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Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Minute Shift Videos

Hello Friend,

I have some very spiritually powerful movie clips for shifting consciousness to share with you below...

This video focuses on the global shift in consciousness and reminds us that every thought, word and action we display has a great impact on others. Many people are witnessing and feeling a shift in the universe which is beginning to move from an ego based energy to a more loving and caring energy. This new energy will bring more light into the world and cast negativity more brilliantly.

Click here to watch this awakening video

The other One Minute Shift video I want to show you is titled "Shifting Forward". You can watch it on YouTube here:

With two minutes you can undergo shifts in consciousness by watching these two empowering clips...


1 comment:

Tim Girton said...


Thank you for posting those clips. Hopefully they will help a great number of people who are growing in their own spirituality and their awareness of the present moment.


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