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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Be Fearless

Hello Friend,

The New Earth is a level of being in which you are a conscious creator of your reality. In the new earth, you will have the absolute power to consciously create your life experience.

The mechanism through which you do this is similar to the Law of Attraction as described in The Secret. But, I feel there are a few more things that the average person may need to do in order to successfully use The Secret to create their reality. Overtime I am hoping to go over each of these things with you through this New Earth Blog. One of these things is Realizing the Universe is Working In Your Favour, which I recently explained in a series of Blog Posts which I hope you enjoyed.

Another one of these things is to abolish all fears. Fear limits your ability to create, therefore in the New Earth everyone is fearless.

The first step is making the realization that there is actually nothing to fear. It is also important that you do not separate what you fear and what you do not fear and then label what you fear as being bad, and what you don’t fear as being good. This is how fear grows.

Two of the most common fears are a fear of death and a fear of pain/suffering.

Personally, I had a fear of suffering that really limited my ability to enjoy and create my experience. It wasn’t until I began to embrace pain and take it on, that I realized there was nothing to fear. When the fear was gone, my power came back.

What do you fear? Why?



Sophia said...

I used to fear death but now I look at it with curiosity.

Jason Randhawa said...

Great Sophia! When curiosity replaces fear, it becomes much easier to become a Conscious Creator.


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