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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zeitgeist: Must-Watch Paradigm-Shifting Documentary

Hello Friend,

Today I want to expose you to some vital information that you are probably completely unaware of. Of course, there is a reason you are unaware of this information, since if everyone knew this stuff society would no longer function as it has been for the past couple of centuries. There are many essential flaws in the current paradigm and in how humanity works as a whole.

As you know, the only way for a New Earth to come about is for each individual to educate themselves on these flaws and understand that a solution is possible. It will not help you to become overwhelmed with all of humanity's many problems. Keep in mind that all you must do, as Gandhi said, is be the change you wish to see in the world. You can transform society by changing yourself and the role you play in the world. With this in mind, here is the link to the movie I have been preparing you for:

I believe the information exposed in the Zeitgeist Addendum (the 2nd part of this 2-Part Documentary) is more important for the world to become aware of. So if you are short on time, just watch this movie (it is two hours, but well worth it!!). If you are able to and feel inclined please make the time to watch both of these movies.

Regardless, I strongly recommend everyone watch the Zeitgeist Addendum for free here


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