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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Light and Darkness on the New Earth

Beloved Children of God,

Your old world is now rapidly transforming, which is creating a time of massive transition for humanity and for countless individuals whose lives are affected by the major global economic, political, social and earth changes. Today your world stands on the precipice of a new day, however most souls on the Earth cannot feel the joyous reality of this new time.

Beloved ones, as the presence of God's light strengthens daily in leaps and bounds on the Earth, the presence of darkness and oppositional energies also increases. God's light is inherently stronger and will ultimately triumph, shifting this energetic configuration to a new level. At the present time, the moment to moment and daily interplay of the energies of light and darkness is creating much challenge, especially for those sensitive souls whose bodies are carrying higher vibrations of light than currently exist on the planet as a whole.

Many souls who here on Earth to support this momentous transition are experiencing changes in their bodies. As light increases it transforms the cellular and energetic structures of the body. The process of purification frees the soul from old burdens and opens doorways to the higher dimensions of light. These changes create not only unusual physical and energetic experiences, but also can open up new experiences of energy. Many energies exist in other dimensions of reality and are becoming visible now in the new light that has come to the Earth.

Because of the strong interplay at this time between energies of light and energies of darkness, many lightworkers and faithful servants of God are experiencing new challenges. Some of these experiences include the following:

- The feeling of being attacked and under siege.
- Being ignored, not heard by others as though you are invisible.
- Strong and sudden surges of emotion, some of which seems to be clearly not your own.
- A feeling of oppression, blocked and being unable to move forward.
- Miscommunication in relationships - people do not seem to hear or understand you even if you repeat yourself.
- Feels of despair that the difficulties will never end.
- Experiences of contraction that appear to prevent even the simplest tasks from moving forward easily.

Some of the things that can help you to cope with this vigorous and ever changing energetic landscape are:

- A daily time of prayer and meditation.
- "Time out" each day to rest, lie down and keep silence. Even 10 minutes of this will make a big difference in helping you to stabilize your energy field.
- Group support in any way that nourishes you, which creates a stronger energy field of light around you.
- No matter what crises or limitations you are going through, schedule time to do something enjoyable each day. Small pleasures are as effective as more elaborate ones. Enjoy a cup of your favorite tea in a quiet environment, or spend time outside on a beautiful day.

Beloved ones, the energies of darkness and contraction may cause you to feel fear or to take personally what is happening. It is important that you hold these experiences in the larger context in which they are occurring. The energies of darkness are magnetized by and attracted to the energies of light, and this is what causes the phenomena. The challenges are not occurring because you are a bad person, or because you are being punished. This is a larger cosmic phenomenon, and those that are carrying light are being affected by the storms of transformation happening on the Earth.

Beloved ones, during this time of transition, we wish to offer our love, gratitude and blessings to all those who are holding God's love in your hearts, desiring to help others and to bring greater light to a suffering world. Our messenger Mashubi will be undergoing a transition in the next period of time and for this reason will not be available for personal communications for a while. A new level of possibility will emerge in the New Year for all including those who serve God's purposes here at World Blessings. With all love, blessings and gratitude, Amen. is a spiritual gathering place dedicated to the unity of souls and to the creation of a sacred earth.

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