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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Are you qualified for Ascension?

Qualifications for Ascension by Saint Germain through Aruna Byers.

Aruna Byers is one of the many contributors to the New Earth Ebook I am putting together called "The Future of the New Earth: Ascension or Apocalypse". It is a compilation of expert interviews and opinions on the topic of the New Earth. Aruna's contribution to this book is on "The Relevance of Awakening."

A good sample of her work is the following article on the Qualifications for Ascension:

Many messages have been delivered about meditation, channeling and developing the link to our realm. In all of these messages one of the common denominators has been answering the call of my chelas to help them ascend. Today's message may seem dramatic because not enough of my chelas have given themselves enough credit to consider themselves one of those ascending. Non-awareness cancels this contract, so I am now going to detail all of the reasons ascension can be their next consciousness.

* No conditions of human change can negate the open and active love now delivered from any of them.
* No attitudes of 'mine vs. yours' cancels their ability to give.
* No details of their mental dialog attack others.
* No close encounters with other dimensions create negative attitudes.
* Claims of advanced mastery do not concern them.
* Names and abilities are God's choice, not the choice of their daily mental activity. If a name was taken it came from many causes other than dislike of an existing name.
* Pretense about danger has been cleared.
* Money cancellation has been by initiation, not dark contact. Acceptance of this has been another level of development.
* No details of mass consciousness control their mental decisions.
* Planetary consciousness has gone on to the 5th dimension. My chelas have continued to grow in awareness during this advance.

No dates for ascension can be given yet, as these dates depend on changes in the mass consciousness that are still needed because they make new demands on the non-aligned masters now leading others. Ascension in a group does not activate any control over these changes. This would only delete the more advanced minds from mass consciousness. Put in a more understandable way, as long as mentally clear minds are adding light to man's awareness, their ascension cannot demand that their domain be changed. We need more clarity of heart and mind in all group mind arenas. Take away those that contribute the most open and advanced clarity makes no contribution to the mass.

Politics cannot continue to add negativity to human affairs. Ascension can delete negativity towards mankind's ability to determine man's destiny. Allowing the Bush group no destructive decisions or energy for mass destruction of other countries needs those chelas aware of community consciousness to defeat them.

Please delete all negative mental attitudes towards the men and women being used by the defenders of darkness. May they be cleared of their controllers at once. It is this mental attitude of caring that can change man's destiny to "ascension NOW." Open the door to your heart and only give out aware attitudes that are not derogatory about anyone. 'Pure of heart' means only delivering awareness to the One. It means acting like One God consciousness cannot be divided. In Masters this is always the case.

In the beginning of this New Age of Awareness many concepts about deities of the negative awareness were energized by their abilities with magic and thought transfer. Now these concepts need deleting. Any name with magic or deception ascribed to it must be questioned about its awareness. It's always best to ask only to connect with Christ consciousness. In all cases of channeling, never accept energies to channel that are not able to quickly declare their Christ consciousness. Always ask. An angel or Ascended Master is Christ consciousness. Many using our names are not.

Another misconception about deities not of Christ consciousness is that all are alike in their motivation to contact humans. Not a correct assumption. None of the non-Christ consciousness deities give only because of love. Many desire accolades or their names being famous. Others want to manipulate. My advice is to ONLY connect with Christ consciousness and accept this guidance as accurate. Others are not as capable of being accurate.

Truth is relative. No deity has an accurate ability to deliver answers about Truth because no concepts are true. Play with this next quote: "Truth can only be delivered to a quiet mind, and as the delivery occurs, nothing the mind concludes about Truth can be."

Aruna Byers
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