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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Preparing for the 5th Dimension

Hello Friend,

The New Earth has also been called the "5th World". A big reason for this is because the New Earth is said to exist in the 5th dimension, which is beyond space and time. Today, you will learn how to prepare for 5-D.

Preparing for 5-D
Feb 18, 2007

We are already being mentally and spiritually conditioned for our move physically and permanently into the 5th Dimension.

This is a POSITIVE MESSAGE demonstrating our shifting consciousness which will hopefully encourage anyone reading it.

Imagine a single-celled amoeba or even some type of simple-celled bacterial lifeform. Its consciousness, at its limited state, is purely reactionary. It lives its life concerned with only survival. If the conditions for life exist it reaches out and feeds, and continues to feed until it ingests enough for its DNA to double, then it splits and then there are two feeding until they again split, and continue to live in this linear fashion, continually moving forward (or outward from its original position) until the conditions for feeding cease and it goes dormant (awaiting the next opportunity to feed and divide) or dies. Imagine bacteria in a Petri dish. This is pretty much how it lives and dies. That is, at its most basic, linear 1st Dimensional living and consciousness.

Now imagine an ant or some other more complex lifeform living its entire life on the surface of the earth. It does not l look up and wonder about the clouds or the stars. It is primarily concerned about the propagation of its species. It builds communities and protects, nurtures and thrives, and reacts to conditions in its immediate environment. It seeks shelter from the weather and predators, it farms and raises food and builds. Its understanding of its world is limited to its environment, but does not try to rise above it, control it, or even understand it, or concern itself with the affairs of other species unless it is a matter of territory. Its world is essentially flat and centered on the essentials of continuity. It moves back and forth and does comprehend the idea of width as it relates to territory. When its community is threatened it fights, when its community grows too big it breaks off to form another. Gravity has little effect on it in the sense that,like an ant, it does not perceive UP and DOWN, it only knows back and forth. As long as there is surface it can move. If it has a religious system, it must surely think that humans and other animals are gods since they seem to come out of nowhere and smash them. Their lifeform is so far removed or separated from that of higher forms of life they can’t imagine what life is like outside of living life on a plane (flat surface). This is planar 2nd Dimensional living and consciousness.

Now lets move up the evolutionary ladder to man. We might imagine that there are other lifeforms that consider its environment beyond the simple 2-D concepts, but we can only judge them based on their demonstration of those considerations, such as, intentionally building vehicles that help them traverse beyond their point of origin. As such, we can grant some limited higher consciousness to the animal kingdom, but, for the vast proportion of their life, they are 2-D entities. Even birds, who do exist in the air, still only use the air as a means of getting from point A to point B. So, for them, the air is still just another surface for which they are naturally equipped.

Over the millennia man’s consciousness has slowly shifted from 2-D to 3-D. Man slowly grew out of his fearful belief structure in which his reality was a flat earth where the unknown existed above and below and at the edge of their reality. As Discovery and Invention became part of man’s normal existence, he developed 3rd Dimensional consciousness. Man has added to his natural experience the concept of curiosity. Not just curiosity about where the next meal, shelter or mate might be found, but curiosity simply for the sake of curiosity’s sake. Wonder. Wonder became the separation point form mankind to shift into higher states of consciousness. First man wondered about his environment and why it was the way it was. Man looked up and wondered if he could reach up and touch the sky so he reasoned that if he could climb high enough he should be able to do so, but fear of the unknown told him this was not allowed (Tower of Babel). Man invented classism, sexism, prejudiceand religion to control others within his species. This is living IN THE BOX (within the cube). There were four walls and nothing else, all reality was governed by immutable laws that were a mystery only the clergy of whatever religious superstition and political body could dictate and disseminate. There became two different perspectives on the purpose of mankind’s existence; to simply continue and thrive in an unchanging, fear-based world or to expand and evolve his conscious understanding. These two perspectives fought against each other for millennia. Each tiny step of evolutionary thinking and experimentation and finally general acceptance opened the door to the next, and then the next, ever while fighting against the established conditions of those who supposedly controlled the thinking and actions of the common individual. This was/is our shift into 3rd Dimensional living and consciousness.

