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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Money Makeover: Old Money vs. New Money

Welcome New Earth Explorer,

My friend Slade and has just tagged me in his recent Blog post. Check out the post for a complete background on this challenge:

Basically… If I understand correctly, I am supposed to personify both Old Money and New Money. Quoting Slade: “If money was a person, who would he be?”

I understand that this post is not directly related to the New Earth. But, I think it is good to switch up the topics from time to time…

Old Money

For me old money is a person I worshipped. It was someone who I greatly respected and admired. He was very deceptive, because he promised me great things, and I always believed him. He very rarely lived up to his promises.

He wears a nice suit and is always well-dressed. He seems to be happy all of the time.

He was very clever, and always got more out a relationship than his “mutual” partner. Old money used the laws of power to keep control. He seemed very authentic, yet elusive and hard to be friends with. This made me want to be friends with him even more.

New Money

New Money is a very kind, compassionate being. No longer is it hard to create a relationship with him. Instead it is very easy, as he is very friendly and inviting. He shows much more respect for me than the old money.

He is usually dressed in casual clothing. Wearing simple clothes like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I am more attracted to his personality than his outward appearance. New Money is always there for me. He is a giver, and is always giving me the more beneficial side of our relationship.

Lesson from New Money: Inviting Meaningful Abundance into Your Life

Money is truly abundant. If you wish to invite this New Money abundance into your life develop a proper mutual relationship. If you are worshipping Old Money, you are not acknowledging the abundance in money. Instead think of money as being a spiritual tool for your personal growth. Realize that money is nothing without you.

New Money does not allow me to think too highly of him. He understands that if I did this, then I would not get to see very much of him.

Thanks for the opportunity Slade…


1 comment:

Slade said...


Thank you for participating. I thought your insight into the difference between Hero Worship and Real Friendship was an important, laser-sharp point that all who read your take on this exercise can find an important clue to help them reach their own wisdom in this matter.

And, just to bring the post's relevance back around to your New Earth focus -- this REALLY is an important part of our future.

The New Earth will be made up of people who have looked within -- at their relationships with Money, as well as other Abstract concepts that need healing -- and created the change within themselves, one person at a time.

Ask yourself this: What if everyone in the world came to a similar conclusion about Meaningful Abundance, and began to behave according to that consciousness?

Ahh, yes. That IS the population of New Earth. This is but one glimpse into where all our heads must be to bring about -- to live in -- a New World.


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