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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Returning to the New Earth

Hello Friend,

Today I would like to share with you Part 16 of the Tao Te Ching, I am sure that everyone will find some inspiration and truth in these words:

“If you can empty your mind of all thoughts
your heart will embrace the tranquility of peace.
Watch the workings of all of creation,
but contemplate their return to the source.

All creatures in the universe
return to the point where they began.
Returning to the source is tranquility
because we submit to Heavens mandate.

Returning to Heavens mandate is called being constant.
Knowing the constant is called 'enlightenment'.
Not knowing the constant is the source of evil deeds
because we have no roots.
By knowing the constant we can accept things as they are.
By accepting things as they are, we become impartial.
By being impartial, we become one with Heaven.
By being one with Heaven, we become one with Tao.
Being one with Tao, we are no longer concerned about
loosing our life because we know the Tao is constant
and we are one with Tao.”

Take some time to contemplate the powerful meaning of this piece. Share with us what you come up with by leaving a comment…



Sophia said...

There is only one way to go, and that is with the flow. Wherever the flow goes is where it leads, and all I can do is follow. Physical death is certain, but what I am certain of, is that what I am part of is immortal.

Slade said...

How interesting -- Jeff Lily posted a passage of this with one of his beautiful other worldly computer generated illustrations.

I also wanted to alert you to a blog tag about the Apocalypse, which I have tied to your favorite subject, the New Earth.

I wrote the article knowing that you more than anyone will appreciate it, and I'm passing the torch of the assignment on to you at the end.

Jason Randhawa said...

It is popular passage from the Tao Te Ching, which I used in my Tao Te Ching E-Course.

I would really love to see his computer generated illustration.

As for the Apocalypse tag, I will get right on it...


Christy said...

Since I have learned this way of living life, I have never been happier. Difficult as it may be at times to not let old habit surface - negative thinking, what is out there and free for all of us to embrace is the most uplifting and rewarding discovery ever. To know that we go on living forever and that every living being is 'all of one' is by far the most fulfulling message to my soul.

What brings me the most happiness is knowing that everything happens for a reason and positive comes from every lesson we learn.


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