So what is 4th Dimensional living and consciousness? For one, moving/thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX is 4-D living and thinking. Recognizing there is something MORE and that it can and should be understood. That is our mind is a living Tesseract or Hypercube capable of expanding and thinking beyond the perceived barriers of physical matter. Another notable way we are already living “subconsciously” within the 4th Dimension. Since the 4th Dimension is presented as “Time” or rather the concept of “non-linear time” or, more correctly, “space-time” we have actually, passively begun to incorporate into our thinking the very idea that time and space are relative to the individual perception. With the invention of writing we have documented our known history, and combined with our imagination and ingenuity we can perceive the past and extrapolate into the future. We see time from both ends of the spectrum, and from any juncture we choose. Not only that, but we have actually, as amass consciousness, CHANGED the past. This is a subtle concept that not many will consider, but it is absolutely true. How have we changed the past? Consider the FACT that mankind literally accepted, beyond doubt, as a species, that the world was flat. That the Sun somehow traversed across the sky and that, for all intents and purposes, the Earth was the center of reality (the universe). There was no other concept of life beyond the known and anything not known or understood was feared. Breaking free of these fear-based superstitions and allowing our innate natural sense of wonder and curiosity to well up and flow forth has moved us well into the 4th Dimension and we haven’t yet fully acknowledged this. Even so, there are constant clues that we have the ability to “think outside the box” and even radically CHANGE the past. Think about it! What once was considered FACT, that the Earth was the center of the Universe is now, accepted on a mass scale to be untrue. There was a time when it was actually forbidden to study the internal structure of the human body and to understand how it worked. People were exiled or even killed for trying to move beyond the established order. We have awakened to the new facts or SHIFTING of our consciousness that the world was NEVER, EVER, EVER, flat, but was always a sphere. Not only that, but that the Earth actually revolves around the Sun. Our understanding and mass consciousness has evolved/shifted beyond 3-D to understanding that things were NEVER the way we once believed and thus the past is forever changed. Some, who are locked into 3-D linear thinking will not comprehend this subtle, yet fantastic concept, but it is the truth. We have changed the past, because we are no longer limited to linear time.

Because the 4th Dimension is both Space AND Time, we are also expanding our consciousness in other ways, such as quantum physics, or more practically, understanding that our Sun is merely a star, one of billions upon billions that actually exists in on small section of our greater galaxy, which, in turn is just one galaxy among billions and billions and billions in the Universe. This is moving us into the 5th Dimension and gravitating our mind to accepting that we are really just one planet of intelligent lifeforms among billions and billions within our galaxy, and that there are potentially other billions of intelligent liferforms outside of our galaxy as well. Not only are we learning to accept, on a mass conscious level this form of thought, but we are accepting that all matter is really just energy… the fact of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is becoming a personal equation for us to all comprehend the existence of life in all of its various potentialities. “Energy equals mass times celeritas (speed of light) squared” or E-mc2. Mass is really just energy in another form. As such we, too, have the potential to change. If we are just energy, and we currently only know what we know now, and recognize that we didn’t know what we know now until we discovered it, we recognize that there is so much more that we have yet to discover. Potentiality and possibility is 5th Dimensional living and consciousness. When we let go of our attachments to only accepting what we can see, feel, hear, touch and taste, and accept that there is as much potential as we are willing to allow, THEN we shift into conscious 5th Dimensional existence. Some interesting consequences or aspects of moving or expanding our consciousness, in a subconscious or unconscious way, are Vertigo & Déjà vu, which are symptomatic of being out of sync with 3D. These are two examples of the disorientating effects of tapping into higher levels of perception while not fullyembracing the concepts of higher dimensional perception.

Paradigm shifts (awakenings, enlightenments, ascensions) occur on an individual and mass scale. The current state of “reality” for Earth’s mass consciousness, however, is a blend of 3rd and 4th Dimensionality. However, on a personal or individual level, many have indeed awakened to a 5-D reality. Becoming fully a 4th Dimensional Human is simply the act BEING in the moment, while migrating to the 5th Dimension is simply the passive action of ALLOWING for any and all potentiality or possibility. No longer struggling to control or maintain or imposing limitations upon yourself or others, but to simply BE & ALLOW.

It is my hope that this message is accepted in the love in which it was intended.


Pholus Aquula Xephyr
"SUNBOWS" -Shift Happens! GET INTUIT!"
We are not human beings on a Spiritual Journey, but rather spiritual beings on a Human Journey"


EvoLight312 said...

