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Saturday, January 19, 2008

New In 2008 -- One World Weekly Meditation

Hello Friend,

I had an amazing time in India, and now I am ready to continue my weekly blog posts on the lastest news and information on the New Earth Transformation happening within our planet. Below is a beautiful article that will introduce you to the One World Meditations now happening to stregthen the planetary network of love and light.

A New Foundation of Light and Truth

Dearest Beloved Children of God,

The energetic templates for a New Earth have been created through the arduous and faithful work of so many souls both incarnated and from within the realms of spirit. Now is the time to begin to express, manifest and live the new light that is now available to body, mind, spirit and consciousness in 2008. Rise up now from the ashes of your old life that is no more, and embrace the new that is arriving.

To many souls, the new light is not yet visible, except through the experience of increased intensity of the purification process. For others, the light is beginning a process of expansion where there was previously contraction. For all, the new light is revealing increased possibilities for truth to reveal itself and expose what was previously hidden by deception, denial or fear.

God's light manifests in many ways, by both accelerating the vibrational frequency of matter, and by transmitting the experience of divine love which carries within itself divine truth and all other spiritual qualities that are a part of love. When the veils are lifted from your eyes, and you are able to see and feel more clearly with God's eyes of love, divine truth will begin to reveal itself and to lead you towards freedom from illusion, denial, despair and fear.

Divine truth will now begin to manifest in the world of physical form in more tangible ways, offering new possibilities for all beings to see clearly the realities present within ones own consciousness and within the world. It will become less and less possible to hide that which is not of the light, as God's light begins to shine more brightly and clearly within the consciousness of all. This will for some create crises on the personal level, as previously unconscious thoughts, feelings and emotions will begin to release strongly into consciousness and to cause a re-evaluation of one's deepest self.

Dearest ones, you can align yourself with the movements of light by creating a sacred space within your consciousness, your life, and your home environment. Align yourself with others who are committed to spiritual life. Join together with the prayers of others during the new One World global meditations, to connect with the healing light and share this light with others and with the Earth.

The time has arrived for sacred action in the world of form. As you pray, meditate, and ask God to lead you, your intuition will guide you towards the resources, people, places and new directions that most resonate with your divine purpose. Release any fears you may hold about surrendering to God's life, and listen deeply to the wisdom of your heart. Your heart speaks clearly now and will lead you in the new directions that are needed for your personal unfoldment and for the journey of all.

With all love and blessings, Amen.

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