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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Your Last Energy Alert from Karen Bishop


Seven years ago, I began writing about the experiences of ascension. At that time, there were a rare few having these strange, seemingly unexplainable symptoms and experiences. Most individuals were still going about their lives as if nothing had changed. But as time went on, many, many more came on board. In this way, much to my surprise, my audience grew. It was thrilling to see this process in action, as a growing audience of readers was proof that we were indeed going through a miraculous process of spiritual evolution.

We have come so far. First, as a small group of way-showers guiding the way and forging new territory for many to follow, and now with so many rapidly climbing the rungs of the ascension ladder.

As a planet, we have made impressive progress. The more souls who are embraced by the ascension process, the more rapid our spiritual evolution will become. And this is occurring now.

Recently, we crossed a pivotal threshold due to all the purging and releasing we had done so far. A critical mass was then reached because enough souls were now embodying enough light within them to hold the light here…to hold the light for this planet as never before. In this way, any guidance or surges of light coming from the outside, began to diminish. We had graduated to a new level indeed.

As the Hopi so eloquently put it, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” And now it is our time. We hold now more than ever before, the answers within us. So in this way, it is time as well, for me to move on. I am no longer needed in this particular role. This role will now be filled by you.

We are each powerful in our own rite. We are such awesome souls! And we are moving into new roles. This is a good and miraculous thing. This means that much has transpired and we will now be needed in a new way. This is what the past few weeks and months of re-connecting has been all about.

Although I will no longer be writing “energy alerts,” I will still be around, but in a different capacity. I am taking a short sabbatical (I have no idea how long) to complete my re-connection process, and then I will be launching a very new web site designed to assist those growing their angel wings and becoming the angels of the earth. Although all the pieces of my very new role have not all been formulated, know that the new site will be designed with you in mind. I hope you will join me there.

Energy alert archives will still be available, as will books and other new assists. And there will be new information posted on a regular basis as well….just like the energy alerts, but now containing things that are more appropriate to where we currently are on our ascension journey.

(Those who wish to terminate your donation subscriptions to What’s Up On Planet Earth?, may do so by going into your PayPal history. If you would like to continue with these on-going automatic donations, you may do so as well, as the new web site will be strictly donation only.)

While on sabbatical, the Stepping Into the New Reality Questions & Answers page will be updated regularly. So I welcome you in visiting the What’s Up On Planet Earth? site as often as you wish. If you are on the mailing list, you will be notified when the very new web site is up and rolling. You may still sign up through the old web site until then. Everything on the What’s Up On Planet Earth? web site will still be live and running, except that there will no longer be new energy alerts.

Thanking each and every one of you for your years of support and dedication seems trite, to say the least. I would not have been able to continue in my joy and passion if it were not for you. My gratitude to you is boundless. And even though I could never rationalize why so many of you kept coming back for more, I was delighted none-the-less. Thank you so much, you beautiful souls!

And now, onto the last energy alert:

October brought in some very new connections for some, and although things began to pick up a bit, the temperature was still not right for jumping in. It was hoped that the time would be ripe, as many of our ducks were now in a row, but as with much of everything, with personal choice involved, things can only progress according to where they are.

In many areas on the planet now, it suddenly becomes cold and nature pulls back thinking it is time. Then all of the sudden it is warm once again, and nature wants to bloom! Very confusing indeed. And this is how it is with the energies. It can be difficult to know what will come next, as any normal patterns have seemingly changed.

In this way, at higher levels we are being asked to wait a bit longer, to pull back, to stay out of the mainstream, and to sit tight until the masses are indeed ready for our services and assists. The natural inclination of the masses is to want things to be “fixed,” to want some stability, and at times to want to go back to the familiar and to restore as much as possible. But this cannot be.

So until enough are ready to let go and embrace something very new, to become aware of their brothers and sisters that surround them, and to support each other as a team, another big and substantial shake-up will indeed occur.

Going into the masses now, before the time is right, will result in some fairly unpleasant scenarios. Much of the time we will feel invisible, invalidated, not heard, diminished, dis-respected, and basically as if we do not even exist. Lower vibrating energies cannot “see” higher vibrating energies, similar to angels existing in the non-physical plane, and this is what will indeed occur when we attempt to jump back into old energy. It will be enough to make one want to flee and never return.

So then, we can know that our needs will be met while we “wait.” It can be a good time to enjoy ourselves and do fun things and simply laugh and play, as always.

The re-connecting process has been a long one. Many are having strange dreams and unusual visitations in their sleep. Hearing sounds, feeling a presence, and so forth are symptoms that another dimension is indeed now merging with us.

Coughing spells, intestinal distress, heart palpitations, and insomnia are also signs of preparation for the new as we release more of the older and denser energies within us. One interesting symptom of ascension is the inability to spell things correctly or write an appropriate sentence. It can be common to superimpose letters as well. As one with a history of perfect spelling and grammar, this has been an interesting experience for me, and has grown increasingly worse. I choose to believe that the message is what is truly important and have really let go of the perfection of it all, so I don’t bother with an editor as well. It simply does not matter anymore and is a place I can no longer go.

This ties in as well with that old familiar memory loss when trying to have a conversation. We are moving into states where energy is all there is. Little details do not matter at this stage. It is the feeling and the energy of anything that is all that is left.

How in the world do we survive when our brains no longer function? We just do. There is a higher part of us, or our souls, who navigate through it all. We are simply losing much of our old 3D selves.

By trusting that our process is being divinely guided, and thus, allowing ourselves to leave the old behind and move forward into a very new space, will always place us in alignment with where we need to be.

If we can know that what is occurring on the outside has nothing to do with us, separate from the process of the fall as much as possible, and stay in our personal sanctuaries, then we can rest assured that our connection to something new and more aligned with Source and our true authentic selves will be ensured.

Wishing you continued Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life. Much love to you all,


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