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Saturday, October 17, 2009



I recently received an email from a group whose stated purpose was seeking truth about life and death but they wanted it to be provable and based upon rationalistic “reason”. Of those they link to are a number of dark force aligned interests that are about furthering separation of humanity from True Self and The Creator of All/God/etc. and in emphasizing the primacy of the individual self.

This same evening I saw a broadcast television program that was essentially a promotional piece for a new book by a popular author named Dan Brown. His specialty is to supply adventure-mystery stories to feed public intrigue with the secrets behind secret cabals. What Brown really does is to disclose inconsequential information to a na├»ve public while helping to conceal the deeper and darker truths of those he purports to expose. I also was sent something about a “declaration for an integral world” that is closely aligned with a panoply of new age, new world order, eclectism that are without real spiritual connection and that promote the primacy of the individual above all else.

I mention these items here under “Truth” because what is most missing from all of the above is connection to higher spiritual existence and The Creator of All/God/etc. The recent Dan Brown book is essentially a public relations piece for “Freemasonry” and its emphasis on the freedom of the individual, etc. –one deliberately devoid of connection to Creator/God/etc. In this context of separation, there is the imperative of humans becoming gods, but devoid of any true spiritual Light. In other words, false ascension.

If the embodied forces of darkness wish to succeed, they will most likely do so by donning the mask of an eclectic “new age”, “integralism” that makes the individual self primary, along with the power of humanity to be embraced by a false oneness, under the control of dark forces. This has already been successfully used under the broad heading of a “common enemy” of global warming or climate change. This false “oneness” is also being prepared as part of a larger package that presents an “alien threat”. Whether the “alien threat” card will be played remains to be seen. This latter point is discussed further in a special essay in the concluding material to Global Awakening News titled “ET”.

From my comments to the “truth” group: …desire for the real “Truth” is good. We all can and will "really know Truth", even beyond what globally acknowledged sages such as Jesus, Buddha, etc. spoke of. Their words at the time were vectors for a higher level transmission to those around them who could pay attention in that way. Over time, those word-vectors became garbled through many interpretations and translations by humans projecting themselves over this work. High intention and high listening is one way around this difficulty.

Without spiritual wisdom, the human rational mind cannot properly discern truth from falsehood….

That which calls itself humanity is now in the early stages of "dying to death itself" and "dying to the old while still embodied".

Some refer to this as ascension and transformation. It is about experiencing "Truth and Beauty" from ones higher self perspective which in turn helps to heal the personality or ego self. From this the personality or ego-self can relax its grip on a illusory reality that is dissolving and find proper connection with True Self.

Truth is proven to each through a vast inner spiritual realization that, despite outward appearances, nearly everyone can experience. First they need to turn their intention and attention to their own higher soul being and to The Creator of All/ God/ etc. Until that happens, Truth will remain elusive and poor substitutes will continue to be proferred instead.

As it unfolds at first, it can be very disturbing to some.

There is no need for any external authorities or external proofs once this inner realization begins. External authorities, even those rare few who speak proximations of Truth, are external distractions to this process.

Humans have achieved very little by way of "verified" absolute truths. 99% of what passes as the accomplishment of this civilization is based upon the application of some basic principles and the systematic enslavement of whole peoples and planet by forces mostly unknown to most. Take any major events of global significance. Consider the events of Sept 11 2001. There are those who believe the official stories and there are those who do not. Of those who do not, there are many differences. Even if someone were to know exactly who did what and when, the bigger question remains, what does this event truly mean? If or when humans come to believe the extent to which this was an "insider job" and that the official stories are all lies with made-up stories about heroic air passengers, the pentagon, the WTC, etc., etc. Where is real Truth in all this? How is it possible that there are humans of such dark motivations to do all these things. How is it possible that so many people would so readily believe the lies they were told about these events? How is it possible that 65% of adults in the USA support the current state of war? What is the greater truth about the ignorance and somnambulance of so many people today? Consider the greater truths about the true nature of the global wars of the last 100 years. What if people really knew "the facts"? Even if they did, where is the spiritual Truth to all this?

Fortunately, this is now all coming to an end.

All that humans can externally verify is that they can find ways to maintain agreement of the nature of a reality that fundamentally is a projection. Once one can truly see that, then one can then see beyond appearances. Once spiritually so informed, much more can be accomplished that is "True" at its very nature.

There are other ways to "make things" than by the violence of human technology. People think that the "science" and practice of stone or metal work is advanced today, but it is very crude and violent in comparison with a spiritual consciousness that can speak to the energy and consciousness that constitutes “matter”.

So if one really wants to know Truth, then this is a path to ascension, nothing less.


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