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Sunday, April 13, 2008

One World Meditations Important Update

Hello Friend,

Many of the regular readers of this blog participate in the One World Meditations sponsored by Blessings of the Light and Light Omega. I wrote about these global meditations on this blog back in January.

If you have not been participating in these meditations, but would like to, you can learn more about this exciting opportunity at their website:

Below is an important update on the scheduling of these meditations during Daylight Savings time.

Since they would like everyone, no matter where they are located, to be meditating at the same time, they have decided to KEEP GREENWICH MEAN TIME (GMT) CONSTANT ALL YEAR, and to vary the U.S. times for One World Meditations.

Here is the new schedule. Please note the change on Thursdays for U.S. participants beginning April 10th.

Wednesdays: 9:00PM (EDT), 6:00PM (PDT), 01:00 (GMT) 2PM Thurs. (NZ) in the FALL this will change to 8:00PM (EST), 5:00PM (PST), 01:00 (GMT)

Thursdays: 3:00PM (EDT), 12Noon (PDT) 19:00 (GMT) 8AM. Fri. (NZ) in the FALL this will change to 2:00PM (EST), 11AM (PST), 19:00 (GMT)

In order to receive ongoing updates about One World Meditations including a reminder of the schedule change in the Fall, you can join their mailing list. This will also help to unify the community of participants that are taking part in this effort, worldwide.

We are all in this together,


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