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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hope and Your Soul's Divine Purpose

Dearest Beloved Ones,

A trying time is ahead on the Earth, as the old economic and social structures which supported the development of individualized ego based consciousness are now rapidly becoming obsolete. The transformation of the physical Earth is happening in tandem with the transformation of humanity's collective consciousness, and with the transformation of the physical structures which support consciousness.

At this time beloved ones, all aid and assistance is being sent to the Earth to help all of her inhabitants to awaken spiritually and to empower those lightworkers and teachers who are present on the Earth to move into their next level of empowered service to the One. Some souls are able to perceive this increased level of spiritual support, and other souls are not yet able to because of the increased levels of fear present within so many who do not know how their physical lives will be sustained.

Beloved ones, your unique contribution to this global spiritual awakening process can be discovered by going deeply within to find the source of your heart's longing. What activities, energies and people do you naturally gravitate towards? What gives you the most joy? What does your heart hunger for? Many open hearted souls who see the suffering on the Earth are asking "what can I do to help?" The answer lies here, in the longing of your heart, which will guide you towards the arenas of service and learning that you need to fulfill your soul's divine purpose.

Beloved ones, at this time the energies of light are strengthening more quickly on the Earth, which is once again accelerating in a more dramatic fashion the process of purification. What this means is that long held and long entrenched patterns that have been in need of healing can now be more easily released and transformed into light.

Some souls have already given up in despair, feeling that that things cannot change, and that they will always be stuck with the burdens they have bravely carried for eons. We say to you who labor under the heavy weight of darkness that you WILL be freed, and that the living presence of God's light WILL shift even those things that feel impossible, un-redeemable and unbearable.

The purification process of the Earth is reaching a new level now, one that will begin to finally manifest the light of God physically and tangibly on the Earth. For this to happen most completely, it is necessary to pass through the release of the old pains, to endure the previously unbearable thoughts and feelings, and to let go and allow what needs to end to end completely. Free yourself from the past, and focus your attention here and now with God, in God and as God.

You are God's divine and holy creation, one with all that is and one with yourself, even now when you may feel incomplete, afraid or alone. This Oneness and completeness that you are is revealing itself to you more fully each day, as God's light strengthens on the Earth and makes possible the new and expanded perceptions of spiritual reality. Invite this divine and holy presence into your life, into your consciousness and into your heart. Make room for all that is holy and sacred to reveal itself, which will reveal to you your own divine self. With all love and blessings, Amen. is a spiritual gathering place dedicated to the unity of souls and to the creation of a sacred earth.

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