Great post, but I would have been satisfied with just the following:
"How to get to the 5th Dimension"-
Be then Allow
J/k, keep up the good work!

Gracee said...

Thanks for this ... it's the clearest explanation of the dimensions that I've ever read! I thought you might find this link interesting too ...

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

great case if u need more info about ascensions , how to get in to 5D..etc here is the link

Anonymous said...

In 2003 i had just started a new job. Iwas siting at the lunch table with my boss and we where discussing dreams. I mentioned a dream i had had on several occations. This dream was about, at that time i believe to be, a 4th or 5th demintional kinda dream. I t consisted of changing shapes. Shapes that changed on its own understanding. As if it where alive. The weird thing about these shapes is that i could feel them changing. It was almost as the feeling of falling, a sort of out of my controll type of feeling. The weirdest part of the dream is that i was the shape. I know it sounds weird but i believed these dreams to be somehow more reality then not. Now when writing this to you, i was about to push enter for the message to be saved and my lap top completely shut off It came out of nowhere an has never happened before. I do believe that there will soon be a type of awakening for us all and will occur soon. I dont know what this means but it may be a shock for a lot of people who chose to close there minds to the possibilities. I think by then, the train may have already started on its way.

Maria said...

I know about the 5th dimension, and i've started to get ready for the entrance in the 5th dimension....tanks a lot for the post...i've tried also to make other people believe, but no one cares..

Tanis said...

In response to Maria: I believe everyone cares to a certain extent. It is just that some people seem to be so narrow-minded at this point that they are somehow embarrassed or afraid to believe such a way of life. Willingness to admit and give in to open-mindedness is the first step in gaining greater a perception. Some people are just more willing than others at this point. But, I believe that will change for the better as time passes. As for myself, I am open to any possibility :)

Anonymous said...

I am so amazed how as we move into higher vibrations now the time is moving so fast.

adam (not eves mate :P) said...

religion hinders peoples growth. slavery of the mind will always be there so i am doubtful that the masses will ever be all 5th dimensional thinkers. sad really..

Anonymous said...

How do you prepare to enter 5D?
And does the physical body enter it or , is it shed off?

Thanx for post.Awesome article.


diana said...

Awesome post. Iam interseted in learning more about, actual holes in our electromagnetic grid, corralating to geographical sites on our planet. Such sites making easy access to the 5th demention.

Sothngal said...

You have put to words what I've been trying to explain to family but just didn't know how or what words to use. You have also given me a greater understanding of what is happening to myself with the way I have been feeling and thinking lately. I see you put this on the internet some time is now Jan 8, 2011 and I have been searching for your perfect explanation. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for your loving contribution and clarification on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. It was exactly what wanted to find, what I needed to read in order the manage the energies well. With loving appreciation,

shanepokermaniac said...

This is an amazing post, very enlightening. Thanks

Posed Butterfly said...

Thank you... enlightenment when needed.

Anonymous said...

I thought the higher dimensions existed anyway, humans or no humans.

Anonymous said...

Wow that was the most stuped thing I have ever read I feel stupid for wasting my time
You can't change the past and to say that just by thinking a certain way makes you capable of doing anything is retarded, so if I think I can jump off a building and be ok that doesn't mean I will be

Anonymous said...

The signs that the 5th dimension is already here depends upon the amount of DNA that is decoded. The 3D human has had their DNA frequencies shut off for thousands of years due to brainwashing and controlling. As we awaken, our DNA activates and as a result we have certain experiences such as ringing in the ears, pain in the chakra areas, a feeling of lack of reality, lucid dreaming, deja-vous and out of body.
As everyone is different, we are all experiencing this dimensional shift in different ways. If we think that 3D is "normal" then we literally shut off our DNA or chakra resceptors. If we do not listen to our intuition, a 5D energy, then we do not allow ourselves to exist within 5D.
The people that believe in and live within the box of religion, government, education systems, media, war and poverty are not allowing 5D to exist within their own paradigm. Simple research can rid all these belief systems and knowledge will awaken the DNA.
Nobody appears to care because the great awakening will be at its height between 2013 and 2020. The Earth at the moment consits of a mix of 3D and 5D energies and it may take 20 years before the full shift into 5D.


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