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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meditation of Twelve Flames

A New Earth Meditation Technique Written by Nadia Annicchiarico

This meditation can be a very useful instrument for personal and collective transformation. It will be a perfect meditation for 12 12.


For each flame visualize a beam of light, of the colour described below, flowing into you. Use very light and lightful colours, tender and delicate. Accept them with thankfulness and send them with love and respect. You can imagine the flow of light coming from above or from Mother Earth, as both possibilities have been activated. Once you are able to use it for yourself, you can ask the flames to flow onto the whole planet.

-May the Violet light of Transmutation flow in me and purify me

-May the Silver light of Mercy, transform my karma through the gift of change and forgiveness

-May the White light of Divine Consciousness clear my mind and open me to real truth

-May the White golden light of Cristic conciousness flow in me and make me one with all creation.

-May the transparent light of Cosmic consciousness let me know God beyond creation

-May the light blue light of Wisdom let me be wise

-May the light turquoise light of Peace, bring peace to me, my life and my relations

-May the light green light of Harmony and Respect, heal me from past injuries and bring balance to my life and my relations, may I be respected and respect whole life.

-May the golden green light of Cooperation solve competition in me and around me

-May the golden light of Unconditional Love flow in me, heal me and express through me

-May the pinky orange light of Creative Service open me to creativity in service of whole life

-May the pink light of Tenderness flow in me and let me open to real strength which is tenderness

-May all these frequencies be always in me, protect me, and change my life.

Written by Nadia Annicchiarico of Sicily

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alm said...

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clicking the link.


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