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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Sacred Time of Blessing

Dearest Beloved Ones,

There is a new anchoring of light that is taking place on the Earth, as the spiritual dimensions and the physical dimensions continue to come together within the physical manifestation of the Earth.

For many people, new and completely unexplainable experiences and events are happening as the result of this joining. For some this is increasing the levels of fear and the desire to 'hold on' and return to a more familiar way of being.

Beloved ones, spiritual guidance is being offered in multiple ways from the Realms of Light, and is available to you at all times. If you are having difficulty feeling connected to your spiritual divine Source, see if you can create a regular quiet time in front of your altar. This will create a space where you can more easily feel and sense inner guidance that is being offered to you from the Realms of Light.

Each soul, each living being is created with God's holy and divine spark of light, love and truth. They myriad and infinite variations of unique individuality are God's celebration of the abundance and diversity of all life.

Seek to discover and to honor your unique divine harmony, the beautiful and blessed voice and creative expression that is You. Honor all parts of you, including those parts that carry pain, fear or darkness. Cherish every part of your divine being, and God's love will open in your heart and expand outward to encompass the whole world.

You are blessed with God's holy gift of life and breath at this sacred time on the Earth. May all aspects of your divine life in God, and your embodied life on Earth be richly blessed and brought forward into new possibilities, new life and new hope during this time of birth. With all love and blessings, Amen. is a spiritual gathering place dedicated to the unity of souls and to the creation of a sacred earth.

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