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Saturday, December 22, 2007

This Holiday Season...

Hello Friend,

2007 has really been a magical year for the New Earth Transformation, which we have shared together through this blog. I am sure it will only get better.

It has also been an amazing year for me personally. As I moved to Montreal to attend McGill University, and released the New Earth E-Book which has sold hundreds of copies in just a few months.

I will be leaving for India in a few hours, which will be my second journey to India this year. I will be going there for a couple of weeks to attend my cousin's marriage. Access to the internet will be limited, and I will probably not be able to make any blog posts until I get back next year. Please note that if you send me an email it will take me a couple of days to respond.

Until then, if you have some spare time during your holiday season, and would like some great new earth material to study, I suggest you read Mary's free "Preparing for Ascension" E-Book if you have not already. This is the same great resource I shared with you in last week's blog post.

See you in 2008,


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