Universe or a Higher power, whatever concept works for you. Have faith that you can be centered, aligned with your Higher Self and grounded.

Question: I have anxiety and I’ve been to doctors but they could not help. I keep watching the news and I worry so much about people who are being tortured and hurt.

Saint Francis: Have you noticed how the anxiety level goes up when the threat level in your country is raised? You have little color bands that are used.

Question: Yes, I find my anxiety going up.

Saint Francis: You are not the only one. We see it on an energetic level. Vibrations decrease. Peace and harmony get put on the back burner and anxiety gets re-energized. Now we can’t do anything about the colors. Somebody decided it was a good idea. Possibly a well-meaning person who knows little about energy.

You have a choice now, Diane. You can join the sea of anxiety which is certainly available and is being re-energized by new threat levels or you can create your own reality so to speak and say, “I trust God. I trust my Higher Self. Whatever happens I will be okay. My spirit is whole at all times. God loves me.”

Now on a practical level if you are a first responder for example, there might be a new training you will attend. For example how to deal with a certain chemical. We have no problem with practical training. It is raising the fear level or contributing to raising the fear level that we object to.

Now let’s get back to your spiritual muscles. Muscles get trained when there is weight, when there is resistance. If there was no anxiety or fear around you would not need to train your peace muscles but here in this sea of anxiety you are asked to. A little anger can be useful too by the way. As in, “Damn it, I’m not going to buy into all this craziness. I’m going to stay sane. I will follow my Higher Self, my consciousness and nothing else. Yes, I’ll listen to feedback, suggestions, but ultimately it is God who decides. The God within, not some outside God who supposedly hates people who differ from me. That is all illusion. God loves everyone. No one is not appreciated by God.”

So relax. Hold your peace. Work with us or whoever you work with. Call to the Holy Mother to help you. Call to Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, your Higher Self or whoever you are comfortable with and become a warrior of peace. Live peace now. Reject fear and negativity. Send it to God and His Divine light to be cleared.

Peace be with all of you.

Saint Francis

Copyright 2005 Anina Davenport

Anina Davenport is the author of Reflections on Ascension and her new book Energetic Empowerment. Both books are channeled and available from Energetic Empowerment can also be ordered from IUniverse at or by calling 1-800-AUTHORS. Anina can be reached at

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