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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Energies September 2008

St. Francis through Anina Davenport

Many people have told us recently that they feel as if they are in a waiting line. Not much is happening and maybe you are even missing the flow. And we told you 2008 was the year of living in flow (Laughter). Well there is a lot of clearing going on for many of you and don’t worry new energy will come in at the middle of September. There is right now for many of you a bit of a rest period and now is a good time to enjoy it. Relax. Go to that lake. Put your feet in the water. Relax.

Many of you have been bringing back parts of their energy that were held by other people or stuck in other dimensions or alternate realities. You have either had professional help or maybe you did it with some guides at night or on your own. August has been a time to gather energy and that includes collecting old energy that had been left behind. Martha recently got some energy back that she left with her brother at age 12. So this has been a time for gathering and it will continue. If you feel too dull (laughter) you can think of September and the new energy that will come in. You are connected to your future self and have access to some of that energy already but the best use of your time now is to go deep within and relax and feel the stillness and peace within while you watch your dog yawn. When there is a gathering of energy as there is now it is usually also a preparation for a new adventure. You are packing up all your resources for a new trip. This new phase which starts in the middle of September will cause some of you to move. Some will need to do trips and travel and others will move to another state, country or continent. You are spreading the energy. That is part of what will happen. That is part of your job as light workers to spread the energy that you bring in and you all bring in slightly different energies. Even a place like California can benefit from a little light worker energy from the Midwest and vice versa. Grounding is very important right now and what do we mean by grounding. We mean that you travel in one piece. You don’t scatter yourself all over the place. You let energy come through you and that is enough. Don’t give others your own life force energy because you need it. That would be like a plane that leaves its engine at the airport that it traveled to. No. The plane does a service. It carries people and bags but it does not give away its vital energy such as its engines. In the same way you let the higher frequency energies come through you and radiate out and transform you and others but you don’t give up your life force energy. You need it to fly.

Many people are leaving this year. In fact this is a good year to die. The energies are helping. Some of those who chose to leave will come back quickly and others will go to other realms. Your interest decides a lot of what will happen to you. Don’t be attached to your stuff. You cannot take it with you. Yes that is obvious but some of you still try. What you can take with you is the wisdom and the higher frequency that you achieved on earth. That you can take with you. Dying is actually a pleasant process especially if there has been a lot of pain in the body it can be a relief to feel free of this vehicle. It has served you well but for some of you it has worn out a bit. So don’t be afraid. All your loved ones and guides will be on the other side waiting for you. It will be a love fest.

Questioner: Won’t there be a life review?

St. Francis: Yes there will be. You will be with your guides and your teachers and your friends and look at your life objectively and with compassion and you will see things that show you where more learning needs to happen. There won’t be any great judgment unless you have judged yourself but the guides will help to ease that.

Questioner: What if someone has done bad things?

St. Francis: He will have to work through that but there is help.

So in this country there is also a preparation for the election and you know we don’t take sides but want you to keep raising frequency because that will help the candidate that is of a higher frequency. It is your job however to ease the way and we are talking to you the light workers of not just this country but the world really. You are all taking part in this election just like American light workers can help diffuse problems in Russia for example. As light workers you work for the light not one specific country or for the benefit of one specific people. Of course you can often make the biggest difference where you live but many of you work at night in many different places around the world whether you remember it in the morning or not.

If you feel down use the tools you were given such as sacred music or books that carry higher frequency energy. A short reading can get you back on track because it is not just the words but also the energy behind them that were infused by spirit that can uplift you. More and more you will feel the peace that is within you even though things might be turbulent without. Anina recently heard a spiritual teacher say, “When good things come be happy, when bad things come be happy.” What does this mean? Now we don’t want you to start to suppress your emotions but we would like you to see that in the greater picture things are alright. They are all for greater learning. Anina like many of you does not like it if other people suffer but we have reminded her that often people draw strength from suffering that they might have not gotten if life had always been easy. This is not about being masochistic and some people make life harder than it has to be but about the suffering that can’t be avoided and the strength that can be gained from this.

Many of your young people have come back from the war with injuries that are very hard to deal with. Ask for help from the universe. Say, “UNIVERSE PLEASE HELP ME.” Say it often. Knock at the door and you will be given support and the tools to work through whatever you need to work through. Forgive yourself (if that is your issue) and get back to the ordinary life. Plant some flowers. Play with your kids. Take care of your grandmother. Drive your wife to the doctor. That is where you will find your salvation. In the little things. In life going on. In purpose. For the next hour your purpose might just be to drive Aunt Aida to the store or to take your dog for a walk by a meadow but this is where the healing lies. In the ordinary. In just being. In taking a step at a time and getting help when you need to.

If friends have died know that their bodies are gone but their spirit is alive and possibly looking in at times. Know that the last thing they want is for you to suffer because they died. They are designing their new life while you are still in mourning. Let them go. You are not responsible. This is God’s job. Let him do his job.

Forgive yourself and forgive others. That does not mean you become a door mat. It just means you don’t hang on to things. So this person cheated you and there is nothing you can do about it now. Have your feelings. Be mad, be upset, be annoyed and then let go. Move on. The problem is really if you have old unresolved feelings underneath that attach themselves to this new incident. So clear the old. Keep clearing.

So in September a new infusion of energy will come. It will be quite powerful and there will be more in October and possibly also November. No time to hold on to the past. In terms of science there will be some new ideas in the medical field and in other arenas such as the energy sector. New higher frequency energy often brings in new information and scientists can use this for inspiration especially if they are aligned with Highest Good. From a psychological perspective you might have new insights on why you do what you do or what patterns need to be cleared. It is exciting. Gather your energy now. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Copyright Anina Davenport 2008.

Anina Davenport’s articles have appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and other publications. She is the author of Reflections on Ascension, Oughten House, Energetic Empowerment, IUniverse and her new book Manifesting in Alignment with Soul, IUniverse. These books are available from any book store including Amazon or by calling 1800AUTHORS. You can view the content of her last two books on; Anina can be contacted at

Anina Davenport's work is also featured in "The Future of the New Earth: A New Vision for Your Reality" spiritual collaboration. Her contribution was about "Staying Centered". Learn more about the book here:

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