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Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Quick Tip for Experiencing Happiness

Hello Friend,

Everyday I receive emails from the subscribers to my email lists with comments, questions, feedback, and once in a while a beautiful gem of wisdom. A few days ago, Tariq, a subscriber to the Metaphysical Mind Ezine and the New Earth List sent me one of those. He has agreed that it would be beneficial for me to share this piece of spiritual insight with you. Quoting directly from his email...

"Today I experienced something that felt like a revelation to me. It was a very special moment and I got this knowledge or you may say an idea from a place from somewhere within me. I want to share it with you as I believe that it may change your life towards better as it did to mine own.

It told me to "always keep a smiling face". No matter what, just keep smiling. Accept every aspect of life with a smile. It doesn't have to be wide smile. But just a serene mild smile. It may also be as subtle as that of Mona Lisa's. It does not matter how it is, as long as it is just a SMILE. Enlighten your self and throw this enlightenment through this smile. Always smile consciously. This may sound like something that is very easy to do. But when you start practicing this you will see that how difficult it is to always keep smiling. That's how it is. When you anticipate an unwanted situation, greet it with a smile. The situation does not stay as unwanted as it seemed after being greeted by your sweet smile."

Keep Smiling,


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