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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Life

A Poem by Jason Randhawa

Days just seem to come and go,
Time and Space seem to effortlessly flow.

Passing by,
Like a flash in my eye,
I spend my time constantly asking why?

Refusing to fall into old belief patterns,
While I pray that society eventually learns,
That the earth is physically and mentally alive,
And without peace humanity will never thrive.

Science and technology have shown remarkable progress,
But the vast majority of us spend our days in overwhelming stress.
After evolving so much, we are still blind
To the inner workings of our own Mind.

You must get your perspective in gear,
Deep down...there is nothing to fear,
The precious gift that you are now receiving,
Will at times be incredibly deceiving,
Never forget that life is too short,
To spend it without happiness of some sort,
Living now is the only way,
You will ever be able to truly play,
Live by your own rules,
Do not judge the fools,
Forget about settling scores,
You have one life to live and its yours.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi Jason
Your poem touched me as though you were reading my thoughts in regard to my life.
Thank you and may you have a blessed day


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