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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Realizing The Universe Is Working In Your Favour

Part II: Personal Experiences

Personally, even with a positive outlook, sometimes I get off center and cannot hold on to it. I get so caught up in life, and in being a victim that I sometimes do not see this truth. When this happens, after I have had some time to cool off, I regain my center and begin to think about all the good that could come from this upsetting situation.

I try to think: “Why would this happen if The Universe was in my favour?”

I then begin to go through a lot of different ideas on good things that could come from this. It may be helpful to write them all down, the first few times you do this.

A strange thing I have noticed is even though I brainstorm a lot of answers to this question. The good that actually comes out of this situation in my life has never been the same as one of my guesses of what it could be. Many times, it has been much better than I could have imagined.

Sometimes the good results from an upsetting situation appear instantly, and sometimes it may take many months or even years. The good has almost always eventually come. As of this writing there are still a few upsetting events in my life for which I have yet to see very much good come out of. But I know like every other time it will eventually come.

I believe the reason why most people do not believe that the Universe is in their favor is because they are focusing on the bad. This does not allow any room for the good to manifest. Do not fall into this trap…

Stay Positive,


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Sophia said...

I remember falling into the trap of thinking this world was a bad place. But it is because I was focusing on all the bad news, crime, hatred and other negative things that manifested in this world. My perspective of the world changed when I intead began to focus on the positive things, such as friendship, love, happiness, beauty, nature, family and other things that I treasure. When one focuses on things of this sort, it is hard not to believe that the world is a wonderful place!


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